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Ms Karen Le Rossignol

Position: Senior Lecturer
role description
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SCCA Arts & Ed
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46468 +61 3 924 46468


Teaching Interests


BA (Professional and Creative Writing)
- Creative Nonfiction

- Writing for Professional Practice

Professional and Creative Writing Honours: Writing Manifestos, Creative Nonfiction research projects


Freelancing in the Arts - cross-disciplinary work-integrated learning

Postgraduate coursework

Creative Enterprise development

Creative Industries Internships and work-integrated learning

Research projects

Subjects and units currently teaching

ALW223, ALW394 - Creative Nonfiction

ALR715 New Ventures in Creative Enterprise

ACC201 Freelancing in the Arts

ALW729 Writing for Communication Media

ALX721 Creative Industries Internships

Student supervision


Explorations of the Monstrous: The Witchy Writer and Liquid Identity, and Warbird - Brooke Maggs

Fists in the Air: deconstructing the plight of Melbourne's live music culture - Aidan Hogg (with Robin Freeman)

Mind over Matter, and Falling The Test Of Time Or Fleeing Time? - Daniel Lawler

Raunch: a Culture or a Curiosity? Women and the Presentation of Sexuality - Danielle Whelan

Postgraduate Research Projects

Travel with the Dream Makers…Tour Guide journeys around the world - Lynette Hinings-Marshall

Broadway Star: A Journey from Australian Vaudeville to Television - Jacquelin Melilly

The Wintringham Story - Elaine Farrelly

Heather Ellis: Writer and Social Advocate - Heather Ellis

SmARTer Digital Marketing - Kate Horvath

Arabic English Connection: Learning Culture through Language - Mubarak Alhameli, Abdullah Gharama, Majed Alameri

Passionfish Arthouse: creating possibilities, creating social capital - Annie Kiel-Taggart 

Viewpoint International: Scriptwriting and consulting - Felix Odion

Comic-ish: non-traditional webcomic - Sari Hodirker

Crisp Media Productions - Ben Sengsouvanh

The Hsuan Dance - Vivian Hsuan

Lyrebird Dance Theatre - Kaye Pedersen

Lisa Bolte Business - Lisa Bolte

Sweet Echo Studio: Where Dreams Come True - Singgih Kertanegara

Bud-ism Productions - Tim Budas

MACC Marketing - Andrew Watt

Bypassing the Gatekeepers: the possibilities of micro-publishing - John Bartlett

Easey Street Artist Studios and Gallery - Lesley Walsh

Conferences and seminars


Freeman, R. and Le Rossignol, K. 2013 ‘Disruption and Resonance in the Personal Essay’, 28-30 June, Great Writing, UK 

Le Rossignol, K. 2013 ‘Virtual Villages: Networking a Global Archipelago’, International Conference on Future Directions in the Humanities, 19-21 June, Budapest, Hungary


Freeman, R. and Le Rossignol, K. 2012 ‘Fragmented Encounters with Creative Nonfiction’ at 17th National Conference of AAWP Encounters: place | situation | context, 25-27 November 2012, Deakin University, Geelong

Le Rossignol, K. 2012 ‘Archipelago Design, Associational Narrative and VIrtual Learning Environments’, 19th International Conference on Learning, 14-16 August 2012, London Institute of Education, University of London, London UK

Le Rossignol, K. 2011 ‘Towards Deakinopolis: a cross-disciplinary and cross-faculty simulation development’ at Educating the professions: new curricula, new pedagogies and new technologies, Teaching and Learning Nov 2-3 2011, Deakin University,  Burwood Vic.

