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Dr Shuddhasattwa Rafiq

Position: Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business & Law
Department: Department of Economics
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92446272 +61 3 92446272


Biography summary

In last five years, I completed my doctoral study in economics and finance, and one year of post-doctoral research fellowship in the area of sustainable business and economics. During this time I have published extensively in reputed international journals like, Applied Economics, Economic Modelling, Energy Economics, Economic Analysis and Policy, Resources Policy, Journal of Economic Development, Applied Economics Quarterly, International Journal of Emerging Market, etc. In 2014-2015, I have published two ABDC A ranked papers in Applied Economics and Economic Economic Modelling, respectively. Earlier in 2012 alone, I published two papers in a ABDC A* journal namely, Energy Economics. My doctoral study and all these high ranked papers apply frontier time-series and panel data econometric techniques in the area of energy, commodity, trade and development economics. Another publication dealing with energy price shocks was awarded as 'Highly Commended Paper' of 2011 by Emerald Publications.
I am a regular reviewer of globally acclaimed journals like, Energy Policy, Economic Modelling, Applied Economics etc. I have performed consulting activities for professional and Government organizations like, Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation of Queensland; Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia; World Vision, Bangladesh; Bangladesh National Parliament etc.
My current research interests are in the areas of energy/resources/ and commodity market economics, applied economics, climate change, commodity and financial derivatives. My teaching interests are in the areas of economics for managers, macroeconomics, econometrics, international trade and corporate finance.
I am a Deakin accredited HDR supervisor.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Curtin University, 2009
  • GCHE Exempt, Deakin University, 2014


  • International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE)
  • Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society
  • Economic Society of Australia


Teaching Interests

  • Economics for managers
  • Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • International trade
  • Corporate finance


Awards and prizes

  • 2012: Highly Commended Paper of 2011 by Emerald Publication.
  • 2010: Early Career Researcher Award, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.
  • 2008: Best Student Paper award in 2nd International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) Asian Conference, Perth, Western Australia.


Research interests

  • Applied Economics
  • Energy Economics
  • Resources Economics
  • Commodity Market
  • Climate Change

Research grants

  • 2015: Deakin University Central Research Grant.
  • 2010: Early Career Researcher Grant, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.



Some of my recent publications are listed below (full list to be published on Deakin Research site):

(a) Rafiq, Shuddhasattwa, and Salim, Ruhul A. 2015, ‘Does oil price volatility matter for Asian emerging economies?’ Economic Analysis and Policy, Volume 44, pp. 417-441.
(b) Bloch, Harry, Rafiq, Shuddhasattwa and Salim, Ruhul A. 2015, ‘Economic growth with coal, oil and renewable energy consumption in China: Prospects for fuel substitution,’ Economic Modelling, Volume 44, pp. 104-115 [ABDC Rank: A].
(c) Rafiq, Shuddhasattwa, Bloch, Harry, and Salim, Ruhul A. 2014, ‘Determinants of renewable energy adoption in China and India: A comparative analysis,’ Applied Economics, Volume 46, Issue 22, pp. 2700-2710 [ABDC Rank: A].
(d) Ruhul A. and Rafiq, Shuddhasattwa 2012, ‘Why do some emerging economies proactively accelerate the adoption of renewable energy?’ Energy Economics, Volume 34, Issue 4, pp. 1051-1057 [ABDC Rank: A*].
(e) Bloch, Harry, Rafiq, Shuddhasattwa, and Salim, Ruhul A. 2012, ‘Coal consumption, CO2 emission and economic growth in China: Empirical evidence and policy responses,’ Energy Economics, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp. 518-528 [ABDC Rank: A*].
(f) Rafiq, Shuddhasattwa, Salim, Ruhul A. and Bloch, Harry 2009, ‘Impact of crude oil price volatility on economic activities: An empirical investigation in the Thai economy,’ Resources Policy, Vol. 34, No. 2, pp. 121-132.

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