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Dr Simona Scarparo

Position: Senior Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business & Law
Department: Department of Accounting
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92446515 +61 3 92446515



  • Member of the British Accounting Association
  • Member of the International Association for Health Care Technology and Management
  • Member of the European Gender Budgeting Group
  • Member of the Women Budget Group


Teaching Interests

  • Financial Reporting Analysis


Research projects

  • Research project: Parliamentarism, Devolution and Democratic Accountability: A Comparative Study, funded by the Economic & Social Research Council and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
  • 2001 - 2002: Visiting Research Fellow at University College of Dublin
  • Research project: Clinicians in Management: A Comparative Study between Ireland and Scotland, sponsored by the EU network 'Accounting in the Reform of European Health Care Systems' (AREHCAS) on project
  • 2000: Visiting Research Fellow, Linkoping University, Department of Management and Economics (Sweden) and at Lund University Hospital, Orthopaedic Department (Sweden)

Research interests

  • Public Sector Accounting
  • Management Accounting in Hospitals
  • Contemporary critical accounting issues
  • Focussing on research in gender in the accounting professions
  • Accounting in popular culture
  • Accounting and education

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  • William J Jackson, Audrey S Paterson, Christopher K M Pong and Simona Scarparo 'How Easy Can the Barley Brie': Drinking Culture and Accounting Failure at the end of the 19th Century in Britain', Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal.
  • Scarparo, S. (2011) 'Clinical Audit, Guidelines and Standards: A Productive Relation for Managing Clinical Practices', Financial Accountability and Management, Vol. 27 (1), pp. 83-101.
  • Scarparo, S. (2008) Chapter 3: The Process of Devolution in the UK, in Mahmoud Ezzamel, Noel Hyndman, Age Johnsen, and Irvine Lapsley (eds) Accounting in Politics. Devolution and Democratic Accountability. London: Rutledge.
  • Scarparo, S. (2008) Chapter 4: Accountability in the UK Devolved Parliament and Assemblies in Mahmoud Ezzamel, Noel Hyndman, Age Johnsen and Irvine Lapsley (eds) Accounting in Politics. Devolution and Democratic Accountability. London: Rutledge.

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