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Dr Lisa Waller

Position: Senior Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SCCA Arts & Ed
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 522 71342 +61 3 522 71342



  • Bachelor of Arts, Australian National University, 2002
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Adult), University of Newcastle, 2005
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2009
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Canberra, 2013


Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA)
Australian Journalism Educators Association

Professional activities

Academic referee for several professional journals

Media and Indigeneity stream co-ordinator for the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association (ANZCA)

Judge, Victorian Country Press Association awards, 2009-2015

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Subjects and units currently teaching

Lisa Waller teaches journalism in the following units:

  • ALJ216 Research for Writers
  • ALJ217 Editing and Design
  • ALJ725 Editing and Design in a Multiple Media World

Expertise categories

Expertise summary

Cultural analysis of journalism and its impacts on society

Knowledge areas

  • The relationship between news media and Indigenous policy
  • Local journalism in the digital age
  • Media shaming
  • Bourdieu and the journalism field

Student supervision

  • 2014 Simon Holberton, Honours: Simon's honours project analysed Victorian country newspapers' representation of Anzac Day 1916-1925.
  • 2011 Sharnelle Vella, Honours: Sharnelle's honours project explored citizen journalism as a form of witnessing in Sri Lanka's civil war.


Awards and prizes

  • 2012 Australian and  New Zealand Communication Association People's Choice Prize for the Most Significant Scholarly Contribution to the ANZCA 2012 Conference.
  • 2010 Grant Noble Award for the Best Student Paper, ANZCA 2010, Canberra.
  • 2010 Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence.


Research projects

Lisa's current research projects are:

  • ARC Discovery Project IN50100007 Deficit discourse and Indigenous education: mapping the discursive environment, assessing impact and changing the conversation.
  • Shifting Indigenous media and policy terrains 2008-2018.

Research interests

Lisa is interested in supervising projects of the following types:


  • Qualitative studies of regional and rural journalism
  • Indigeneity and the media


  • Bourdeusian analysis of the journalism field
  • The relationship between news media and Indigenous policy
  • Media plurality in regional Australia

Other projects would need to be thoroughly discussed in advance of any application. Please look at my publications below for general indications.

Research grants

  • Australian Research Council Discovery Indigenous (IN5010007) Deficit discourse and Indigenous education: mapping the discursive environment, assessing impact and changing the conversation. $456,000
  • 2013 Journalism Education Association of Australia Grant for Journalism Research Excellence. $6000.
  • 2013 Victorian Law Foundation Small Research Grant. $5000.
  • 2009 Reporting Diversity Project, Department of Immigration, $15,000. 

Research groups

Member, Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University

Member, The News and Media Research Centre, University of Canberra



Recent articles and chapters

Waller, L. & Holberton, S. (2015) ‘Early reminders: Anzac Day in Victorian country newspapers 1916-1925’. Australian Journalism Review 37(1), pp 50-62.

Waller, L., Dreher, T. & McCallum, K. (2015) ‘The listening key: Unlocking the democratic potential of Indigenous participatory media’. Media International Australia, 154, pp. 57-66.

Hess, K. & Waller, L. (Published online 30 January 2015) ‘Hip to be hyper: ‘The subculture of excessively local news’. Digital Journalism. DOI.10.1080/21670811.2014.1002859.

Hess K & Waller L (2015) ‘Community journalism in Australia: A media power perspective’. Community Journalism 4(1), pp. 2-10.

Hess, K. & Waller, L. (2015) ‘River flows and profit flows: The powerful logic driving local news’. Journalism Studies. DOI.10.1080/1461670X.2014.981099.

Hess, K. & Waller, L. (2014) Geo-social journalism: Re-orienting the study of small commercial newspapers in a digital environment. Journalism Practice, 8(2) pp. 121-136.

Hess, K., Waller, L., & Ricketson, M. (2014) ‘Are there news gaps in rural/regional Australia? Researching media plurality beyond Finkelstein’. Australian Journalism Review 36(2) pp. 157-169.

Hess, K. & Waller, L. (2014). The digital pillory: media shaming of 'ordinary' people for minor crimes, Continuum: Journal of media & cultural studies, 28(1) pp. 101-111.

Hess, K. & Waller, L. (2014) Local government reporting. In B. Griffin-Foley (ed.) A companion to the Australian media, pp. 246-247, Kew, Vic: Australian Scholarly Publishing.

Hess, K. & Waller, L (2014). Naming and shaming: A report on media shaming for minor crimes in Victoria. Geelong: Deakin University.

Waller, L. & McCallum, K. (2014). Don’t cut off our tongues: Yolngu voices in news media and policymaking. Communication, Politics and Culture, 47(1) pp. 18-31.

Hess, K. & Waller, L. (2014).Geo-social journalism: Re-orienting the study of small commercial newspapers in a digital environment. In Community journalism midst media revolution, pp. 21-36, edited by Sue Robinson, London: Routledge.

Hess, K. & Waller, L. (2013) News judgements: A critical examination of reporting non-convictions for minor crimes. Australian Journalism Review 35(1).

McCallum, K. & Waller, L. (2013) Media interventions in Indigenous policymaking. Media International Australia, 149, pp.139-149.

Waller, L. I(2013) It comes with the territory: ‘Remote’ Indigenous reporting for mainstream Australia. Australian Journalism Monographs, 14, pp. 5-38.

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