Le Rossignol, K. 2011 ‘Strategic Resource Design – Virtualopolis and the interactive virtual team scenario’ at 1st Global Conference Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds, 20 to 22 March 2011, Prague, Czech Republic


Freeman, R and Le Rossignol, K, ‘Creative nonfiction: framing the nexus between literary fiction and journalism’ at Tertiary Writing Network: Writing the Future, 2-3 December 2010, Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

Le Rossignol, K, ‘Strategic Resource Design – Virtualopolis and the interactive virtual team scenario’ at The Changing Face of Education 5th ERGA Conference, 23-24 September 2010, University of Adelaide, South Australia

Le Rossignol, K. 2010 ‘Creative experiential collaborations in communications courses for the net generation’, at Reshaping Higher Education Conference, 6-9 July 2010, HERDSA, Melbourne, Australia

Le Rossignol, K and Osborne, A, 2010 ‘Internationalising beyond the curriculum - exploring models to engage with international students’ aspirations and expectations’ at Internationalisation of the Curriculum for Global Citizenship: Policies, Practices and Pitfalls Conference, 17-18 June 2010, CICIN, Oxford Brookes University, UK 


Le Rossignol, K. 2009 ‘Social Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning’, at International Conference – Harnessing Entrepreneurial Potential of Women for Economic Growth, Manipal, India, January 2009, Manipal Institute of Management/ASCENT (Asian Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives)

Le Rossignol, K. 2009 ‘Designing Collaborative e-Learning for the Net Generation’, presented at  International Association for Development of the Information Society (IADIS) International Conference IADIS e-Learning 2009 Portugal 2009

Le Rossignol, K. 2009 Experienced stories: ways of seeing/learning Refereed abstract Double Dialogues conference 11/12 December 2009 – Hidden Stories   


Le Rossignol, K. 2008 ‘Designing Blended Learning in Higher Education: The Neomillenial Learner and mediated immersion’, 6th International Conference on New Directions in Humanities, Istanbul, Turkey July 15-18 2008 

Freeman, R. and Le Rossignol, K., 'Taking Risks: Workplace Learning and the Writing Student', Australian Association of Writing Programs Conference Creativity and Uncertainty, UTS Sydney, November 27-29 2008  


Awards and prizes

Deakin University Excellence in Teaching Award (2007)
Australian Learning and Teaching Council Citation for Teaching Excellence (2008)


Research interests

*Creative Nonfiction and the essay form

*Associational narrative/storytelling using virtual world scenarios

*Working with freelance artists, creative teams and arts industry - cross-disciplinary applied research projects

*Developing and managing fiction and nonfiction book projects - working in collaborations

Research grants

2013 LIVE Internationalisation Grant  – Cassandra Atherton and Karen Le Rossignol (joint CI) $10,000

2010 STALGS Working with others online assessment tool – Judy Nagy, Annegret Gould, Karen Le Rossignol (project manager, CI) $40,000

2009-10 Buckland Foundation – Karen Le Rossignol (CI) $40,000

Research groups

Creative Arts Emerging Research Group, Flows and Catchments - Deakin University

Virtual Worlds Working Group - Australia

Experiential Learning in Virtual Worlds Steering Group -, UK

Research page



Commercial Publications (see Research link for academic publications)

Farrelly, E. 2013 (ed. K. Le Rossignol) The Wintringham Story, Ellyson Communications 978 0 646 90251 7

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multiple authors 2005 IT Fundamentals, Tertiary Press (contributing 2 chapters – Working in an IT Environment, Communicating in the Workplace) 0 86458 488 1

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Le Rossignol, K. 2003 Financial Management for Small Business Success, Tertiary Press 0 86458 302 8

Le Rossignol, K. 2003 Advanced Planning for Small Business Success, Tertiary Press 0 86458 305 2

Burton, K. and Le Rossignol, K. 2000 Communicating in an IT Environment, Eastern House 0 86458 126 2; 2nd edition 2002, – winner of TAFE series publications APA award 2003

Le Rossignol, K. 2002 Your New Business: Pathway to Success, Eastern House 086458 114 9 plus Business Plan Workbook 086458 115 7

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• Where Are They Now? Graduate Destination Project, 2003

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