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Dr Fiona Mckay

Position: Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Health & Soc. Dev.
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 925 17183 +61 3 925 17183



  • Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, 2003
  • Master of Public Health, University of Melbourne, 2006
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, 2012
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2014


Public Health Association Australia (PHAA) - Vic Branch and Health Promotion Special Interest Group

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Teaching Interests

Fiona is a Lecturer in the School of Health and Social Development.

Fiona is the Course Coordinator for the suite of post graduate health promotion courses (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Health Promotion).

She teaches into the Master of Health Promotion, the Master of Public Health and the Bachelor of Public Health/Health Promotion.


Awards and prizes

McKay FH 2015. Australian Public Health Association, Health Promotion Sig Conference Scholarship ($2500)

Dunn M, McKay FH, Cooper A, Hoare E, Slykerman S & Sheehan, L 2014. Deakin University School of Health and Social Development. Award for Excellence in Teaching for HSH111 Introduction to Public Health and Health Promotion.

McKay, FH 2014 Ian Potter Foundation Travel Grant AUD$2500 (matched by Deakin University) for travel to Oxford University.

McKay, FH, Murphy, B, Neal, A, Dunn, M & Ritchie T 2013. Deakin University School of Health and Social Development Special Commendation for Excellence in Teaching for HSH212 Professional Practice 2.

Dunn, M, McKay, FH, Cooper, A, Hill, E & Sheehan, L 2013 Deakin University School of Health and Social Development Special Commendation for Excellence in Teaching for HSH111 Introduction to Public Health and Health Promotion.

McKay, FH 2013 Shortlisted for Leon Pitermen Award for outstanding PhD research addressing the health and wellbeing of a disadvantaged group. Monash University

McKay, FH 2010 Doctorial Completion Scholarship. Monash University


Research interests

Dr McKay's research interests are in the area of refugee and asylum seeker health and policy, with a focus on:

- Issues of vulnerable groups and food insecurity

- Australian government responses to asylum seekers

- Health impacts of mandatory detention

- Media portrayals of asylum seekers and refugees

- Lived experiences of asylum seekers and refugees in the Australian community



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McKay FH and Dunn M (in press). From the virtual to the real: Does social media lead to offline activism? Australian Journal of Psychology.

McKenzie H, McHugh C and McKay FH (in press). Life on Newstart Allowance: A new reality for low-income single mothers Journal of Family Studies.

Dunn M, Bartle J & McKay FH (in press). Exploring judicial opinion on the relationship between anabolic-androgenic steroid use and violent offending. Performance Enhancement & Health. 

Dunn M, Henshaw R & McKay FH (in press). Understanding health service use and needs of performance and image enhancing drug users in regional Queensland. Drug and Alcohol Review. 

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McKay, FH, Thomas, S & Blood, R 2011 'Any one of these boat people could be a terrorist for all we know! Media representations and public perceptions of ‘boat people’ arrivals in Australia'. Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, vol.12, no.5, pp.608-626.

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