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Prof Lyn Mc Credden

Position: Personal Chair
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SCCA Arts & Ed
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 43959 +61 3 924 43959



I graduated from the University of Melbourne with a B.A Hons (1975, Dux of Pure English), a Master of Arts (First Class Honours,1980), and a PhD (1987). I was awarded the Alexander Sutherland Prize and the Edward Stevens Exhibition in Pure English in second year; and the Dwight's Prize, Final examination in Pure English, and Shakespeare Scholarship in the final year.

I have taught at several Australian Universities (Melbourne, La Trobe, Deakin) and was a Visiting Professor at the Freie Universität, Berlin (2011). I am a longstanding member of The Association for the Study of Australian Literature (ASAL), the national conference of scholars of Australian lierature, and was its President in 2004-5. I have been invited to present the annual Dorothy Green Lecture the 2016.

My areas of expertise include Australian poetry and fiction; literature and the sacred; and the writing of poetry. She has authored and edited 8 literary critical books, including James McAuley (1992, OUP), Bridgings: Reading Australian Women's Poetry (with Rose Lucas, 1996, OUP), Feminism and the Sacred: Creative Suspicions (with Frances Devlin-Glass, 2002, OUP), Intimate Horizons: the Post-colonial Sacred in Australian Literature (with Bill Ashcroft and Frances Devlin-Glass, 2009, ATF Press), Luminous Moments: the Contemporary Sacred (2010, ATF Press), and the edited volume, Tim Winton: Critical Essays (with Nathanael O'Reilly, 2014, UWAP). A new criticl volume, The Fiction of Tim Winton: Earthed and Sacred is being published in late 2016 by Sydney University Press, in its Australian authors series.

In 2013-2015 I conducted research for two monographs: the first on The Legacy of Tim Winton, as part of an ARC Discovery Grant, and the second on aspects of the sacred in literature.

I also publish poetry in various Australian journals.

Biography summary

I teach and research in the School of Communication and Creative Arts, Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University. I have previously taught at the University of Melbourne, and at LaTrobe University.


  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne, 1975
  • Bachelor of Education, University of Melbourne, 1976
  • Master of Arts, University of Melbourne, 1980
  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 1987

Career highlights

Visiting Chair of Australian Studies, Freie Universität, Berlin.

Invited Presentations

Dorothy Green Lecture, ASAL 2016

Plenary Speaker on Australian Literature, Hefei University, China, 2015.

Plenary Speaker on Australian Literature, Suzhou University, China, 2014.

Plenary Speaker, Blaiklock lecture on the fiction of Barbara Hanrahan, Sydney University, 2010.

Plenary Speaker, Tools of Sacred, Techniques of the Secular, L'Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2010.


Association for the Study of Australian Literature
American Association for Australian Literary Studies
European Association for the Study of Australia                                                    Australian Universities Heads of English member

Professional activities

Leader, Faculty of Arts and Education Mentoring Scheme 2014-5                                                                                                         Faculty/IKE Liaison Committee
Manuscript assessor, JASAL (national journal of ASAL), New Scholar, ALS
ARC Assessor                                                                                                    Member, School of Education Advisory Board.                                           Member, the Australian Universities Heads of English.



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Teaching Interests

My teaching focuses on Australian poetry, fiction & film; issues of sacredness and literature, ideology and literature, & the discipline of Literary Studies. Authors I have taught recently include: Judith Wright, Les Murray, Patrick White, Tim Winton, Miles Franklin, Christos Tsiolkas, Ania Walwicz, Tony Birch, Lionel Fogarty, Kim Scott.

I am interested in the literary/cultural theory of Derrida, Kristeva, Lacan, Eagleton, David Jasper, Kevin Hart, Bill Ashcroft, Gayatri Spivak, Levinas.

I welcome Higher Degree Students in the areas of contemporary poetry, Australian literature, Indigenous writing and issues of the sacred in literature.

