Ms Gillian Campbell
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Honours), 2006

NOW: Studying for a three year Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

The Deakin environment is …
‘great. Being a less conventional university it feels more relaxed and not as traditional as older ones. There’s room to move and a sense of community here made
possible by its size – it’s not too big and not too

Undergraduate studies at Deakin …
‘gave me time to work out what I really wanted to do. I
started with Arts/Law then had a break before coming back to finish the arts degree, majoring in professional writing and psychology. I really thought the writing was my primary interest and then psychology kind of took over. I really enjoyed it!’

Doing volunteer work (at Lifeline) was important …
‘because it also reinforced my decision. It really helped me find my “identity” as a psychologist and though it could be quite confronting it was really worthwhile. It also opened doors as it qualified me for paid work at Quitline. I will keep one day per week there throughout post-grad as I think it’s good to have something outside university life to remind me of what I’m aiming for.’

My advice would be …
‘study an area that you find interesting and it will pay off. I was amazed to win the Australian Psychologists Society Award for top Honours student but I know it’s because I love the field of study and I let my interest take me there.’

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3rd September 2010