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Dr Riza Casidy

Position: Senior Lecturer in Marketing
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business & Law
Department: School of Management and Marketing
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92443817 +61 3 92443817



Riza Casidy is a Senior Lecturer of Marketing at Deakin University. Riza has extensive teaching experience in Australia and Singapore. He graduated with 1st Class Honours in Marketing in 2005 from Monash and was a recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA). He received his PhD from Monash University in 2009, and was the youngest PhD graduate at Monash Faculty of Business and Economics.

Riza Casidy's business experience includes marketing consulting in the education and non-profit sector in Australasian region. He is accredited as a Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) by the Australian Marketing Institute, of which he is also an Associate Member (AMAMI)

Riza's research has been published in leading journals including the Journal of Strategic Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, and Marketing Intelligence & Planning amongst others. He has served as a reviewer for Industrial Marketing Management, International Marketing Review, Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly amongst others.He is presently working on research projects looking at the impact of spirituality and guilt appeal on digital piracy intentions and behaviour. He also has other research projects which focus on brand personality, brand orientation, and market orientation in the education sector.


  • Bachelor of Commerce, Curtin University, 2004
  • Bachelor of Business (Honours), Monash University, 2006
  • Bachelor of Arts, 2006
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, 2009
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Swinburne University of Technology, 2014


Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC)
Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)
Academy of Marketing Science (AMS)

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Teaching Interests

Consumer Behaviour
Marketing Management
Brand Management

Subjects and units currently teaching

MMK266 Consumer Behaviour
MMK101 Marketing

Knowledge areas

Consumer Behaviour
Structural Equation Modeling
Services Marketing
Non-Profit & Social Marketing


Research interests

Spirituality, Religiosity, and Marketing
Brand Personality
Prestige Fashion Brands
Branding in the Not-for-Profit Sector



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Book Chapter

Casidy, R (2010) ‘Church service: service marketing’ in Madden-Hallett, H & Ho, H (eds.) Marketing Cases in the Asia-Pacific Region (E-book). John Wiley & Sons. ISBN 9780730300243

Refereed Journal Articles

Casidy, R and Tsarenko, Y (2014) ‘Perceived benefits and church participation: a comparative study among regular and irregular church goers’, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 26 (5): 761-776

Casidy, R. (2014) 'The role of perceived market orientation in the higher education sector', Australasian Marketing Journal 22 (2): 155-163

Casidy, R. (2014) ‘Linking brand orientation with service quality, satisfaction, and positive word-of-mouth: evidence from the higher education sector', Journal of Non-profit & Public Sector Marketing 26 (2): 142-161

Casidy, R. (2014) 'Brand orientation and service quality in online and offline environment: empirical examination in higher education', Services Marketing Quarterly 35 (3): 236-254

Casidy, R (2013) ‘The role of brand orientation in the higher education sector: a student –perceived perspective’, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 25 (5): 803 - 820

Nayeem, T and Casidy, R (2013) ‘The role of external influences in high involvement purchase behaviour’, Marketing Intelligence and Planning 31 (7): 732 - 745

Casidy, R. (2013) ‘How great thy brand: the impact of church branding on perceived benefits’, International Journal of Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Marketing 18 (3): 231-239

Casidy, R (2012) ‘Discovering consumer personality clusters in prestige sensitivity and fashion consciousness context’, Journal of International Consumer Marketing 24 (4): 291-299

Casidy, R (2012) ‘An empirical investigation of the relationship between personality traits, prestige sensitivity, and fashion consciousness of Generation Y in Australia’, Australasian Marketing Journal 20 (4): 242-249

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Casidy, R (2011) ‘The relationship between market orientation, brand orientation, and perceived benefits in the non-profit sector: a customer-perceived paradigm’, Journal of Strategic Marketing 19 (5): 429-441

Casidy, R, Tsarenko, Y, and Mavondo, F (2011) ‘Church marketing: the effect of market orientation on perceived benefits and church participation’, Services Marketing Quarterly 32 (1): 60-82

Casidy, R, Tsarenko, Y, and Mavondo, F (2010) ‘An empirical investigation on the role of market orientation in church participation’, International Journal of Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Marketing 15 (4): 339-351

Casidy, R and Tsarenko, Y. (2009) ‘Predicting brand preferences: an examination of the predictive power of consumer personality and values in Australian fashion market’, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management 13 (3): 1-14

Casidy, R., Tsarenko, Y. and Anderson, A. (2009) 'The Big Five and brand
personality: investigating the impact of consumer personality on preferences towards particular brand personality', Journal of Brand Management 16 (4): 234-247

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