Subjects and units currently teaching

ALL372: The Literature of Hell and Heaven (3rd year)
ALL260: Australian Literature (2nd year)
AAR412: Honours Theory (4th year).

Expertise categories

Expertise summary

The category of "religion" listed below, does not indicate my interest in what I, and many others, have called "the sacred". This latter - the trace of what human beings seek, in the multiple modes of making meaning, is what I am interested in; and the ways this is registered in literature. I read theory, theology, poetry and fiction, investigating the ways in which human beliefs, desires, hopes and fears are manifest in and beyond individual voice. Hence, community, ritual, worship and the search for profound meaning is what the category of sacredness indicates.

Knowledge areas

Australian Literature

Indigenous Writing

Contemporary Poetry

Poetry and Performance.

Literature and Theology

The Sacred.

Student supervision

2016 (ongoing)

Neena Balwan Sachdev, Doctor of Philosophy: Representations of Trauma and Incest in fiction

Shelley Buerger, Doctor of Philosophy: The maternal in the poetry of Plath, Sexton and Rich.

Maria Jones, Doctor of Philosophy: Poetry and performance

2014 (completed)

Ferdinal, Doctor of Philosophy, The Short Story in Indonesia.

 Edwin Ng, Doctor of Philosphy, Buddhism and social justice.


Adelle Louise Barry, Doctor of Philosophy, Thesis entitled: Polities and poetics: a place for reconciliation.
2008 Naarah Sawers, Doctor of Philosophy, Thesis entitled: "Critical Fictions: Science, Feminism and Corporeal Subjectivity".

Bridie McCarthy, Doctor of Philosophy, Thesis entitled: At the Limits: Postcolonial and Hyperreal Translations of Australian Poetry.

Antoinette Martin, Doctor of Philosophy, Thesis entitled: (Post) Colonial Ambivalences: Christina Stead and Janet Frame.

Jon Newton, Doctor of Philosophy, Thesis entitled: Postmodernism, Christianity and the Book of Revelation.

Carolyn Sandford, Master of Arts, Thesis entitled: Spectator, Fetish, Gaze.

Ivar Kvistad, Doctor of Philosophy, Thesis entitled: Radicalising Medeas: Euripidean Mobilisations of Maternal Infanticide.


Barbara Whit, Master of Arts, Thesis entitled: “Beyond God the Father”: The Metaphysical in a Physical World.
2001 Elizabeth Parsons, Doctor of Philosophy, Thesis entitled: Poetry and Silence `A Sequence of    Disappearances`. School of Literary and Communication Studies

 2000 Elizabeth Nanlohy, Master of Arts, Thesis entitled: Fundamentalism Meets Feminism: Postmodern Confrontation in the Work of Janette Turner Hospital.

Conferences and seminars

The Association for the Study of Australian Literature

The American Association for Australian and New Zealand Literary Studies

The European Association for the Study of Australia

Media appearances

Community Service

Member of the Mary Gilmore Poetry Prize committee (ASAL).

ASAL Chair of Judging Panel, ALS Gold Medal, 2015.

Vice-chair and member of the Churches of Christ Theological College of Victoria (1983-2009);

Panel member, University of Divinity promotions committee (2013-present);

External Honours Moderator, University of Tasmania, English Discipline, 2013 and 2014;

Reader of academic manuscripts for JASAL, ALS, Antipodes etc.

Judge, The Age Poetry Book of the Year (2004, 6, 9);

Poetry Judge, Anti-Cancer Council Prize (2009);

Poetry audio workshops for Victorian Association for Teachers of English.

Reading Australia (CAL) author, on Tim Winton's Cloudstreet.


Awards and prizes

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (2008);

Visiting Professorship in Australian Literature, Frei Universitat, Berlin (2011);

ARC Discovery Project Award, Sacred and Secular in Australian Literature (with Bill Ashcroft and Frances Devlin-Glass) (2002-7);

ARC Discovery Project Award, The Legacy of Tim Winton (2013-5).


