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Aprof Mehmet Ulubasoglu

Position: Associate Professor
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business & Law
Department: Department of Economics
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92446592 +61 3 92446592


Biography summary

Mehmet Ulubasoglu is an Associate Professor in Economics in the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance at Deakin University. He was formerly the Economics Discipline Leader and Associate Head of School (Research). He has published extensively in reputed international journals such as the Review of Economics and Statistics, European Economic Review, and American Journal of Political Science. His research has attracted a number of citations from diverse fields and had significant policy impact. He has also taught a variety of courses at the first-, second-, third-, and Honours-year undergraduate levels, as well as for the PhD program at Deakin University. He has supervised many PhD students to completion. Associate Professor Ulubasoglu has also undertaken several research projects linked with government organisations both nationally and internationally. He has held consultancy roles for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, and led a report on Australian food demand for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation. In July 2012 he co-organised the Econometric Society Australasian Meeting 2012, which featured the 2010 and 2012 Nobel Laureates in Economics and many other renowned scholars from around the world as keynote and invited speakers. Lately he undertook a research visit to the Development Research Group at the World Bank, Washington DC.


  • Bachelor of Science, Middle East Tech. University (Turkey), 1997
  • Master of Arts (Economics), Florida International University, 1999
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Economics), Florida International University, 2001

Professional activities

1. Co-Chair, Econometric Society Australasian Meeting 2012.

2. Member, Australasian Standing Committee of the Econometric Society, 2011-2013.

3. Member, Econometric Society, European Economic Association, American Economic Association, Royal Economic Society.

4. Editorial Board Member, The Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, Taylor & Francis Journals.


Teaching Interests

Econometrics, International Trade, Macroeconomics

Subjects and units currently teaching

MAE102 The Global Economy
MEE201 Competition and Industry
MAE202 National Economic Policy
MAE303 International Economics
MAE305 Business and Financial Forecasting
MAE306 Applied Econometrics in Economics and Finance
MAE406 Business and Financial Econometrics
MAE413 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
MAE704 International Trade and Policy
MAE901 Advanced Econometrics (PhD Level)

Knowledge areas

Economic Development, International Trade, Political Economy, Public Choice

Student supervision

1. Principal Supervisor for A.R. Bakshi, PhD Student. Finished June 2013. Title: Essays on Social Capital and Poverty in Bangladesh. Associate Supervisor: D. Mallick.
2. Principal Supervisor for M. H. Rahman, PhD Student. Finished May 2013. Title: Essays on the Economics of Natural Disasters and Political Institutions. Associate Supervisors: N. Anbarci, P. Bhattacharya.
3. Principal Supervisor for A.Mala, PhD Student. Finished Feb. 2013. Title: Foreign Direct Investment and the Stages of Sector Diversification. Associate Supervisor: C. Pham.
4. Principal Supervisor for M. Tareq Chowdhury, PhD Student. Finished Oct. 2012. Title: Exchange Rate Regime Choice: Some Determinants and Consequences. Associate Supervisors: D. Mallick, P. Bhattacharya.
5. Principal Supervisor for T.X. Hoang, PhD Student. Finished June 2012. Title: Dynamics of Poverty in Rural Vietnam: 2002-2008. Associate Supervisors: C. Pham, X. Tang.


Research projects

1. Integrating Natural Disasters Risk Information into Economic Modelling (with P. Bhattacharya), 2012-2013. Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.
2. Food Demand Elasticities in Australia (with D. Mallick, M. Wadud, P. Hone and H. Haszler), 2010, report prepared for the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, Australian Government, Canberra, Australia.
3. The Role of Middle Class in Economic Development: What Do Cross-Country Data Show? (with N. Chun and R. Hasan), 2010, report prepared for the Asian Development Bank, Manila, the Philippines.
4. Institutions and Policies for Poverty Reduction: The Role of Private Sector Development (with D. Mitra and R. Hasan), 2004-2005, report prepared for the Asian Development Bank, Manila, the Philippines.

Research interests

Economic Development, International Trade, Political Economy, Public Choice

Research grants

1. ‘Integrating Natural Disasters Risk Information into Economic Models: Phase: II’. (with P. Bhattacharya) $ 30,000, Oct. 2012, Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.
2. ‘Australian Domestic Demand Elasticities for Rural Marketing and Policy Analysis’ (with D. Mallick, M. Wadud, H. Haszler), $70,000 June-Oct. 2010. Rural Industries Research and Development Corp., Australian Government.
3.  ‘Integrating Natural Disasters Risk Information into Economic Models: Phase: I’.  $ 10,000, May 2010, Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, Bangkok, Thailand.

Research groups

Theoretical and Applied Economics, 2007-2009.

Centre for Economic and Public Policy (Co-Director), 2010.

Centre for Regional Economic and Public Policy, 2011-2012.

Centre for Economic Policy Analysis, 2013-.



Selected Publications

• Does Legal Heritage Affect Obesity? The Channel of Motor Vehicle Dependence, Journal of Comparative Economics, 2013, v. 41: 621-33 (with P. Carlin and M. Kidd).
• Leviathan Resists: The Endogenous Relationship between Privatization and Firm Performance, Public Choice, 2009, v. 140, n. 1-2, pp. 185-204 (with P. Arin).
• Democracy and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis, American Journal of Political Science, 2008, Vol 52, No 1, pp. 61-83 with C. Doucouliagos)
• International Comparisons of Rural-Urban Educational Attainment: Data and Determinants, European Economic Review, October 2007, v. 51, n.7, pp. 1828-1857 (with B. Cardak).
• Can we Obtain Realistic Parameter Estimates for the ‘Protection for Sale’ Model?, Canadian Journal of Economics, 2006, vol. 39, n. 1, pp. 187-210, (with D. Mitra and D. Thomakos).
• Zipf’s Law Strikes Again: The Case of Tourism, Journal of Economic Geography, August 2004, vol. 4, n.4. pp. 459-472 (with B. Hazari).
• 'Protection for Sale' In a Developing Country: Democracy vs. Dictatorship, Review of Economics and Statistics, 84(3), pp. 497-508 (with D. Mitra and D. Thomakos).

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