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Prof Nejat Anbarci

Position: Chair in Economics
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business & Law
Department: Department of Economics
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92446530 +61 3 92446530



  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Iowa, 1988
  • Master of Arts, University of Iowa, 1987

Career highlights

Publication highlghts:

• "Robustness of Intermediate Agreements and Bargaining Solutions" with C.J. Sun, Games and Economic Behavior, 77, 367-376 (2013).

• "The Asymmetric Nash Bargaining Solutions: A Simple Nash Program" with C.J. Sun, Economics Letters, 120, 211-214 (2013).

• "Directed Search, Coordination Failure and Seller Profits: An Experimental Comparison of Posted Pricing with Single and Multiple Prices" with N. Feltovich, International Economic Review, 54, 873-884 (2013).

• "How Sensitive Are Bargaining Outcomes to Changes in Disagreement Payoffs?" with N. Feltovich, Experimental Economics, 16, 560-596  (2013).

• "Simultaneous Bargaining with Random Implementation: An Experimental Study" with N. Feltovich, Games and Economic Behavior, 76, 495-514 (2012).

• "An Exploration in School Formation: Income vs Ability" with A. Alkan and S. Sarpca, Economics Letters, 117, 500-504 (2012).

• "Nash Demand Game and the Kalai-Smorodinsky Solution" with J. Boyd III, Games and Economic Behavior, 71, 14-22 (2011).

• "Earthquake Fatalities: The Interaction of Nature and Political Economy" with M. Escaleras and C. Register, Journal of Public Economics, 89, 1907-1933 (2005).

• "Comparing Bargaining Solutions in the Shadow of Conflict: How Norms against Threats Can Have Real Effects" with S. Skaperdas and C. Syropoulos, Journal of Economic Theory, 106, 1-16 (2002).

• "Noncooperative Foundations of the Area Monotonic Solution", Quarterly Journal of Economics, 108, 245-258 (1993).

External grant highlights:

2014-2016, Australian Research Council (ARC), Discovery Grant; Amount: $230,000 (co-chief investigator with Nick Feltovich – Title: “Posted Prices, Bargaining and Auctions: An Experimental Examination”).

1995-1996, Social Science Research Council (SSRC) of the U.S., Fellowship Grant; Amount: $40,000 (chief investigator – Title: “Efficient Privatization Mechanisms”).


Teaching Interests

• Microeconomics
• Game Theory
• Managerial Economics

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Research interests

• Microeconomics
• Game Theory
• Bargaining Theory
• Directed Search and Price Posting
• Experimental Economics
• Political Economy

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