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Dr Cong Pham

Position: Lecturer
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Deakin Business School
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46611 +61 3 924 46611




Cong S. Pham is a Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics, Deakin University. Before joining Deakin he worked as a Consultant in the Development Research Group, the World Bank, Washington D.C. from 2005 to 2008. Pham obtained his Ph.D. in Economics at Syracuse University, New York, USA. His research interests include empirical international trade, applied econometrics, economic development and Asian economies such as China, India and Vietnam. He has published in journals such as the Journal of International Economics, the Review of Economics and Statistics, the International Review of Economics and Finance, the World Development and the World Economy.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Economics), Syracuse University, 2005
  • GCHE Exempt, Deakin University, 2008

Professional activities

I have been working as referee for a number of journals in Economics such as The Journal of Economic Geography, The American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2), The Journal of International Economics, The European Economic Review, The Canadian Journal of Economics, The Economic Record, The Economics Letters, The Australian Economic Papers, The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development (7), The International Review of Economics and Finance, The Journal of Asia Pacific Economy and The World Economy.

I was also involved in 2008 Econometric Society Australian Meeting as a member of the Conference Organizing Committee and the Academic Program Committee.

From 2013 to July 2014 I was assuming the role of the co-organizer of the Macro Seminar Series.


Teaching Interests

My teaching interests are international trade, introductory econometrics and advanced econometrics.

Subjects and units currently teaching

At Deakin University, I have been teaching MAE 303 International trade to third-year students, MAE 406 Business and Financial Econometrics and MAE 901 Advanced Econometrics to Honour and Ph.D. students.

Knowledge areas

I am an applied econometrician and have research interests in international trade, economic development, Asian economies such as China, India and Vietnam.My software skills include STATA, GAUSS, Excel, Word, Power Point among others. My language skills are English, French and Vietnamese (native).

Student supervision

1. U.S. Farm Subsidies and their Impact on the export flows of U.S. states: An Empirical Investigation. (Lan-Anh Tong, Ph.D. candidate).

2. Does Service Trade Increase Service Income? An Empirical Investigation (Samuel Admassu, Ph.D. candidate)

3. How Much of an Impediment Are China's Exports in Apparel and Textiles to Its Competitors? (Huong Nguyen, Ph.D. candidate).

Media appearances

June 2009, Lloyd's List Australia  - The Daily Commercial News, "Australian Exports : Stuck in a Slow Lane".

August 2010, Lloyd's List Australia - The Dalily Commercial News, "Reefer Cargoes May Rise Owing to WTO Ruling".


Research projects

I am currently working on the following research projects:

1. China's Exports and Their Effects on the Intensive Margin and the Extensive Margin of Its Competitors: The Case of Exports in Electronic Products (with Mary E. Lovely, Syracuse University).

2. Arms Trade: An Empirical Investigation of Its Determinants.

3. Estimating the Gravity Equation when Zero Trade Flows are Frequent (with Will Martin, The World Bank).

Research interests

My research interests include empirical international trade, applied econometrics and economic development. I also have interests in Asian economies such as China, India and Vietnam.



A. Journal Publications

1. Pham Cong S. (2008). "Product Specialization in International Trade: A Further Empirical Investigation". Journal of International Economics, 75(1): 214-218.

2. Djankov, Simeon, Caroline Freund and Cong S. Pham (2010). "Trading on Time", Review of Economics and Statistics, 92 (1): 166-173.

3. Pham, Cong S., Mary E. Lovely and Devashish Mitra. (2014). "The Home-Market Effect and Trade Patterns: A Reexamination of the Evidence". International Review of Economics and Finance, 30: 120-137.

4. Hoang, X.Trung, Cong S. Pham and Mehmet Ulubasoglu. (2014). "Nonfarm Activity, Household Expenditures and Poverty Reductions in Rural Vietnam 2002-2008.". The World Development, 64: 554-568.

5. Hoang, X. Trung., Cong S. Pham and Mehmet Ulubasoglu. (2015). "The Role of Rice in Poverty Dynamics in Rural Vietnam: 2002-2008." Forthcoming, The Journal of Asia Pacific Economy.

6. Pham, Cong S. and Mehmet Ulugasoglu. "The Role of Endowments, Technology and Size in International Trade: New Evidence from the Product-Level Data". Forthcoming, The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development.

7. Pham, Cong S., Xuan Nguyen., Pasquale Sgro and Xueli Tang. "Has China Displaced Its Competitors in High-Tech Trade?". Forthcoming, The World Economy.

B. Edited Volumes & Book Chapters

1. Martin, Will., Anderson Kym and Cong S. Pham. (2011). "Effects of GATT/WTO on Asia's Trade". International Institutions and Asian Development, Eds by Shiro Amstrong and Thanh T. Vo, pg:50-73.

C. Finished Working Papers

1. Hoang, X. Trung., Cong S. Pham and Mehmet Ulugasoglu. "Growth, Inequality and Poverty in Vietnam: How Did the Reforms Help the Poor? 2002-2008".

2. Martin, Will and Cong S. Pham. (2015). "Estimating the Gravity Equation When Zero Trade Flows Are Frequent and Economically Determined". World Bank Policy Research Working Paper WPS7308.

3. Lovely Mary E. and Cong S. Pham. "Is China a Threat to Other Exporters? An Empirical Investigation in Electronics". Mimeo.

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