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Dr Hossein Shokouhi

Position: Lecturer In Tesol
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SoE Arts & Ed
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 925 17171 +61 3 925 17171


Teaching Interests

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Discourse and Conversation Analysis

Second Language Acquisition


Subjects and units currently teaching


Applied Linguistics

Linguistics for Language Teaching

Discourse Analysis

Learning an Additional Language

Learning Global English in Diverse Social Contexts

Speech and Sounds

Words and Structures

Texts across Cultures

Analysing and Combining Words

Research Methodology in Language Education

Assessment and Testing

Second Language Acquisition

Teaching English as a Second Language

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

Linguistics for Literature Purposes


Child Language Acquisition

Theories of Translation

Student supervision

PhD thesis completed- Principal Supervisor

‘Finding Myself in ... Land’ Stories by Teachers of Literatures in English: A Postcolonial ...


PhD thesis completed- Associate Supervisor

Enhancing Eng Lang Learners’ Text Understanding .. Conceptual Metaphor Aware..


PhD thesis- Principal Supervisor

Intelligibility, Accentedness and Attitudes in Eng as a Lingua Franca


PhD thesis- Principal Supervisor

Language, Identity & Acculturation: An intergener... Iranian immigrants in Australia


PhD thesis- Principal Supervisor

A Critical Exam.. of the Eng Lang Develop.. Lebanese Public School Curriculum:  ...


PhD thesis- Principal Supervisor

Identity and Self Expression in Iranian EFL Classrooms


PhD thesis- Associate Supervisor

Investigating L2 Motivational Selves of Gifted & Talented Hong Kong Learners of English: ...


PhD thesis- Associate Supervisor

The Role of Input/ Output in EFL Classroom: A Conversation Analysis ...


PhD thesis- Associate Supervisor

Dialect Features of Leupueng Children: ...

Conferences and seminars

Discourse, pragmatics, second language acquisition and teaching in: Denmark, Germany, Iran, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates


Awards and prizes

DAAD Visiting Scholar at Potsdam University, Germany
Erasmus Visiting Scholar at Deusto University, Spain
Visiting Scholar at La Trobe University, Australia


Research interests

Discourse and Conversation Analysis
Second Language Acquisition
(Applied) Linguistics
Critical Discourse Analysis

Research page



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