Ms Samantha Moore
Bachelor of Science (Biological)* (Honours)

FIRST JOB: Graduate recruit in fire management,
Department of Sustainability and Environment
CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Working as a compliance officer is the highlight of my career. It is both challenging and satisfying. The job is different every day.
NOW: Regional compliance officer (Port Phillip Region)
Department of Sustainability and Environment

My first year at Deakin was …
‘a big adventure! I met a great bunch of friends who shared similar interests, outlooks and ambition, who I still enjoy now. It was a relief to study subjects I was really interested in. It stimulated me to think outside the square and really grasp different concepts that are the basic foundations of biological life.’

I didn’t expect to learn …
‘to become as resourceful as I did. Deakin also taught me initiative and to know I am capable of many things if I take advantage of the many resources available to achieve them, particularly mentors.’

Deakin gave me …
‘the opportunity to specialise within one field out of a choice of three after the first year in my course. After choosing Animal/Plant Biology, I got so much out of the many practical activities and field trips that we undertook on the course. The lecturers were supportive and I really enjoyed building an intellectual rapport with them.’

This has helped me …
‘become more responsible for my own choices, success and career progress and has given me a great foundation of knowledge which I fall back on in my job as a wildlife officer.’

Looking back on my time at Deakin I …
‘recall great times, lots of laughs, interesting lectures, friendly people and self-development. I have never regretted choosing Deakin as my place of study. I considered it a very professional university with great facilities, very knowledgeable lecturers, down-to-earth students, a wide array of fantastic academic and social activities and endless opportunity.’

*Now Bachelor of Biological Science.

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3rd September 2010