Staff profile - Randy Silvers

Dr Randy Silvers

Position: Senior Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Deakin Business School
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 925 17376 +61 3 925 17376


Teaching Interests

Contract Theory, Game Theory, Economics of Information, Microeconomics (Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced), Industrial Organization

Student supervision


  • 2013, Sarah Hilborn "Heterogeneous Firms and Cartel Behavior under Leniency Programs"



  • 2012. Joshua Moore “The Efficiency of the AFL Betting Market”
  • 2012, Nimalan Sivakumar “Patent Length and the Pace of Innovation With Heterogeneity”
  • 2011. Mayuran Siriratnam “Contract Design in a Principal-Agent Model with Innovation and Project Selection”
  • 2008 Patrick Devlin “Product Bundling and Anticompetitive Behaviour in the Software Industry”
  • 2007 Anthony Joy “An Analysis of How Guilt Can Mitigate the Free-Rider Problem in Economies”
  • 2007, Oliver Speidel “A Framework for Decision-Making Vis-a-Vis Terrorism”
  • 2006 Simbarashe Muhrawi “Takeovers, Bidding Rules, and Two-Sided Adverse Selection”
  • 2005 Kristy Coulter “Urban Road Pricing: A Theoretical Analysis Applied to Melbourne's Eastlink”
  • 2005, David Grossman “Optimal Auction Design: An Application to the Sale of the AFL Broadcast Rights”
  • 2005, Ranya Shahwan “Does the Kernel Exist? Votes, Money, and an Experiment”
  • 2004, Mark Hui “Brain-Drain Problem: The Effects of Racial Quota Rules on Human Capital Flight in Malaysia”
  • 2004, Ross Stevens “Principles and Results: Concepts of Operating Capability and Sustainability”


Awards and prizes

Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Economics; Department of Economics; Arizona State University, 2002.

Excellence in Teaching; School of Accounting, Economics, and Finance; Deakin University, 2012

Excellence in Research, School of Accounting, Economics, and Finance; Deakin University, 2012


Research interests

Economics of Information

Contract Theory -- Principal-Agent Models

Industrial Organization

Philosophy and Economics



• "Informed Principal, Moral Hazard, and the Value of a More Informative Technology." with Hector Chade, Arizona State University. Economics Letters 74 (2002) 291-300.

• "Measuring the Contribution of Sport to the Economy," with Philip Hone II, Australian Economic Review 39 (2006), 412-419.

• "The Value of Information in a Principal-Agent Model with Moral Hazard: The Ex Post Contracting Case" Games and Economic Behavior 74 (2012) 352-365.

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