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Prof Peter Miller

Position: Professor of Psychology
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Psychology
Campus: Geelong Waterfront Campus
Phone: +61 3 522 78138 +61 3 522 78138



Peter Miller is Professor of Violence Prevention and Addiction Studies at the School of Psychology, Deakin University. Peter has recently completed three of the largest studies ever conducted into licensed venues, comparing 11 Australian cities (and Wellington, NZ) over 5 years and talking to more than 15,000 patrons.

Peter has edited one book and has over 100 peer-reviewed articles as well as numerous government reports.

Peter's current projects include: an Australia Research Council Linkage grant in collaboration with the Cancer Council and the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) to investigate the role of vested interests such as the tobacco, alcohol and gambling in preventing effective health policy; Drug and Alcohol intoxication and Subsequent Harm in night-time Entertainment Districts (DASHED), examining the relationship between alcohol consumption, intoxication, substance use, crime and other risky behaviour in and around licensed premises in Canberra and Hobart; Alcohol and Drug Involvement in family and Domestic Violence in Australia (ADIVA), focusing on alcohol and other drug (AOD)- related violence and the impact of different police responses on recidivism rates; and an ARC Discovery project evaluating risk-based licensing (RBL) schemes for the sale of alcohol at on-licensed premises in Australia. He is also working with eight Emergency Departments across Australia on systematic screening of alcohol-related harm including a public health intervention identifying the sources of alcohol which drive emergency department attendances.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2002
  • Bachelor of Arts, Deakin University, 2003


Professor Miller is currently a member of :

  • The Public Health Association of Australia
  • The Society for the Study of Addiction
  • The International Society for the Study of Drug Policy
  • The International Society of Addiction Journal Editors
  • International Harm Reduction Association

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Teaching Interests

Professor Miller supervises postgraduate research students.

Subjects and units currently teaching

HPS325- Addiction

Knowledge areas

Alcohol and violence

Alcohol policy

Violence prevention

Licensed venues

Binge drinking


Conferences and seminars

Miller PG. Sonderlund A. & Palmer D. (2010, 8-11 Nov 2010). Alcohol, licensed venues and violence: preliminary results from DANTE. Paper presented at the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs, Canberra, Australia.

Miller PG. (2010) Alcohol Industry Use of Social Aspect Public Relations Organisations against Preventative Health Measures presented at the Dangerous Consumptions conference, Canberra, Australia.

Miller PG. Droste N. and Barisic L. (2011) Behavioural Economics, Price Considerations in Alcohol and Drug Use amongst University Students. Paper presented at the Kettil Brunn annual conference meeting, Melbourne.

Miller, PG. Curtis, A. Palmer, D., Tindall, J. Gillham, K. & Wiggers, J. (2012, 8-11 Nov 2010). The effects of mandatory versus voluntary trading on emergency department attendances during high alcohol hours. Paper presented at the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs, Melbourne, Australia.

Miller PG. and Droste N. (2012) Pre drinking increases harm in the night-time economy, but may be moderated by restricted trading hours. Paper presented at the Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs, Melbourne, Australia.

Media appearances

Prof Miller has made numerous media appearances nationally and internationally.


Awards and prizes

2013 National Drug and Alcohol Excellence in Research Award

Australian Professional Society on Alcohol and Drugs conference, Best poster award

Vice Chancellors Award for Outstanding Contribution to Community partnerships

Geelong Researcher of the Year (Community Safety & Honourable mention overall)

NHMRC Howard Florey Fellowship

J Paul Getty and Pilgrim Trust Clinical Fellow

Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarship


Research projects

Board member Communities That Care (Geelong, Australia)

Founding Member: Barwon Drug Education and Prevention Committee (Geelong, Australia)

Research Representative: Barwon Drug Action Plan Committee (Geelong, Australia)

Member: Barwon Drug Action Committee (Geelong, Australia)

Research interests

Professor Miller's research interests include:

  • Alcohol-related violence in licensed venues;
  • Predictors of violence;
  • Alcohol/drug use in rural populations;
  • The behaviour of vested interests such as the global alcohol industry

Prof Miller has over 100 publications in the field and presents at national and international conferences.

