Staff profile - Luca Colombo

Dr Luca Colombo

Position: Associate Professor In Economics
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Deakin Business School
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 68290 +61 3 924 68290



Luca Colombo is an Associate Professor in Economics in the Department of Economics at Deakin University. His research interests are in Microeconomics (in particular dynamic games and applications). His research has been published in top academic journals, including Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control and European Journal of Operational Research.

Prior to joining Deakin, Luca held research and teaching positions in various academic institutions, including the University of Bologna (Research Fellow) and Trinity College Dublin (Post Doc and Lecturer). Luca holds a Diploma di Laurea Summa Cum Laude in Economics from the University of Bologna, a DEA in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics from the University of Toulouse, and a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Pavia (with a thesis on applications of optimal control and differential games to economics).


  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics), 1999
  • Master of Philosophy, 2001
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Economics), 2003


Teaching Interests


Game Theory

Mathematical Economics

Subjects and units currently teaching

MAE301 Microeconomic Theory and Policy

Student supervision

Student Supervision

PhD student supervisions

  • Pablo Esteban Jimenez (completed)

Honours students supervisions

  • Mark Hamilton (completed)
  • Sarah May Hilborn (completed)


Research projects

Current Research Projects

Dynamic oligopoly with reference-price effects

Stackelberg vs Cournot: A differential game approach

Research interests

Applied Game Theory

Industrial Organization

Public Economics

Natural Resource Economics

Research page



On the Markovian efficiency of Bertrand and Cournot equilibria” (with Paola Labrecciosa), Journal of Economic Theory, 2015, Vol. 155, 332-358 
“On the convergence to the Cournot equilibrium in a productive asset oligopoly” (with Paola Labrecciosa), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2013, Vol. 49, 441-445 

“Oligopoly exploitation of a private property productive asset” (with Paola Labrecciosa), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2013, Vol. 37, 838-853 

“How should commodities be taxed? A supergame-theoretic analysis” (with Paola Labrecciosa), Journal of Public Economics, 2013, Vol. 97, 196-205 

“A note on pricing with risk aversion” (with Paola Labrecciosa), European Journal of Operational Research, 2012, Vol. 216, 252-254

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