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Dr Ludovic Dumee

Position: Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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Faculty or Division: Instit for Frontier Materials
Department: Instit for Frontier Materials
Campus: Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Phone: +61 3 522 71038 +61 3 522 71038



  • Master of Science & Technology, 2011
  • Master of Engineering, 2011
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Victoria, 2012

Career highlights

June 2012 - Present: Institute for Frontier Materials, Deakin University - Cooperative Research Network Fellow between Deakin University and Victoria University (Institute for Sustainability and Innovation) under the supervision of Profs. Hodgson, Kong and Gray. Ludo is now working on the design and fabrication of novel metal based membranes for water purification and gas separation. His intesrets interests include the growth of catalytic nano-particles, the design of micro-porous metal structures (metal organic frameworks), and the fabrication of hybrid ion exchange polymer - metal membranes for electrodialysis. He is also working on developing new routes to use carbon nanotubes and graphene as growth substrates for the formation of micro-porous networks.
January 2011 - May 2012: CO2CRC - The University of Melbourne, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - Australian National Low Coal Emissions Coal Research and Development (ANLEC) post-doctoral fellow. Ludo was investigating novel routes to purify amine based solvents used for CO2 capture (electrodialysis, nanofiltration)
January 2008 - January 2011: CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering (Clayton, Victoria) & the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation at Victoria University - PHD on the "Design and fabrication of Carbon nanotube membranes for water desalination and gas adsorption"
January 2007 - January 2008: CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering (Belmont, Victoria) - Master student in conjunction with the ENSISA (Mulhouse, France). His research investigated the impact of fibre and yarn orientation on the mechanical properties of Kevlar, carbon fibre and glass composite materials. He also worked on the fabrication of electro-spun yarns through continuous spinning/twisting.

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Expertise categories

Knowledge areas

membrane science; separation materials; porous materials; chemical engineering; advanced materials characterization;

carbon nanotube; graphene; metal organic frameworks; nano-metallurgy


Awards and prizes

- Semi Finalist of the BASF Young Victorian Achiever Award in Science and Technology 2013 – prize from the Victoria Youth Minister (12/04/2013 – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
- Elsevier prize from the Editor in Chief of Desalination 2013: Certificate of Excellence in Reviewing (Prof. Nidal Hilal)
- Elsevier – Australian Nanotechnology Network Prize for the best ECR Poster presentation at the 2012 ANN ECR symposium – Melbourne, Victoria – Australia – (300 AUD)
- Best PhD student 2011 / 2012 – Victoria University Faculty of Engineering Most Outstanding PhD award (Award presented on October the 3rd 2012) (250 AUD)
- Vice Chancellor’s citation for excellence in Research and Research Training 2012 at Victoria University (Award presented on October the 25th 2012)
- Recipient of the European Union - Marie Curie Scholarship (5,000 AUD) to attend NanoMemCourse 2010 in Enschede – Netherlands and work at the European Membrane Institute in Montpellier (May to June 2010)
- AMS6 / IMSTEC (Sydney, NSW, Australia) – Best oral presentation (2010 - 500AUD)
- AMS5 (Kobe Japan) – Best student presentation (2009 - 500 AUD)
- 1st MSA ECR symposium – Best oral presentation (2009 - 250AUD)
- Recipient of the Millipore MSA award to attend AMS5, Kobe, Japan (2009 - 1,000AUD)
- Victoria University Student Symposium 2009 – Best student presentation (2009 - 250 AUD)


Research interests

Dr Dumee's research is focused on the development of novel nano-materials for water desalination, industrial waste purification and gas separation. He is a materials engineer who enjoys working on multi-disciplinary projects. Ludo is currently investigating routes to fabricate nano-porous metal membranes by de-alloying, metal nano-fibre spinning, nano-particle electrical sintering and metal functionalized block co-polymer self-assembly. He has worked for more than 5 years in separation science across a variety of purification systems (membrane distillation, nano-filtration, electro-dialysis, reverse osmosis). Ludo also works across a team of researchers at Victoria University on novel pathways to reduce fouling and enhance polymeric membranes chemical resistance. He previously worked on carbon nanotube membranes for fast vapour transport and on nano-lithography techniques based on X-ray irradiation to pattern carbon nanotube surfaces. Although primarily interesteding in nano-separation, Ludo has also previously worked on joint projects on flexible electronics devices fabrication, graphene interface chemistry and advanced composite materials.



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