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Prof Tony Worsley

Position: Chair In Behavioural Nutrition
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Exercise & Nut. Sci.
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46743 +61 3 924 46743



  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Queensland, 1974


Australian Society for Social Marketing


Member Australian Society for Social Marketing



Teaching Interests

Supervision of six PhD students.

Knowledge areas

Nutrition education and promotion, consumer food behaviour, public health nutrition, behavioural epidemiology

Conferences and seminars

Reid M, Mavondo F and Worsley A. 2009. Gatekeeper influence on food acquisition, food preparation, and satisfaction with household diet (oral presentation). ANZMAC, Melbourne, December (refereed paper). Worsley A. 2008. The new nutrition and health production (invited workshop presentation). New Horizons Conference, Hobart. Worsley A. 2008. New century New nutrition education (invited plenary presentation). New Horizons Conference, Hobart. Worsley A and Morgan E. 2008. Public health nutrition: Opportunities for turning around the high waste low consumption paradigm for fruits and vegetables (invited presentation). Queensland Dept of Primary Industries, Brisbane. Huggins CE, Nowson CA, Worsley A, Margerison C, Jorna MK. 2008. Blood pressure response to dietary modifications is related to use of anti-hypertensive therapy (oral presentation). Nutrition Society of Australia AGM, Adelaide. Hunter W, Wang W and Worsley A. 2007. Access to food and health services are not major considerations in Babyboomers retirement planning (poster presentation). International Society for Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity Conference, Oslo. Wang WC, Hunter W and Worsley A. 2006. Retirement expectations of baby boomers (poster presentation). Australian Conference on Ageing, Melbourne. Lawrence M and Worsley A. 2006. Building global alliances for public health nutrition training (oral presentation). First International Congress of Public Health Nutrition, IUNS, Barcelona.


Awards and prizes

2004: Supervisor of the Year award from Deakin University Students Association


Research projects

Member,  Consumer Alignment Panel, Horticulture Innovation Australia

Member, Review of VCE Food Technology, Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority

Chair, Asia Pacific Food and Nutrition Collaboration

Member, Executive Committee, International Federation of Home Economics

Research interests

Broad interests include nutrition promotion and food communication as well the study of consumers food and nutrition behaviours. Current research includes: examination of the food knowledge required by food consumers, fruit and vegetable promotion policies, the influence of household food purchasing and consumption on obesity risk, consumers use of food label information, population cooking skills and the ways to increase skill levels, the food habits of baby boomers, consumers food and health concerns. The influence of personal and cultural values and social ideologies on food behaviours.

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Recent Publications (from 2015)

Savage A, Februhartanty J, Worsley A. (2016). Adolescent women – a key target population for community nutrition education programs – a qualitative Indonesian case study. Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, accepted 4 January.

Farragher T, Wang WC, Worsley A. (2016).  The associations of vegetable consumption with food mavenism, personal values, food knowledge and demographic factors. Appetite, 97 (1): 29-36.

Sarmugam R, Worsley A. (2015). Understanding Dietary Behaviours of Impulsive and Highly Involved Consumers, Nutrients, 7, 8036-8057; doi:10.3390/nu7095379.

Leech R. Worsley A, Timperio A, McNaughton SA. (2015). Characterizing eating patterns: a comparison of eating occasion definitions. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in press (11 September).

Pham Q, Worsley A. (2016). Middle-class food providers’ views and experiences of food marketing in Vietnam Asia Pacific J Clinical Nutrition, in press accepted 7th August 2015.

Worsley A, Wang WC, Burton M. (2015). Food concerns and support for environmental food policies and purchasing. Appetite, 91: 48–55.

Worsley A. (2015). What should we do about Fruit and Vegetables?
Pulling Fruit and Vegetables back from Extinction in the Marketplace. Acta
Horticulturae (accepted 1 July 2015).

Ellis J, Mullan JR, Weston KM, Rich W, Lethbridge A, Worsley A, Pai NB (2015).    Prescription and over-the-counter pain medication in arthritis: awareness of active ingredients and attitudes to medication borrowing and sharing. Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research, 45, 10–17 doi: 10.1002/jppr.1070

Russell CG, Worsley A, Liem DG. (2015).Parents’ food choice motives and their associations with children’s food preferences. Public Health Nutrition, 18(6): 1018-1027.

Russell GC, Worsley A, Campbell K (2015). Strategies used by parents to influence their children's food preferences, Appetite, accepted 27th February.

Worsley A, Wang W, Wijeratne P, Ismael  S and Ridley  S. (2015). Who cooks from scratch and how do they prepare food? British Food Journal, 117 (2): 664-67

Worsley A, Wang W,  Ridley S. (2015). Australian adults’ knowledge of Australian agriculture. British Food Journal, 117 (1): 400 – 411.

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