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Dr Wanty Widjaja

Position: Senior Lecturer in Education (Maths Education)
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SoE Arts & Ed
Campus: M1.10, Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46922 +61 3 924 46922



  • Master of Education, Boston University, 2002
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Education), University of Melbourne, 2008
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2013

Career highlights

Wanty has extensive experience in large-scale research projects with colleagues from Indonesia and the Netherlands, as well as a small scale research project from Singapore. Currently she is leading an internal research project which aims to understand professional noticing by expert primary school teachers in relation to their students’ mathematics and scientific reasoning. She has continued to strengthen research partnerships with researchers from the Netherlands, Singapore and Indonesia on design-based research and mathematical modelling.

Wanty was the design research task force leader of the international project, ‘Pendidikan Matematika Realistik Indonesia’ (PMRI) as part of an international collaborative project funded by the Indonesian government and the Netherlands (Do-PMRI project) between 2008-2010.

Drawing on her research experience on mathematical reasoning project, Lesson Study and video-based methodology, Wanty was involved in delivering professional development sessions for numeracy coaches for networks of schools in the former Western Metropolitan Region in 2013 and at the Primary Mathematics and Science Specialists Program in 2015. She has been the managing editor for The Indonesian Journal of Mathematics Education (JIMs-B) published by the Indonesian Mathematical Society since 2011.


Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA)

The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV)
Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS)

Professional activities

Bachelor of Education Selection Committee (2012)

Faculty of Arts and Education Human Ethics Advisory Research Group (2014-present)

Canada Coordinator, Global Experience Program (2013-2014)

Editorial Board, Prime Number

Editorial Board, JIMS-B journal

Reviewer for Mathematics Education Research Journal and Mathematics Teacher Education and Development

Reviewer for MERGA and MAV annual conference proceedings

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Knowledge areas

Mathematics education

Student supervision

  • Developing pre-service teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge in algebraic reasoning through lesson study. PhD research (2014-, Principal Supervisor).
  • The implementation of lesson study in mathematics: the case of Zambia. (2014-, Associate supervisor)
  • Chinese primary students’ gender differences in attitudes toward mathematics. Master of Arts research project (2015-, Principal Supervisor).
  • Exploring symmetry with the MATHOMAT template. Master of Education research project (2014-, Principal Supervisor).

Conferences and seminars

Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasian (2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014)

South East Asean-Design Research (2014, 2015, 2016)

Psychology of Mathematics Education (2005, 2006)

The World Associations of Lesson Studies (2014)

International Congress of Mathematics Education (2012)

International Community of Teachers of Mathematical Modelling and Applications (2011)

East Asian Research Conference on Mathematics Education (2010, 2013)

Mathematics Association of Victoria  (2012, 2013, 2014)

Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (2013)

International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement (2009)


Research projects

  • Widjaja, W. Xu, L., Li, J. Jobling, W. with Vale, C. (mentor)
    Enhancing primary school teachers’ professional noticing through artefact-stimulated recall. CREFI RDG Project (2015, $15,000).
  • Widjaja, W. Faculty Small Equipment Research grant. (2015, $5,000)
  • Auld, G., Loong, E.,Widjaja, W. & Williams, G. with Vale, C. and Blackmore, J. (mentors). Transition: Improved Literacy and numeracy outcomes (Successful strategies) (2015, $65,638).
  • Widjaja, W., Groves, S., Tytler, R., Robottom, I., Bragg, L. Deakin LIVE Partnership Funding. (2014, $5,000).
  • Vale, C., Bragg, L., Herbert, S., Loong, E., Widjaja, W. Primary school teachers’ and students’ perceptions and understanding of mathematical reasoning. (2013-2014, $12,000).
  • Williams, G., Bragg, L., Herbert, S., Loong, E., Widjaja, W., Hirsch, L. Flexible pedagogical problem solving for implementing mathematics problem solving. ( 2014-2016, CREFI Seeding Grant, Gaye William's and Coral Campbell's personal research fund, $22,500).
  • Groves, S., Doig, B., Vale, C., Widjaja, W. Implementing structured problem solving through lesson study. Faculty near missed ARC funding, Deakin University. (2013, $13,000).
  • Groves, S., Doig, B., Vale, C., Widjaja, W., Implementing structured problem solving through lesson study. CREFI RDG  Deakin University. (2012, $19,700).

Research interests

Mathematical modelling, Educational design research, Professional noticing, Design of contextualised tasks, Realistic Mathematics Mathematics, Lesson Study, Video-based research methodology.

