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Ms Lang Thai

Position: Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Law
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46060 +61 3 924 46060



Lang Thai is a lecturer in the school of Law at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.  Her professional qualifications are in Master of Laws from Monash University, Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Melbourne and combined Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws from Monash University.  She is currently completing her doctorate.  Lang was educated in Melbourne and in her senior years of high school she was awarded a scholarship from Methodist Ladies College, an elite private school in Melbourne, for her academic achievements.

Lang was previously employed at Wong Partnership, a major international law firm in Singapore, before returning home to Melbourne to continue as a corporate lawyer, then taking up full time lectureship at Monash University in the Department of Business Law and Taxation.  Lang was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Oxford in the Faculty of Law and at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, both in 2009.  She has also been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law in 2001 and 2006 funded by the host University.

Lang has a solid publication record.  Her writings and publications have been mostly in corporate law and commercial law, and many of her refereed articles have been published in leading high-ranked journals, notably in A and A* journals according to the 2010 ERA journal ranking system in Australia.  Her articles have been cited in court judgments (in the Supreme Court and in the Court of Appeal).  Lang has also made submissions to the law reform bodies within her areas of expertise, from which her work has been cited in both federal and state government reports in recommendations for law reform and has been cited in the media in Australian Financial Review.  She has also been asked to review articles on corporate law, for example, for Melbourne University Law Review and for Hong Kong Law Journal.  She has a keen interest in comparative corporate law.


Teaching Interests

Corporate law
Corporations law
Commercial law

Subjects and units currently teaching

Commercial and Corporations Law 

Knowledge areas

Corporate law
Shareholder remedies

Conferences and seminars

Selection of conference and seminar papers presented:

L. Thai, “Employees’ position in corporate law”, The Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Conference, Faculty of Law, the University of Nottingham, England, 9th-12th September 2014.

L. Thai and M. Berkahn, “Statutory derivative actions in Australia and New Zealand: What can we learn from each other?” Australasian Law Teachers Association (ALTA) Conference, the University of Sydney Faculty of Law, Sydney, 1-4 July 2012.

L. Thai, “Litigation funding for shareholders - Class action and derivative action", Annual Financial and Corporate Law Discussion Group, Term seminars, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, England, 14 May 2009.

L. Thai, “Securing a loan using book debts: Implications and Guidance for Australian financiers after the Spectrum Plus ruling”, 13th Annual Banking and Finance Conference, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, 29–30 September 2008.

L. Thai, “Charges over Book debts: The decision in Spectrum Plus is Unworkable”, Seminar, University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, Hong Kong, 6-10 September 2006

L. Thai, “Statutory injunction - Need for conceptual clarity in s.1324 of Corporations Act”, Australasian Law Teachers Association (ALTA) Conference, University of Waikato, School of Law, New Zealand, 5-8 July 2005

L. Thai, "How Popular Are Statutory Derivative Actions in Australia? Comparison with the U.S.A Model", Australasian Law Teachers Association (CLTA) Conference, University of the South Pacific, Vanuatu, 1-4 July 2001.

L. Thai, "Statutory Derivative Actions in Australia - Compare with Canada and New Zealand", Seminar, University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law, Hong Kong, 5-10 June 2001.

L. Thai, “Use of Diagrams, Flow Charts and Role-plays in Explaining Conceptually Difficult Legal Principles”, Business 2000 International Conference, Grambling State University, Louisiana, United States, 17-22 September 2000.


Awards and prizes

Scholarship awarded from Methodist Ladies College, an elite private school in Melbourne

Travel Grants awarded from the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law, 2001 and 2006

Some allowance awarded from St Edmund Hall, Oxford England in 2009 while undertaking her research at the University of Oxford Faculty of Law


Research interests

Corporate law
Corporations law
Shareholder remedies



Selection of refereed publications:

• Lang Thai, “Calling for reform to the statutory derivative action in Australia: Critical analysis and suggestions for reform” (2013) 21 Insolvency Law Journal 242-262

• Lang Thai and Matt Berkahn, "Statutory derivative actions in Australia and New Zealand: What can we learn from each other?" (2012) 25 New Zealand Universities Law Review, 370-401

• Lang Thai, "Statutory injunction - call for amendment to s 1324 of the Corporations Act" (2006) 24 Company and Securities Law Journal 41-55

• Lang Thai, "Recent amendment to section 197- is it acceptable?" (2006) 14 Insolvency Law Journal 22-36

• Lang Thai, "Comfort letters - a fresh look?" (2006) 17 Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice 15-33

• Lang Thai, "Directors' personal liability -Is the proposed amendment to s 197 acceptable when compared with Hanel v. O'Neil?" (2005) 10 Deakin Law Review 41-67

• Lang Thai, "How popular are statutory derivative actions in Australia? Comparisons with USA, Canada, and New Zealand", (2002) 30 Australian Business Law Review, 118-137

• Lang Thai, "Personal property securities (Draft) Bill 2008 - Problems and why it will not work" (2009) 17(1) Australian Property Law Journal 119-133

• Lang Thai, "A need for national regulation on property investment advice and marketeering - Suggestions put forward" (2008) 16 Australian Property Law Journal 129-146

• Lang Thai, “Commercial litigation funding: The need to impose regulations to improve the outcome of the shareholder class actions” (2011) 4 Journal of the Australasian Law Teachers Association 1-16

• Lang Thai, “Is there a need to reform the corporate class action procedure in Australia? (2011) 8 Macquarie Journal of Business Law 134-160

• Lang Thai, “Australian property investment advice: An unregulated industry and the need for better consumer protection laws” (2009) in Professor Atul Gupta (ed.), 2009 Oxford Business and Economics Conference Proceedings, Oxford University, Oxford, United Kingdom

• Lang Thai, “Charges over book debts in the United Kingdom and Australia: The way forward” (2007) 4 Macquarie Journal of Business Law 267-294

• Lang Thai, “Analysis of the Central Provident Fund in Singapore: Should Australia Improve on its Superannuation Guarantee Scheme?” (2000) 5 Journal of Australian Taxation 359-380

• Lang Thai, "Letters of Comfort: A Comparative Evaluation of Australian, United States and English Jurisdictions", (2000) 7 Current Commercial Law, 1-12

Law reform submissions:

• Lang Thai, to the Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, on “Inquiry into the revised draft of the Personal Property Securities Bill 2009 (August 2009)

• Lang Thai, to the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department, on “Inquiry into Exposure Draft of the Personal Property Securities Bill 2008” (December 2008)

• Lang Thai, to the Victorian Parliament Law Reform Committee, on “Inquiry into the Regulation of Property Investment Advice” (September 2007)

• Lang Thai, to the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department on “Review of the law on Personal Property Securities – Options Paper”, stage one of the discussion and review of the law on personal property securities reform (June 2006).

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