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Prof Paul Bennett

Position: Honorary Professor
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Nursing and Midwif.
Campus: Off-Campus (Home)
Phone: +61 3 925 17847 +61 3 925 17847



Paul Bennett, RN, PhD, MHSM, GCert (App Stats) is an Honorary Professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Deakin University. Paul is currently a research lead in the School of Medicine at Stanford University, USA. Paul's most recent positions were the Foundation Chair and Professor in Translational Nursing at Western Health - Deakin University Partnership, Deputy Coordinator of the School of Nursing and Midwifery Higher Degrees Program and Alfred Deakin Postgraduate Research Fellow at the Monash Health - Deakin University Centre of Nursing Research.

Paul's research teams focus on strategies to improve the quality of life of people with chronic and end stage kidney disease using self-management techniques, resistance and aerobic exercise, laughter therapy, home dialysis, e-learning, communication techniques, imagery, and workforce models. Paul's recent ground-breaking research, demonstrating the effect of exercise for people with end stage kidney disease, has received international acclaim through high impact factor publications, social media, television and radio, resulting in the increased use of exercise tools in dialysis units throughout the world.

Paul was the Foundation Editor-in-Chief of the Renal Society of Australasia Journal (2005-2015), Foundation Chair of the Kidney Health Australia Nursing Grants Program and Foundation Co-Chair of the Joanna Briggs Evidenced Based Renal Node. Paul was a Co-Chair on the Home Haemodialysis Global Forum who developed an internationally recognised web-based tool box to support home dialysis therapies in developing areas of the world.

Paul actively supervises higher degree students (PhD, Masters, Honours). Paul has expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods, in particular, questionnaire validity and reliability testing, stepped-wedge randomised control trials, screening tool development and critical ethnography. In the past 10 years Paul has been the recipient of over $1m in research funding, numerous industry and academic awards, presented over 200 conference presentations and published over 100 journal articles, book chapters and other scholarly publications.


International Academy of Nurse Editors

World Association of Medical Editors

American Nephrology Nurses Association

Royal College of Nursing Australia

Renal Society of Australasia Executive Committee (Federal)

Chief Editor Renal Society of Australasia Journal

Renal Society of Australasia Conference Scientific Committee

Chair: Kidney Health Australia Nursing Scholarships Committee

Member: Kidney Health Australia Medical and Scientific Committee

Editorial Board Memberships

Journal of Renal Care (European EDTNA/ERCA) (ERA = A)

Renal Society of Australasia Journal (Chair)


Journal of Advanced Nursing (ERA = A)

International Journal of Nursing Studies (ERA = A)

Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation (NDT) (ERA = A)

Journal of Renal Care (European EDTNA/ERCA) (ERA = A)



Teaching Interests

Paul is Unit Chair of Leadership and Management in Nursing HNN715.

Subjects and units currently teaching

HNN320 The Discipline of Nursing: Contemporary Issues and Trends 2 

HNN715 Leadership and Management in Nursing

Knowledge areas

Exercise in Renal Dialysis

Kidney Disease


Student supervision

Renal Vascular Access Coordination – Monica Schoch 2014

Renal impairment of children diagnosed with spina bifida – Jemimah Freeman 2014-current

Dialysis patient exercise benefits and barriers - Gethsy Jayaselan 2014-current

Physical function and quality of life - Brianna Sutcliffe – 2014 - current

Nurses perspectives on exercise in dialysis – Johnson Peter 2014-current

Pre-emptive Ultrafiltration in Hemodialysis . Wendi Bradshaw. 2013

Single Checking Administration of Medicines. Rachel Cross. 2013

Educational needs for people with advanced chronic kidney disease. Jacqui Moustakas 2012

Competing Roles:  Motherhood and Dialysis. Kaylene Wadd 2011

Pain Management by nurse assistants Snezana Radaman 2009

Empowerment of people on dialysis. Sarah Tims. 2007


Awards and prizes

In the past seven years Associate Professor Bennett has been the recipient of two teaching, five research and three industry awards.


Research projects

Paul is Foundation Editor of the Renal Society of Australasia Journal and Foundation Chair of the Kidney Health Australia Nursing Grants Program.

Research interests

Paul's research focus is around exercise, nutrition and self management, particularly for people living with chronic kidney disease. Other areas of recent published scholarship have been technological intimacy, health and educational technologies, nursing workforce, paired academic peer review and interprofessional education.


Research grants

$75,000  Bennett, PN. Improving the physical function of people with end stage kidney disease on dialysis. Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Deakin University.


$24,000.  Bonner, A, Lloyd, AM,  Douglas, C, Healy,H, Bennett, PN. Health Literacy for Chronic Kidney Disease Self-Management. Queensland Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation Collaborative Research Development Grant Scheme

$75,000  Bennett, PN. Improving the physical function of people with end stage kidney disease on dialysis. Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Deakin University.

