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Dr Patricia Lee

Position: Visitor
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Sci Eng & Built Env
Department: School of Life & Env. Sciences
Campus: Warrnambool Campus
Phone: +61 3 556 33089 +61 3 556 33089



Selected recent publications (see publications link for more publications)

Dos Remedios N, Lee PLM, Burke T, Székely T, Küpper C. 2015. North or south? Phylogenetic and biogeographic origins of a globally distributed avian clade. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 89:151-159.

Dos Remedios N, Székely T, Küpper C, Lee PLM, Kosztolányi A. 2015. Ontogenic differences in sexual size dimorphism across four plover populations. Ibis 157: 590–600.

Monzón-Argüello C, Patiño-Martínez C, Christiansen F, Gallo-Barneto R, Cabrera-Pérez MÁ, Peña-Estévez MÁ, López-Jurado LF, Lee PLM. 2015. Snakes on an island: independent introductions have different potentials for invasion. Conservation Genetics: online version

Hinder SL, Gravenor MB, Edwards M, Ostle C, Bodger OG, Lee PLM, Walne AW, Hays GC. Multi-decadal range changes vs. thermal adaptation for north east Atlantic oceanic copepods in the face of climate change. Global Change Biology 20: 140-146.

Stiebens VA, SE Merino, C Roder, FJJ Chain,PLM Lee, C Eizaguirre. 2013 Living on the edge: how philopatry maintains adaptive potential. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280: 20130305.

Lee, PLM, MN Dawson, SP Neill, PE Robins, JDR Houghton, TK Doyle & GC Hays. 2013 Identification of genetically and oceanographically distinct blooms of jellyfish. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10:20120920.

Monzón-Argüello, C, F Dell’Amico, P Morinière, A Marco, L F López-Jurado, GC Hays, R Scott, R Marsh & PLM Lee. 2012. Lost at sea: genetic, oceanographic and meteorological evidence for storm-forced dispersal. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9: 1725-1732.

Rheindt, FE, T Székely, SV Edwards, PLM Lee, T Burke, PR Kennerley, DN Bakewell, M Alrashidi, A Kosztolányi, MA Weston, W-T Liu, W-P Lei, Y Shigeta, S Javed, S Zefania & C Küpper. 2011. Conflict between genetic and phenotypic differentiation: the evolutionary history of a ‘lost and rediscovered’ shorebird. PLoS ONE 6: e26995.

Monzón-Argüello, C, LF López-Jurado, C Rico, A Marco, P López, GC Hays & PLM Lee. 2010. Evidence from genetic and Lagrangian drifter data for transatlantic transport of small juvenile green turtles. Journal of Biogeography 37: 1752–1766.

Lee, PLM. 2008. Molecular ecology of marine turtles: New approaches and future directions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 356: 25-42.

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