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Prof Christine Halse

Position: Honorary Professor
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SoE Arts & Ed
Campus: Off-Campus (Home)
Phone: +61 3 925 17251 +61 3 925 17251


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Awards and prizes

President, Australian Association for Education Research (2011-2012).
President-elect, Asia-Pacific Education Research Association (2011).
European Commission, F27 Ethics Review Committee (since 2010).
NAB Schools First National Partnership Award (2010).
Director, Centre for Educational Research, University of Western Sydney (2008-2011).
Advisory Professor, Hong Kong Institute of Education, SAR, China (since 2006).
Carrick Institute Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2007).
Distinguished Visiting Professor and Research Fellow, Centre for Studies in Higher Education, Nagoya University, Japan (2006).
UWS Vice Chancellors Excellence Award for Postgraduate Research Training and Supervision (nominated by students and graduates, 2006).
Vice Chancellors Excellence Award for Social Justice: Contribution to Aboriginal Education at UWS (2005).
Westfield Waverly Award for Excellence in Research in the Creation of a Literary Work of Merit Nominee (2002).
Australian/Indonesian Joint Selection Team, Australian Development Scheme (2003-2004).
United Nations Environment Program Advisory Committee (2001-2002).


Research projects

A socio-cultural analysis of schooling and eating disorders among pre-teen boys and girls (ARCDP110104025: 2011-2013).
A sociological analysis of ethnicity and schooling in NSW (ARCDP1094174: 2010-2012).
Education for cultural understanding (Together for Humanity Foundation).
Evaluation of the Aboriginal Womens Wellbeing Program (YWCA).

Research interests

Sociology of education
Social and cultural effects of curriculum and policy
Doctoral education
Ethics in research and education practice

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