Research grants

2015 Miller PG, Egerton-Warburton, D., Shakeshaft, A., Caldicott, D., Staiger, P., Havard, A., Doran, C., Baker, T., Weiland, T., Bowe, S., Shepherd, J.
Driving Change: Using Emergency Department Data to Reduce Alcohol-related Harm
Research Grant
Amount: $1,490,000
Outcome: In progress

2015 Miller PH., Palmer, D., Curtis, A., Hyder, S., Coomber, K., Droste, N., Martino, F.
Liquor Forum Evaluation
Research Grant
Amount: $49,911
Outcome: Successful

2014 Chikritzhs T. Miller PG. Kypri K. Graham K.
Pub extended trading hours: effects on drunkenness and alcohol-related harm
Research grant.
Amount: $148,880
Outcome: Successful

2014 Miller PG. Morgan, A., Bruno, R., Droste, N., Peacock, A., Boxall, H. & Coomber, K.
Research grant.
Amount: $319,680
Outcome: Successful

2014 Miller PG. Kypri K. Chikritzhs T. Graham K.
Family Drug Treatment Court Evaluation
Research grant.
Courts Victoria
Amount: $164,905
Outcome: In Progress

2014 Miller PG. Kypri K. Chikritzhs T. Graham K.
Risk-based licensing in Australia
Research grant.
Australian Research Council Discovery Grant 2015.
Amount: $457,200
Outcome: Successful

2014 Cameron, M. Roskruge, M. Miller, PG, Droste,N. and Peacock A.
Alcohol-related harm in the Wellington night-time economy
Research grant
Waikato Management School Health Research Network
Amount: NZ$4,800
Outcome: Successful

2014 Ward, B. Miller, PG. & Buykx, P.
Development of the Safe Transport Space Case Study Analysis
Research grant
Bendigo Safe Community Forum
Amount: $15,980
Outcome: Successful

2013 Dunn, M., McKay, F., Miller, PG, & Peacock, A.
Understanding performance and image enhancing drug use in society
Research grant
School of Health and Social Development Small Grant
Amount: $17,705
Outcome: Successful

2013 Kypri K, Paul C, Attia J, Connor J, Smith G, Miller P, Stallman H, Hallett J.
Longitudinal Assessment of Social Health and Educational outcomes of Drinking Research grant
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
Amount: $40,000
Outcome: Successful

2013 Miller PG. Arlene Walker, Beth Costa, Lata Satyen , Andrew Day, John Toumbourou
Alcohol/Drug-Involved Family Violence in Australia (ADIVA)
Research grant
National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund
Amount: $239,775
Outcome: Successful

2013 Miller PG. Hancock L. Wakefield M. Kypri K. Livingstone C. Daube M. Giorgi C. Adams P. McCambridge J.  Corporate Political Activity of Tobacco, Alcohol and Gambling Companies in Australia
Research grant.
Australian Research Council Linkage Grant 2012.
Amount: $260,000

2012 Miller PG. Chikritzhs T. Allsop S. Toumbourou J.
A review and synthesis of supply and demand reduction measures for alcohol
Research grant
National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund
Amount: $120,434

2012 Lubman D. Bruno R. Miller PG. Lloyd B. Pennay A. Peacock A. Droste N. Tomsen S. Roxburgh A.
Alcohol and Energy Drinks in NSW
Research grant
NSW government
Amount: $149,000

2011 O’Brien K. Miller PG. Room R. Livingston M. Ferris J.
Exposure to Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship in Australian Televised Sport: Association with Explicit and Implicit Alcohol Attitudes and Drinking Behaviours.
Research grant. National Preventive Health Research Grants Program 2011/12.
Amount: $80,000

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