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Dr Christa Beckmann

Position: Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env
Department: School of Life & Env. Sciences
Campus: Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Phone: +61 3 522 72880 +61 3 522 72880


Teaching Interests

Wildlife and Conservation Ecology

Animal Behaviour

Independent Research Projects

Subjects and units currently teaching

SLE314 Research Project

SLE224 Animal Behaviour

SLE354 Disease Ecology

Student supervision

Current students:

2015-  David Mitchel PhD Candidate, Deakin University
Thesis Topic: Consistent individual differences in behaviour (co-supervised with P. Biro)

2014- Aida Izabela Rodrigues Repolho PhD Candidate, Deakin University
Thesis Topic:  Acoustic and visual signaling in bowerbirds   (co-supervised with J. Endler)

2012- Marta  Ferenczi PhD Candidate, Deakin University
Thesis Topic: Avian influenza in Australia  (co-supervised with M. Klaassen)

2014- Devin de Zwaan, Masters of Science Candidate, University of British Columbia.Thesis topic: Exploring the interacting effects of weather, predation risk, and parent quality on alpine songbird nestling development. Co-supervised with Kathy Martin

Completed Students:

2013 - Shina Thomas Masters of Biotechnology, Deakin University. 
Thesis topic: Development of microsatellite markers for flame robins and invasive bark beetles. Co-supervised with Belinda Appleton.

2013 - Mark Flegeltaub  Honours Candidate, Deakin University. 
Thesis topic: Does nest predation risk vary over an environmental gradient.

2011 -  Iris Bleach Honours Candidate, University of Sydney. 
Thesis Topic: Impact of invasive cane toads on Australia’s native frogs.  Co-supervised with Richard Shine. Graduated First Class Honours.


Research interests

Wildlife Conservation

Human-wildlife Conflict Ecology

Invasive Species

Life History Theory

Animal Behaviour



Selected Publications:

Ferenczi, M., Beckmann, C., Warner, S., Lyon, R., O’Riley, K., Wang, X., & Klaassen, M. 2015. Avian influenza infection dynamics under variable climatic conditions – viral prevalence is rainfall driven in waterfowl from temperate, south-east Australia.  In Press. Veterinary Research.

Beckmann, C., & McDonald, P.G. 2015. Placement of re-nests following predation: are birds managing risk? In Press: Emu.

Ujvari, B., Casewell, N.R., Sunagar, K., Lo, N., Wüster, W., Conigrave, A.D., Mun, H., Beckmann, C. & T. Madsen. 2015. Extreme molecular convergence in toxin resistance and the predictability of evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. 112: 11911-11916.

Beckmann, C., Biro, P., & K. Martin.  Hierarchical analysis of avian re-nesting behavior: mean, across-individual, and intra-individual responses. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology. 69: 1631-1638.

Bleach, I., Beckmann, C., Booth, C., Brown, G.P., & R. Shine.  2015. Noisy neighbors at the frog pond:  effects of invasive cane toads on the calling behaviour of native frogs in the Australian tropics. Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology. 69: 675-683.

Beckmann, C. & R. Shine.  2015. Do the numbers and locations of road-killed anuran carcasses accurately reflect impacts of vehicular traffic? Journal of Wildlife Management. 79: 92-102.

Bleach, I., Beckmann, C., Brown, G.P., & R. Shine.  2014. Effects of an invasive species on refuge-site selection by native fauna: the impact of cane toads on native frogs in the Australian tropics. Austral Ecology. 39: 50-59.

Beckmann, C. & P. Biro. 2013. On the validity of a single (boldness) assay in personality research.  Ethology. 119: 937-947.

Beckmann, C. & R. Shine. 2012.  Do drivers intentionally target wildlife on roads? Austral Ecology. 37: 629-623.

Beckmann, C. & R. Shine. 2012. Are Australia’s ground-nesting birds at risk from the invasive cane toad (Rhinella marina)?  Emu. 112: 83-89.

Beckmann, C. & R. Sine. 2011. Toad's tongue for breakfast: exploitation of a novel prey type, the invasive cane toad, by scavenging raptors in tropical Australia. Biological Invasions. 13: 1447-1455.

Biro, P, C. Beckmann & J. Stamps. 2010. Small within-day increases in temperature affect boldness and alters personality in coral reef fish. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B. 277:71-77.

Beckmann, C. & R. Shine. 2009. Impact of invasive cane toads on Australia’s birds.  Conservation Biology. 23:1544-1549.

Biro, P., Beckmann, C. & M.S. Ridgway. 2008. Early microhabitat use by young-of-the-year brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis) in lakes. Journal of Fish Biology. 73: 226-240.

Beckmann, C. 2008. Intra specific killing in Reef Egrets (Egreta scara). Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 120: 422-424.

Beckmann C., Biro P.A., & J.R. Post.  2006. Asymmetrical impact of piscivorous birds on size-structured fish populations. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 48: 1584-1593.

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