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Dr Josephine Scicluna

Position: Lecturer in Writing and Literature
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SCCA Arts & Ed


Teaching Interests

Literary theory; Cuturla theory; Creativity; Fiction writing; Poetry;

Subjects and units currently teaching

Fiction writing

Poetry writing

Theorising Creativity

Creativity and Dangerous Ideas

Short Stories: Readers and Writers

Creative Nonfiction

Editing collaborations: Producing an anthology

Expertise categories

Student supervision

Masters of Arts thesis projects in Literary Studies and Professional & Creative Writing

Honours thesis projects in Literary Studies and Professional & Creative Writing

Conferences and seminars

Aug 2014: Symposium presentation of ‘Parody and Reverberation: An invitation to the spaces of sound, Deakin Prime, City campus, Bourke St, Melbourne.

‘Conversation in an air raid shelter’ (with music & soundscape by Tom Kazas):
“The Twenty-first Century – The event, the subject, the artwork”, 2012 Double Dialogues, The University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji, 23/9/2012.

‘Something like an Emergency’ (with music & soundscape by Tom Kazas): “The Hunger Artist: Food and the Arts”, 2010 Double Dialogues Conference, Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto, Toronto, 20/8/10.

‘Each doppelganger love’ (with live improvisation on accordion and mey by Phil Carroll) “Hidden Stories”, 2009 Double Dialogues Conference, Victorian College of the Arts, Faculty of the VCA and Music, University of Melbourne, Southbank, 11/12/09.

‘Stuck inside a mobile’ (with recorded improvisation on ney by Phil Carroll): “Lies – A Conference on Art”, 2007 Double Dialogues Conference, Raffles Tradewinds Hotel and Convention Centre, Suva, Fiji, 5/7/07.

‘Sleepwalking into the Mirror’ (with guitar improvisation by Tony Pain & artwork by Elizabeth McQueen), “Art/Pain II: Anatomy and Poetics”, 2004 Double Dialogues Conference, University of Melbourne, 9/10/04.


Awards and prizes

Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching 2010

2001  Verandah Literary Award (fiction)

2001  DUSA Literary Award (fiction)

2001  Community Writing prize, 16th Judah Waten National Story Writing competition


Research interests

theories of place/ space; the role of sound in placemaking; performance poetry; music, sound art and poetry collaborations

Research page



Scicluna, J & Van Der Werf, P 2013, ‘Under the forest’ & ‘Ladyswamp': a radio play & a sonic poem in In/Stead, Issue 4, Summer 2013, Double Dialogues

    McCulloch, A & Scicluna, J 2013, ‘Plotting the field: Art as Problem-solving’ in In/Stead, Issue 4, Summer 2013, Double Dialogues

    Scicluna, J & Kazas, T 2013, ‘Love, Politics, Time’  in Double Dialogues, Issue 16, Spring 2013 : The Event, the Subject, and the Artwork

    Scicluna, J & Kazas, T 2010, ‘Something like an emergency’  in McCulloch,  A & Radia, P (eds) Food and the Appetites: The Hunger Artist and the Arts,  Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Press.

‘Something like an emergency’ is also released on CD. 

Scicluna, J 2009, ‘Each doppelganger love’,  In/Stead, Issue 3.  This spoken word performance piece was written for accompaniment by accordion & mey. Improvised by Phil Carroll.

Scicluna, J 2007, ‘Stuck inside a mobile’, In/Stead, Issue 2. This spoken word performance piece was written for accompaniment by ney. Improvised by Phil Carroll.

Radio broadcasts:

‘Bedtime stories: I got this idea of you’, spoken word, music & sound art collaboration with John Jacobs, ‘Soundproof’, ABC Radio National, 22/6/2014.

‘South-west Tasmania’ (poem) + interview about project with Prof Ann McCulloch & Dr Tony Hood on Climate Change and the Arts on The Arts Show, Highlands FM, Vic, 7/3/2014

‘I got this idea/ you are sky’ (poem with soundscape by Tom Kazas)
Aural Text 102.7 RRR-FM, 25/7/2012

‘Something like an emergency’ (music by Tom Kazas):
• Poetry program, 3CR- 855AM  26/4/2012 (including a 15 min interview with presenter Rhonda Jankovic)

• 102.7 RRR-FM, Aural Text, 25/1/2012

‘On our minds’ (poem with soundscape by Tom Kazas), Poetica, ABC Radio National, 29/01/11 + 3/2/11

‘Stuck inside a mobile’ (with music by Phil Carroll), Aural Text 102.7 RRR-FM (including interview with presenter Alicia Sometimes), Feb 2008

Other publications:

2014     ‘Television People’ (short fiction), Bumf online journal, Brisbane & San

            ‘The Landlord’ (short fiction) Overland Special online fiction edition

2011    ‘Lake Pedder’ (poem), LiNQ (Literature in North Queensland), Vol 38 Dec

2005   ‘Election Promise’ (poem) The Age, Melbourne, Review Section, 19/2/05.

2002   ‘Love in Plato’s State’ (poem):  Redweather Literary Magazine, New York.

2001  Verandah Literary Award (fiction):  ‘The Assessor’. Verandah 16, Melbourne

2001  DUSA Literary Award (fiction):   ‘In the Straw’. Verandah 16, Melbourne

2001  Community Writing prize, 16th Judah Waten National Story Writing competition:  ‘Television People’ (Fiction).

2001   ‘To Say What Is On Our Minds’ (poem) LINQ, Vol. 28, No.2, Townsville.

Other poetry publications:  Verandah, Vol. 10, 1995, Vol. 11, 1996, Vol.15, 2000
ars poetica, Vol. I, 1995

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