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Dr Cate Gribble

Position: Casual Academic
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SoE Research Arts & Ed
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46315 +61 3 924 46315


Expertise summary

International and comparative education; international student mobility and migration; higher education policy

Student supervision

Rahimi, M. 2010-2014 (expected completion) How well do Australian universities produce graduates with workplace attributes for Australian and global workplaces? PhD Thesis (second supervisor)

Conferences and seminars

Gribble, C. & Blackmore, J. & Rahimi, M. (2013). From Beijing to the Big 4: The Journey of Chinese Accounting Graduates into the Australian Labour Market. Building Capabilities in Education and Educational Research Symposium, Beijing: Renmin University, October 15-17.

Gribble, C. (2013). From Beijing to the Big 4: The Journey of Chinese Accounting Graduates into the Australian Labour Market.  Australian International Education Conference, Canberra, October 8-11.

Gribble, C. (2012). Employing International Students, Council of International Students Australia (CISA) National Conference, Brisbane: Queensland University of Technology, July 9-12.

Gribble, C. (2012). Work experience and graduate outcomes of international students, 4th Winter International Education Researchers Seminar, Melbourne: Victoria University, June 18.

Gribble, C. (2012). From Study to Work: Challenges Facing International Students Transitioning into the Australian Workplace, Internationalizing Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific, Singapore: National University of Singapore, March 17-18.

Gribble, C. (2011). Home country responses to international student mobility and migration. Asia-Pacific Association International Education Conference, National Taiwan University, March 9-11.

Ziguras, C., Gribble, C., & McBurnie, G. (2009). Home Country Responses to International Student Emigration. Migration and Mobility Research Network Seminar Series, Melbourne: RMIT University, August 2009.

Gribble, C. (2007).  Managing international student migration: an overview of current policy options. CSHE seminar series, University of Melbourne: Melbourne, September, 2007.

Pannan, L., & Gribble, C. (2005). A complexity of influences on teaching in transnational environments: can we simplify and support it? Breaking Down Boundaries, 17th Biennial Conference of the Open and Distance Learning Association of Australia, Adelaide, November 9-11, 2005.

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ARC project


Awards and prizes

2007   Melbourne University Post Graduate Research Scholarship

2007 Australia-Malaysia Fellowship


Research interests

International and comparative higher education in the context of globalization; teaching and learning in international education, international student migration, higher education policy

Research grants

Blackmore, J.; Farrell, L.; Morissey, A. & Gribble, C.  (2014-2015)

Investigating the use of IELTS in determining employment, migration and professional registration outcomes in healthcare and early childhood education in Australia



2013: Researcher
Discussion paper 3: Outcomes – English language and the transition to work or study
Engaged to co-author key discussion paper on for an IEAA national symposium on English the language competence of international students
International Education Association of Australia (IEAA)

2012: Lead Researcher
Internships and Work Experience Opportunities for Internationals Students
Department of Business and Innovation
Victorian State Government

2012:  External Reviewer
Equal Local: future-proofing RMIT’s global reach by promoting equivalence in onshore and offshore learning
Learning and Teaching Investment Fund Project
RMIT University, Melbourne

Research groups

Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA)
International Education Association of Australia (IEAA)
Researchers in International and Comparative Education (RICE)
Migration and Mobility Research Network (MMRN

Research page



Book Chapters

Gribble, C. (2010). National Policies in Skilled Labour and The Cross-Border Student Market, with a focus on Vietnam. In S. Marginson, S. Kaur and E. Sawir (eds.), Higher education in the Asia-Pacific: Strategic Responses to Globalization (pp.291-308). Dordrecht: Springer.

Journal Articles

Ziguras, C. & Gribble, C. (2014). Policy Responses to Address Student ‘Brain Drain’: An Assessment of Measures Intended to Reduce the Emigration of Singaporean International Students. Journal of Studies in International Education (under review)

Gribble, C., & Blackmore, J. (2012). Re-positioning Australia’s international education in global knowledge economies: implications of shifts in skilled migration policies for universities, Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 34(4), 341-354.

Gribble, C. (2008). Policy options for managing international student migration: the sending country's perspective. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 30(1), 25 –39.

Gribble, C., & McBurnie, G. (2007). Problems with Singapore's Global Schoolhouse. International Higher Education, 48. 

Gribble, C., & Ziguras, C (2003). Learning to teach offshore: pre-departure training for lecturers in transnational programs. Higher Education Research and Development, 22(2), 205-16.


Humphreys, P., & Gribble, C. (2013). Discussion paper 3: Outcomes – English language and the transition to work or study. Paper prepared for Five Years On: English Language Competence of International Students, IEAA National Symposium.

Murray, D., Blackmore, J., Gribble, C., & Hall, R. (2012) Internships and work placement opportunities for international students in Victoria. Melbourne: International Education Association of Australia.

Pannan, L., Gribble, C., & Barnes, D. (2005). Improving offshore teaching models to promote offshore-to-onshore equivalence in learning outcomes. Canberra: Department of Education, Science and Training.

Media articles

Gribble, C., Li, M. (July 3, 2013). Work experience vital for Chinese graduates as foreign credentials lose their lustre. The Australian.

Gribble, C., Blackmore, J., Farrell, L., Devlin, M., Arber, R. and Rahimi, M. (May 28, 2012). Work barriers block international students. Campus Review

Media Comment

Topic: Overseas student research taken ‘out of context’, Outlet: The Australian Newspaper, Tuesday, February 11, 2013

Topic: Indifferent outcomes for Chinese Graduates, Outlet: The Australian Newspaper, Tuesday, July 3, 2013

Topic: Foreign students struggle to work, Outlet: The Age Newspaper, Tuesday July 23, 2012

Topic: OS students hurt by lack of English, Outlet: The Age Newspaper, Sunday, December 18, 2011

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