Research projects

ARC Discovery Grant (2013-5): The Legacy of Tim Winton.

Research interests

Australian Literature

Indigenous writing


Literature and the sacred (theology, religion, belief)

Literary Theory

Research grants

2002-7  ARC Discovery, Chief Investigator.

2013-5  ARC Discovery, Sole Investigator.

Research page



Monographs and Edited Books

2016 The Fiction of Tim Winton: Earthed and Sacred (forthcoming, Sydney UP)

2014   Tim Winton: Critical Essays (UWAP, ed. with Nathanael O'Reilly)

2010   Luminous Moments: the Contemporary Sacred (ATF Press).

2009   Intimate Horizons: the Post-colonial Sacred in Australian Literature (ATF Press, with Bill Ashcroft and Lyn McCredden).

2002  Femininsm and the Sacred: Creative Suspicions (OUP, ed. with Frances Devlin-Glass).

1996 Bridgings: Reading Australian Women's Poetry, OUP, with Rose Lucas.

1992 James McAuley, OUP.

1988 Women's Words: A Local Anthology, ed. Des Books.

Recent Articles and Chapters
(2015) “Poetry and the Limits of Language”, Language and Semiotic Studies 1, No.4, Winter 2015: 95-107.[C1]

(2015) "Tim Winton’s poetics of resurrection", Literature and Theology Advance Access:1-12 2015.[C1]

(2015) "Tim Winton: the literary and the popular", Language and semiotic studies 1(1):52-62 Article number 1 Jun 2015. [C1]

(2014) "Splintering and coalescing: language and the sacred in Patrick White’s novels", in Ashcroft, Bill and vanden Driesen, Cynthia (eds), Patrick White centenary : the legacy of a prodigal son, pp. 43-62, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, England [B1]

(2014) "The poet as (anti-) theologian : Chris Wallace-Crabbe's double vision", in Atherton, Cassandra (eds), Travelling without gods: a Chris Wallace-Crabbe companion, pp. 135-146, Melbourne University Press,

(2014) "Tim Winton, literature and the field of literary criticism", in McCredden, Lyn and O'Reilly, Nathanael (eds), Tim Winton: critical essays, pp. 1-15, University of Western Australia

(2014) "Intolerable significance : Tim Winton's Eyrie", in McCredden, Lyn and O'Reilly, Nathanael (eds), Tim Winton: critical essays, pp. 306-329, University of Western Australia Press, Perth, W.A. [B1]

(2014) "Violence and the sacred : Patrick White's radical vision", in Kaur, Ishmeet (eds), Patrick White: critical issues, pp. 52-66, Atlantic Publishers., New Delhi, India [B1]

(2014) "Crete: Dorothy Porter, exuberance, and the limits of art", Journal of Australian studies, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 271-280, Taylor & Francis, Abingdon, England [C1]
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(2013) "Saying Sorry: the Apology," in Genoni, Paul and Dalziell, Tanya (eds), Telling stories: Australian life and literature 1935-2012, pp. 559-565, Monash University Press, Melbourne, Vic. [B1]

(2013) "(Un)belonging in Australia : poetry and nation", Southerly, vol. 73, no. 1, pp. 40-57, Brandl & Schlesinger, Sydney, N.S.W. [C1]
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(2013) "Dreams of belonging : Tim Winton's Cloudstreet", Reading Australia, p. 1, Copyright Agency Viscopy, Sydney, N.S.W. [C2.1]
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(2013) "Delight and revolution: literary studies, aesthetics and ideology", Australian Literary Studies, vol. 28, no. 1-2, pp. 138-152, Queensland University Press, Ispwich, Queensland [C2.1]
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(2012) "Ten canoes: Engaging Difference", Studies in Australasian Cinema, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 45-56, Intellect Ltd., Bristol, England [C1]
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