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Prof Michael Polonsky

Position: Alfred Deakin Professor
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Deakin Business School
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46968 +61 3 924 46968



Michael Jay Polonsky is an Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in Marketing at Deakin University. He has taught at a number of Australian Universities, as well as into their international programs in China, Malaysia and Singapore. Before moving to Australia in 1989 he taught in New Zealand, South Africa and the US. He received his PhD from the Australian Catholic University in 1999, as well as has Master degrees from Temple University and Rutgers University-Newark. His Undergraduate degree is from Towson State University (now known as Towson University).

In 2010 he was awarded Elsevier Distinguished Marketer award by the Society for Marketing Advances for his 20 years of research into environmental marketing issues. Michael has published over 135 journal articles in over 70 different academic journals, as well as has published numerous conference papers and book chapters. He also has co-edited four books on environmental marketing and co-authored Designing and Managing a Research Project: A Business Student’s Guide with Dr David Waller. He is on the editorial review board of 15 academic journals looking at international marketing, non-profit issues, public policy, international marketing and general marketing issues.

He is presently working on ARC Linkage projects looking 1) Increasing Blood Donation amongst African Migrants and Refugees: A Model for Culturally Appropriate Interventions and 2) Engaging Communities in Childhood Obesity Prevention in Disadvantaged Areas. He also has projects underway which include; volunteering behaviour, green marketing lifecycle information; understanding supplier of choice decisions; boycotting behaviour in response to environmental crisis; internal marketing; as well as working with colleagues on a number of other topics.


  • Bachelor of Science, Towson State University, 1982
  • Master of Arts, Temple University, 1985
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Australian Catholic University, 1999


Academy of Marketing Science

American Marketing Association

Australian and New Zealand Academy of Marketing

Australian Marketing Institute

International Association of Business and Society

Society for Macromarketing

Professional activities

Editorial Review Boards

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 2005 – present.

Australasian Marketing Journal, 2000-Present.

European Business Review. 2005-present

European Journal of Marketing. 2006- Present.

International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 2001-Present.

International Marketing Review, 1999-Present.

International Review on Public and Non Profit Marketing, 2005-present

Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, 2010-present.

Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 2000-present.

Journal of Marketing Education, Editorial Advisory Board 2010-present; 2007-2010 Editorial Review Board.

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Review Board 1994 – 2010, Senior Advisory Board 2011-present.

Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing, 2001-Present.

Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. 2006-Present.

Journal of Social Marketing, 2010 – present.

Marketing Education Review, 2010 – present.


Knowledge areas

Environmental and Social Issues in Marketing and Management

Stakeholder Theory

Blood Donation Issues

Marketing Education

Online Panels

International Marketing

Student supervision

Recent Research Student Supervision

In progress

Ren Maliakal, PhD 2013-Present. “Fair Trade Coffee: Social and Sensory Influences on Consumer Evaluation and Choice” Associate Supervisor.

MD Manirujjaman, PhD. 2009-Present. “Influencing Consumer Mood, Trust and Behavioural Intentions using the Emotional and Cognitive Elements of Destination Homepages” Co-Supervisor.


Ahmed Shahriar Ferdous, PhD 2010-Present “Bangladeshi Bank Service Staff Perceptions of the Internal Marketing (IM) Gap and its Impact on Organisational Identification, Employee Motivation and Performance” Principle Supervisor. (Passed June 2013).

Mahesh Bhandari, PhD, 2002-2009. “Satisfaction and Service Recovery Attempts,” Victoria University, Principle Supervisor/Co-Supervisor. (Passed July 2010).

Botshabelo Kealesitse, PhD, 2005- 2010. “An Investigation Into The Effect Of Performance Based RemunABDC tion Schemes On Customer Outcomes Perceived Service Quality,” Victoria University, Principle Supervisor/Co-Supervisor. (Passed March 2010).

Chang, Yi-Wei, DBA, 2002-2009. “The Impact of Convenience on Repurchase Intention: A Study of Health Clubs in Taiwan,” Principle Supervisor/Co-Supervisor. (Passed July 2009).

Ahmad Shammout, PhD, “Relationship Marketing and Five star Hotel Market: A Study of Arabic Consumers,” Victoria University, Principle Supervisor (Passed March 2008)


Awards and prizes

2012 Alfred Deakin Professor

2010 Elsevier Distinguished Marketing Scholar Award. Society for Marketing Advances


Research projects

Increasing Blood Donation amongst African Migrants and Refugees: A Model for Culturally Appropriate Interventions (ARC Linkage)

Engaging Communities in Childhood Obesity Prevention in Disadvantaged Areas. (ARC Linkage)

Volunteering Behaviour

Green marketing lifecycle information

Understanding supplier of choice decisions

Boycotting behaviour in response to environmental crisis

Internal marketing

Understanding participation in Online research panels

Research interests

Blood Donation Issues

Environmental, Social and Ethical Issues in Marketing and Management

Stakeholder Theory

Marketing Education

International Marketing

Online Panels

Research grants

Competitive Grants/External Grants/ External Support/Fellowships 2010-present

Bednall, D. and M.J. Polonsky (2013) “Australian Communications Consumer Action Network – Consumer’s Understanding of Unit Pricing,” ($13,546.46).

Wymer, W. and M.J. Polonsky (2013) Thinkers in Residence - 2014, Deakin University ($16,000).

Renzaho A, D. Mellor, M.J. Polonsky, J. Green, J. Nicholson, B. Oldenburg and K. Horton (2012) “Community Capacity Building for Healthy Lifestyles (CBHL) initiative: Engaging communities in childhood obesity prevention in disadvantaged areas,” (LP130100485) ARC Linkage ($252,000 ARC, $85000 Partners $216,000 in-kind Partners).

Gupta, S. and M.J. Polonsky “Moving from Supplier to Supplier of Choice in Australian Manufacturing Networks,” (Veolia Environmental Services $78,719; CSaRO $20,000).

Vocino, A, M.J. Polonsky, M. Grimmer and M. Miles “Internalizing Environmental Costs using Lifecycle Pricing- US Data,” CSaRO Carbon Grant ($19,700).

Polonsky, M.J., A.HM., Renzaho, S. Jones and G. Smith “Increasing Blood Donation amongst African Migrants and Refugees: A Model for Culturally Appropriate Interventions” (LP120200065) ARC Linkage Round 2 2011 ($229,905 ARC, $135,000 Blood Service; 250,000 in-kind Blood Service).

Grimmer, M., M. Miles and M.J. Polonsky (2011) “Internalizing Environmental Costs using Lifecycle Pricing- Australian Data,” University of Tasmanian Innovative Research Grants ($22,000).

Lee, A., Z. Wang and M.J. Polonsky (2010)“Perceived Egregiousness and Boycott Intensity: How Did the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Affect BP’s US Petrol Sales?” ($20,000) CSaRO Research Grant Scheme.

Vocino, V. and M.J. Polonsky and (2010) “Varying Survey Characteristics” ResearchNow in kind support ($12000).

Research groups

Deakin University- Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations (CSaRO)

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