$26,364. Bonner, A., Clark, R., Healy, H., Hamernik, E., Bennett, PN. Adaptation of the Fluid Watchers’ Program for People with Chronic Kidney Disease Receiving Haemodialysis. RBWH Foundation.

$48,253 Rawson, H., Considine, J. & Bennett, PN. Managing the care of older patients in the emergency department. Deakin University Quality Patient Safety Innovation/Seed Study Funding

$171,890. Bennett, PN. Sinclair, P. Schoch, M. Kerr, P. Kent, B. Holt, S. 2012 Home Dialysis Therapies E-Learning (HDTEL). Victorian Department of Health.

$15,452. Bennett PN, Weinberg, M., Cummins, B. 2012 Subjective wellbeing of people with chronic disease. Quality Patent Safety Grant, Deakin University 

$15,940 Weinberg, M., Cummins, B, Bennett, PN Can you laugh your way to happiness? Laughter yoga as a novel way of helping people at risk of depression. Health Faculty Research Development Grant Deakin University

$14,981 Keenan, CM, Bennett, PN. 2012 The patient experience of rehabilitation aged care services: the untold story. Lions John Cockayne Memorial Fellowship

$15,490 – Moynahan, L., Bonner, A., Bennett, PN ,  Wyatt, J. 2011. Levels of fatigue and quality of life for people with end stage kidney disease on haemodialysis or haemodiafiltration. Wesley Research Institute

$19,000 - Bennett, PN & Bonner, A. novel strategy to improve fluid adherence through improved self-management. Quality Patent Safety Grant, Deakin University 2011

$3000 - Goedemans, A., Liang, K. Cottell, B. & Bennett, PN. Decreasing cannulation extravasation pain using Arnica cream. Southern Health (Melbourne) Research 2011


$10,000 - Bennett PN Web-based Academic Peer Review Tool Flinders University Faculty Scholars Award 2010

$5,000 - Bennett, PN, Foley, A, Breugelmans, L. Barnard,R, Esposito, M., Parkhurst, D. Preventing Falls injuries in dialysis. Renal Society of Australasia Grant 2010

$4,000 - Breugelmans L, & Bennett. PN. Preventing falls injuries in dialysis. Amgen Career Mobility Award 2010

$45,800 - Bennett, PN., Miller, MM., Woodman, R. & Gleadle, J. Routine nurse-performed nutritional screening for patients in satellite dialysis centres: a randomised control trial. Faculty of Health Sciences Partnership Grant. 2009

$4,500 - Bennett PN Scoping Advanced Nephrology Nursing Education in Australia. Flinders Teaching Quality Network Seed Grant. 2009

$17,050 – Bennett, PN. McNeill, L. Australian and New Zealand Dialysis Workplace Survey. Renal Society of Australasia/Roche Grant 2008

$10,000 - DeLacey, S. Parker, S. Bennett PN, Schmitz, K  Preparing registered nurses for complex and contentious ethical situations in health care practice. Flinders University Teaching and Learning Grant 2008

$40,000 - Miller M, Phillips P, Cobiac L, Thompson C, Mangoni A, Bennett P, Spurrier N, Magarey A. Lunar Prodigy Bone Densitometer for research purposes. NHMRC Flinders Foundation 2007

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Bennett, PN. Jaeschke, S., Sinclair, PM., Kerr, P, Holt, S., Kent, B., Schoch, M., Fortnum,D. & Ockerby, C. Increasing home dialysis knowledge through a web-based e-learning program. Nephrology 19(6) 345-351

Schoch, M., Bennett, PN., Fiolet, R., Kent, B. & Au, C. 2014. Renal access coordinators impact on haemodialysis patient outcomes and associated service delivery: A systematic review : JBI Library of Systematic Reviews 12(4) 319-353

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Bonner, A., Havas, K., Douglas, C, Thepha, T Bennett, PN., Clarke, R., Self-management programs for chronic kidney disease stage 1-4: A literature review.  Journal of Renal Care 40(3) 194-204

Wadd, K, Bennett, PN & Grant, J. Mothers requiring dialysis: parenting and end stage kidney disease. Journal of Renal Care 2014 40(2) 140-146

Jeyakumar, Y & Bennett, PN. Typical and atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome: A case comparison report for nurses Ren Soc Aust J 10(3) 146-148

Bennett, PN., Weinberg, M., Bridgman, T. & Cummins, B. The happiness and subjective wellbeing of people on haemodialysis. Journal of Renal Care Accepted 19th October 2015  JORC-2014-0055.

Moustakas, J. Bennett, PN. Nicholson, J. Tranter. S. The needs of older people with advanced chronic kidney disease choosing supportive care: A case study approach Ren Soc Aust J Accepted 19th October 2014 RSAJ-2014-0028

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