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Dr Patricia Lee

Position: Senior Associate Research Fellow In Marine Science
Campus: Warrnambool Campus
Phone: +61 3 556 33089 +61 3 556 33089



Selected recent publications (see publications link for more publications)

Stiebens VA, SE Merino, C Roder, FJJ Chain,PLM Lee, C Eizaguirre. 2013 Living on the edge: how philopatry maintains adaptive potential. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280: 20130305.

Lee, PLM, MN Dawson, SP Neill, PE Robins, JDR Houghton, TK Doyle & GC Hays. 2013 Identification of genetically and oceanographically distinct blooms of jellyfish. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10:20120920.

Monzón-Argüello, C, F Dell’Amico, P Morinière, A Marco, L F López-Jurado, GC Hays, R Scott, R Marsh & PLM Lee. 2012. Lost at sea: genetic, oceanographic and meteorological evidence for storm-forced dispersal. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 9: 1725-1732.

Rheindt, FE, T Székely, SV Edwards, PLM Lee, T Burke, PR Kennerley, DN Bakewell, M Alrashidi, A Kosztolányi, MA Weston, W-T Liu, W-P Lei, Y Shigeta, S Javed, S Zefania & C Küpper. 2011. Conflict between genetic and phenotypic differentiation: the evolutionary history of a ‘lost and rediscovered’ shorebird. PLoS ONE 6: e26995.

Monzón-Argüello, C, LF López-Jurado, C Rico, A Marco, P López, GC Hays & PLM Lee. 2010. Evidence from genetic and Lagrangian drifter data for transatlantic transport of small juvenile green turtles. Journal of Biogeography 37: 1752–1766.

Lee, PLM & RP Prys-Jones. 2008. Extracting DNA from museum bird eggs, and whole genome amplification of archive DNA. Molecular Ecology Resources 8: 551-560.

Bantock, TM, RP Prys-Jones & PLM Lee. 2008. New and improved molecular sexing methods for museum bird specimens. Molecular Ecology Resources 8: 519-528.

Lee, PLM. 2008. Molecular ecology of marine turtles: New approaches and future directions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 356: 25-42.

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