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Position: Associate Professor Of Early Childhood Education
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SoE Arts & Ed
Campus: Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Phone: +61 3 522 72659 +61 3 522 72659



Dr Bonnie Yim is an Associate Professor and the Course Director of the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education - International (BECE-I) and the BECE (Honours) courses at Deakin University. Bonnie’s research interests include early childhood education and policy, child development, curriculum development and evaluation, cross-cultural studies, active learning engagement, and teacher education. She is an active researcher and has published widely in these areas. Bonnie has been conducting joint-research with Griffith University, RMIT, LaTrobe University, the SEED Institute in Singapore, and the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (HKIVE). Bonnie is also an early years consultant in Australia, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.


Subjects and units currently teaching

Unit Chair:

  • ECE110 & ECI110 Child Development 1
  • ECE210 & ECI210 Child Development 2
  • ECI465 Ecological perspectives for L&T in EC
  • ESE499 Independent Project
  • EXR481 Education Research Methodology
  • EXR491 Designing And Developing A Research Project
  • EXR478 Theory in Education Research
  • EXR479 Independent Reading Study
  • EXR498 Minor Thesis Part A
  • EXR499 Minor Thesis Part B

PhD - Higher Degree by Research Program

Student supervision

Supervision of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students:

PhD thesis – Leadership in Early Childhood in Singapore Context (Principal supervisor)
PhD thesis – Exploring the quality of educator-child relationships on learning outcomes and wellbeing (Principal supervisor)
PhD thesis – Children’s involvement in dramatic play: An indicator of early childhood program quality (Principal supervisor)
PhD thesis – AppBooks and level of engagement in literacy in the Early Years (Associate supervisor)
PhD thesis - The quality of early childhood education and care services in China: ECERS-E evaluations (Co superivsor)
PhD thesis - Impacts of grand-parenting on children's development of peer relationship: a case study in China (Co superivsor)

Conferences and seminars

Three most recent:

  • Yim, B. & Lee, M. (2015, 24-26 July). Technology and learning: Online resources for teacher. Paper presented at the Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association 16th Annual Conference, Sydney, Australia.
  • Yim, H. Y. B., Paatsch, L., Moles, J., Walker-Gibbs, B., & Redpath, T. (2014). Flexible and accessible learning: The delivery of an early childhood teacher education program in regional Australia. Paper presented at the 15th Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association (PECERA) conference, Bali, Indonesia.
  • Ebbeck, E., & Yim, H. Y. B. (2013). Research in Singapore: A study of technology with young children. Paper presented at the Joint SELF Biennial International Conference and Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) Conference, Singapore.

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Research projects

  • Using video to improve pre-service teachers' understanding of children under 3
  • Touch screen usage by young children
  • Urban play spaces for children: a cross cultural study in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Implications of restructuring of Early Childhood Education for teacher professional development
  • Teaching and learning issues of undergraduate early childhood education courses
  • Music and Young Children: An Examination of Curriculum Practices in Early Childhood Education (aged 3-5 years) in Regional Queensland
  • Music Curriculum Practices in Early Childhood Education in China
  • Development and implementation of online social networking services (SNS) for ECE professionals: A case study in Hong Kong

Research interests

  • Mixed method research approach
  • Data mining
  • Early childhood education and policy
  • Ecological systems theories
  • Attachment theories
  • Sociocultural theories
  • Child development
  • Teacher education and professionalism
  • Curriculum development and evaluation
  • Cross-cultural and comparative research
  • Citizenship and migration
  • Music education
  • Learning engagement of young children



Three most recent:

  • Ebbeck, M., Yim, H. Y. B., Chan, Y. Y. Y., & Goh, M. (2015). Singaporean parents’ views of their young children’s access and use of technological devices. Early Childhood Education Journal, 43(1). doi: 10.1007/s10643-015-0695-4
  • Ebbeck, E., Yim, H. Y. B., & Lee, L. W. M. (2014). Play materials. In S. Garvis & D. Pendergast (Eds.), Health and wellbeing in childhood (pp. 272-286). Port Melbourne, Victoria: Cambridge University Press.
  • Yim, H. Y. B., Boo, Y. L., & Ebbeck, M. (2014). A study of children’s musical preference: A data mining approach. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 39(2), 21-34.

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