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Dr Scott Webster

Position: Senior Lecturer In Education (Pedagogy And Curriculum)
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SoE Arts & Ed
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus



Scott is the coordinator for the 'Curriculum, Pedagogy and Professional Learning' teaching and research group in the school of education.  Scott began his career in 1986 in North Queensland as a HPE, Science and Maths secondary teacher.  He has also worked and studied in the UK and USA.


  • Diploma of Teaching, Brisbane College of Adv. Edu., 1986
  • Bachelor of Education, Central Queensland University, 1990
  • Bachelor of Arts, Ambassador University, 1993
  • Master of Science, University of Oxford, 1995
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Griffith University, 2003


Teaching Interests

Philosophy of Education, Educational Theory, Democracy, Teacher-Learner Identity, Curriculum & Assessment.

Student supervision

Systems thinking and Ata
Global and Local Citizenship Education
English Language in Korea
Northern Territory Indigenous Education
Spirituality and Chaplaincy in Education
Professional Identity TESOL
Education, Democracy and Religion
Professional Identity of teachers
Buddhism in Schools
Critical Thinking
Educating for Environmental Capital
Curriculum Intervention
Integrated Curriculum
Nursing and Codes of Ethics
Teacher as moral guide


Awards and prizes

High eVALUate result of 89+% in Timester 1, 2015
Nominated Supervisor Award, Monash University (2010)
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Monash University (2006-2007)
APA scholarship awarded 1998 - used for PhD (1998 – 2001)
Nominated for National Excellence in Teaching Award, from NEiTA foundation (formed by ASG) for teaching in secondary schools (1997)


Research interests

Education Theory
Philosophy of Education
Ethics, values, spirituality, meaning of life
Critical Thinking
Curriculum Theory
Reflective Practice
Pre-service Teaching
Dewey, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche & Heidegger.

Research page




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Recent Journal Articles and Chapters:

Webster, R. S. (accepted) ‘Making the unbearable, bearable, through existential spirituality’ in Pascal, A-M. (ed.) Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society. London: IGI Global.
Webster, R. S. (2016) ‘The existential individual alone within Freire’s socio-political solidarity’, in Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory.  Springer. : DOI:10.1007/978-981-287-532-7_104-1
Webster, R. S. (2016) ‘Being Trustworthy: Going beyond Evidence to Desiring’, in Educational Philosophy and Theory. DOI:10.1080/00131857.2016.1150803
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