Research grants

  • Transition: Improved Literacy and Numeracy Outcomes (Successful Strategies) funded by Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (2015).
  • Enhancing primary school teachers' professional noticing through artefact-stimulated reflection. Funded by Centre for Research in Educational Futures and Innovation (2015).
  • Mathematical Reasoning Professional Learning Research. Funded by Faculty of Arts and Education Deakin University (Jan 2013-present).
  • Implementing structured problem-solving mathematics lesson through Japanese Lesson Study. Funded by CREFI Research Development Grant (April-December 2012).
  • Building teachers' capacity in primary mathematics school-based assessment. Non-funded research project involving two primary teachers in Singapore and Indonesia. (3May2011-31 Dec 2011).
  • Integrating teachers' role in enhancing pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of pre-service teachers using video case study. Funded by DIKTI 2009 grant No: 060/SP2H/PP/DP2M/IV/2009. (April-December, 2009)
  • Portrait and review of mathematics teaching and learning in some PMRI schools. Funded by DIKTI 2009 grant No: 378/SP2H/PP/DP2M/VI/2009. (April- December 2009).  
  • Designing Realistic Mathematics Education lessons based on local contexts in Indonesia.

Research groups

Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA)

Indonesian Mathematical Society (IndoMS)

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Selected Publications

Widjaja, W., Vale, V., Groves, S., Doig, B. (in press). Teacher professional learning through engagement with Lesson Study. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education.

Vale, C, Widjaja, W., Herbert, S., Bragg, L., Loong, E. (in press). Mapping variations in children's mathematical reasoning: The case of what else belongs?. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Groves, S., Doig, B., Vale, V., Widjaja, W.  (2016). Critical factors in the adaptation and implementation of Japanese Lesson Study in Australian context. ZDM Mathematics Education, 48(4), 502-512.

Wu, G., Widjaja, W., Li, J. (2016). Gender Issues in Elementary Mathematics Teaching Materials: A Comparative Study between China and Australia. In Linayage, I. & Nima, B. (Eds). Multidisciplinary research perspectives in education: shared experiences from Australia and China. (149-160). Rotterdam: Sense.

Herbert, S., Vale, C., Bragg, L., Loong, E., Widjaja, W. (2015). Developing a framework for primary teachers' perceptions of mathematical reasoning. International Journal of Educational Research, 74, 26-37.

Widjaja, W., Dolk, M. (2015). The use of videos and classroom artefacts in professional development of teachers and teacher educators in Indonesia. In S. F. Ng (Ed.), Cases of mathematics professional development in East Asian countries (Vol. 10, 199-221). Berlin, Germany: Springer.

Ng, N., Widjaja, W., Chan, E., & Seto, C. (2015). Developing Teacher Competencies Through Videos for Facilitation of Mathematical Modelling in Singapore Primary Schools. In S. F. Ng (Ed.), Cases of Mathematics Professional Development in East Asian Countries (Vol. 10, 15-38). Singapore: Springer.

Bragg, L., Widjaja, W., Loong, E., Vale, C., Herbert, S. (2015). Promoting reasoning through the magic v task. Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom, 20(2), 10-14.

Chan, E., Ng, D., Widjaja, W., Seto, C. (2015). A case study on developing a teacher's capacity in mathematical modelling. The Mathematics Educator, 16(1), 1-31.

Widjaja, W. (2013). Building awareness of mathematical modelling in teacher education: A case study in Indonesia. In G. Stillman, G. Kaiser, W. Blum & J. Brown (Eds.), Teaching Mathematical Modelling: Connecting to Research and Practice (pp. 583-593). Dordrecht: Springer.

Groves, S., Doig, B., Widjaja, W., Garner, D., Palmer, K. (2013). Implementing Japanese Lesson Study: An example of teacher-researcher collaboration. The Australian Mathematics Teacher. 69(3), 10-17.

Chan, E., Ng, D., Widjaja, W., Seto, C. (2012). Assessment of primary 5 students' mathematical modelling competencies. Journal of Science and Mathematics Education in Southeast Asia. 35(2), 146-178.

Widjaja, W. (2012). Exercising the socio-mathematical norms in classroom discourse: Insights from a case study of a Grade 6 lesson in Indonesia. The Mathematics Educator. 13(2), 21-38.

Widjaja, W., Stacey, K., Steinle, V. (2011). Locating negative decimals on the number line: Insights into the thinking of pre-service primary teachers. Journal of Mathematical Behaviour, 30(1), 80-91.

Dolk, M., Widjaja, W., Zonneveld, E., Fauzan, A. (2010). Examining teachers’ role in relation to their beliefs and expectations about students’ thinking in design research. In R. Sembiring, K. Hoogland, M. Dolk. (Eds). A decade of PMRI in Indonesia. (175-187). Utrecht: APS International.

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