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Dr Fengqi Qian

Position: Lecturer In Chinese
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SHSS Arts & Ed
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 43869 +61 3 924 43869




B.A Yangzhou; M.A Deakin; PhD Deakin

Biography summary

Fengqi Qian teaches Chinese language and culture, her research interests are in Chinese culture and cultural heritage, historic cities and towns in China as well as Chinese Australian history.


Teaching Interests

Chinese language and culture

Subjects and units currently teaching

AIC181: Chinese 1A

AIC182: Chinese 1B

AIC281: Chinese 2A

AIC282: Chinese 2B

AIC283: Chinese 3C

AIC284: Chinese 3D

Knowledge areas

Chinese language and culture

Chinese cultural heriage

Student supervision

Associate supervisor for the PhD project : 'Intangible cultural heritage safeguarding in the context of tourism: a case study of Lijiang World Heritage site', PhD candidate: Junjie Su


Awards and prizes

2013: Deakin University Award for Excellent Teaching (Team Award)

2010: Dean's Award for Excellence in Team Teaching


Research projects

History, Heritage and the Representation of Ethnic Diversity: Cultural Tourism in China

Research interests

Chinese culture and cultural heritage

Historic cities and towns in China

Chinese Australian history: transnational connections

Research grants

Research Income - National Competitive Grants

Logan, W, Long, C, Reeves, K* and Qian, F. Remembering Places of Pain and Shame: Conservation of the Asia-Pacific Region's 'Difficult' Heritage of Imprisonment Sites, ARC Grant - Discovery Projects

  • 2009: $59,197
  • 2008: $64,644
  • 2007: $60,258
  • 2006: $79,442

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Fengqi Qian has published in areas of Cultural heritage, memories and the interpretation of 'difficult heritage', heritage tourism,  as well as Chinese cultural practices.


Book chapters and journal articles
J. Sweet & Qian, F.  (2013) History, Heritage and the Representation of Ethnic Diversity: Cultural Tourism in China, in P. Hamilton & J.B.Gardner eds. The Oxford Handbook of Public History, Oxford University Press (Forthcoming)

Qian, F. (2010) Chinese Names and Naming: A Window into Chinese Culture and Society, in Kumar, M (ed) Framing My Name, Shifting Education Boundaries, Common Ground Press

Qian, F. (2009) ‘Let the Dead Be Remembered’: Interpretation of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial, in Logan, W.S. and Reeve, K.(eds), Places of Pain and Shame: Dealing with Difficult Heritage, pp. 27-54

Qian, F. (2007) China’s Burra Charter: The Formation and the Implementation of the China Principles, International Journal of Heritage Studies, Vol.13, No.3, pp.255-264

Balderstone, S., Qian, F. and Zhang, B. (2002) Shanghai Reincarnated In Logan, W.S (ed.) The Disappearing 'Asian' City: Protecting Asia’s Urban Heritage in a Localizing World, Oxford University Press, Hong Kong, pp. 21-34.

Qian, F. (1998) Heritage Conservation in Shanghai In Logan W.S, Long, C et. al (eds.) University and Heritage: the Third International Forum UNESCO Proceedings 4-8 October 1998, Deakin University. Melbourne: Deakin University, pp. 331-335
Conference papers:
Qian, F. (2009) Internationalising the Memory: the Building and Rebuilding of Nanjing Massacre Memorial, paper presented at the Conference ‘Curating Difficult Knowledge’, Centre for the Ethnographic Research and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Violence, Université of Concordia, Canada16-18 April 2009

Qian, F. (2008) Protecting the Spirit of Hutong: A Case Study of the Nanchizi Precinct, Beijing, paper presented at the 16th Conference of the International Council of Monuments and Sites, 30 September – 4 October, Quebec, Canada

Qian, F. (2006) Old Buildings, New Landscape: Redeveloping Historic Neighbourhoods: A Case Study of Xin Tian Di, Shanghai, China, in the Conference Proceedings ‘Hyper Traditions: 10th Conference of the International Association of Traditional Settlements, 15-18, December 2006, Bangkok (full paper published in Traditional Dwellings and Settlements, working paper series, vol.188, University of California, Berkeley)

Sweet, J. and Qian, F (2005) Chengde and Port Arthur – The gap between professional and public attitudes towards the significance management and interpretation of heritage sites, paper presented at the 15th Conference of the International Council of Monuments and Sites, 14-20 October, 2005, Xi’an, China

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