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Dr Xuan Nguyen

Position: Senior Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Deakin Business School
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 925 17798 +61 3 925 17798



  • Econometrics Society


Teaching Interests

  • Industrial organization
  • International trade
  • Development economics

Subjects and units currently teaching

  • Economics for Managers
  • International Banking and Finance


Research interests

  • International Trade
  • Industrial Organization
  • Applied Economics
  • Economics Aspects of the Global Financial Crisis

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  • Nguyen, X., Chao, C-C., Sgro, P.M., and Nabin, M. (forthcoming). Cross-border travellers and parallel trade: Implications for Asian economies, The World Economy.
  • Nabin, M., Sgro, P.M., Nguyen, X., and Chao, C-C. (forthcoming). State-owned enterprises, competition and product quality, International Review of Economics and Finance.
  • Chao, C-C., Nabin, M., Nguyen, X., and Sgro, P.M. (forthcoming). Wage inequality and welfare in developing countries: Privatization and reforms in the short and long run, International Review of Economics and Finance.
  • Nguyen, X., Sgro, P., and Nabin, M. (forthcoming). Optimal licensing policy under vertical product differentiation, Review of Development Economics.
  • Nguyen, X. (2015). On the efficiency of private and state-owned enterprises in mixed markets, Economic Modelling, 50, 130-137.
  • Nguyen, X. (2014). Monopolistic third-degree price discrimination under vertical product differentiation, Economics Letters, 125, 153-155.
  • Nabin, M.H., Nguyen, X., Sgro, P.M., and Chao, C.C. (2014). Strategic quality competition, mixed oligopoly and privatization, International Review of Economics and Finance, 34, 142-150.
  • Nguyen, X., Sgro, P., and Nabin, M. (2014). Licensing under vertical product differentiation: Price vs. quantity competition, Economic Modelling, 36, 600-606.
  • Nabin, M., Nguyen, X., and Sgro, P. (2013). Technology transfer, quality standards, and North-South trade, Review of International Economics, 21, 783-796.
  • Nabin, M., Nguyen, X., and Sgro, P. (2013). On the relationship between technology transfer and economic growth in Asian economies, The World Economy, 36, 935-946.
  • Xuan, N. and Xing, Y. (2008). Foreign direct investment and exports : The experiences of Vietnam, Economics of Transition, 16, 183-197.

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