Ms Sarah Dillon
Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Arts
(International Studies)

HIGHLIGHT: Internship at the US Congress

Sarah gained the opportunity of a lifetime when she – along with 11 other Australian university students – commenced a two-month internship at the US Congress in the office of Representative Alcee L. Hastings.

Representative Hastings quickly recognised her talent and put her to work attending congressional hearings, writing press releases, and even writing a speech.

Sarah said Deakin prepared her well for her time
within the US Congress.

‘I had a good grounding in the basic differences in the legal system through to knowledge of their constitution. The research skills I learnt at uni came in handy too. They were pretty impressed at what I already knew about the US system. They must have been because they let me write press comments and do some speech writing.’

‘It changed my whole trajectory in what I thought I wanted to do. I thought I would go into legal practice, but now I am much more interested in going into policy-making and making human rights law because that is where I think you can make the biggest difference.’

Representative Alcee L Hastings, Member of Congress, said that the program was an excellent way to build relationships and give some Australian perspective.

‘Sarah provided us with an international perspective on constitutional governments, a passion for relieving the suffering in Darfur, and the culinary delights of Vegemite, ’Representative Hastings said in a speech to Congress.

‘I believe this program provides a unique and important bridge between the United States of America and Australia. It has been and will continue to be, an extremely beneficial experience for all involved.’

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3rd September 2010