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Dr Yann Gibert

Position: Senior Lecturer In Medical Biotechnology
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Medicine
Campus: Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
Phone: +61 3 522 71197 +61 3 522 71197



Dr. Yann Gibert obtained his BSc in Biology in 1997 from the University of Pau (France) and his MSc in Biochemistry in 2001 from the University of Limerick (Ireland). Dr. Gibert gained his PhD examining the roles played by the Retinoic Acid pathway during zebrafish embryonic development and using the zebrafish studied the evolution of genes implicated in non-channelopathy epilepsies in 2005 from the University of Konstanz (Germany).
After his PhD, Dr. Gibert worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute of Functional Genomics of Lyon within the Ecole Normale Superieure of Lyon (France), broadening his interests into Retinoic Acid signalling and using the zebrafish as model for metabolic diseases. He then worked as a Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School, within the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, using the zebrafish to study the genetics of anemia and hemochromatosis.
Dr Gibert is the Head of the Metabolic Genetic Diseases Laboratory at Deakin School of Medicine (Australia). Dr Gibert’s team develop new techniques to study metabolism in vivo such as measuring metabolic respiration using the Seahorse Bio-analyzer and performing full lipidomic assay during vertebrate embryonic development using the zebrafish as model.

Biography summary

1997 BSc, Major Biology University of Pau (France)

1999 Graduate Diploma, University of Limerick (Ireland)

2001 MSc in Biochemistry, University of Limerick (Ireland)

2005 PhD in Developmental Genetics, University of Konstanz (Germany)

2005-2007: Post-doctoral Fellow, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (France)

2007-2010: Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA, USA)

2010-2011: Reserach Assistant Professor, Tufts School of Medicine (Boston, MA, USA)

2011-present: Senior Lecturer, Head of the Metabolic Genetic Diseases Laboratory, Deakin School of Medicine (Australia)


  • Doctor of Natural Sciences, University of Konstanz, 2005


Subjects and units currently teaching

HMM102: Principles of Gene and Genomic Technology

HMM202: Molecular Diagnostics

Knowledge areas


Nuclear receptors biology

Zebrafish embryogenesis

Chemical Biology


Research grants

- European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD) and Eli Lilly CI-B 2007: 100 000 euros for 1 year
- Near ARC miss funding grant from Deakin University. CI-A 2012: 12 500 AUD for 1 year
- Collier Foundation equipment grant. CI-A 2012: 47 500 AUD for 1 year 
- Near ARC miss funding grant from MMR SRC. CI-A 2013: 10 000 AUD for 1 year
- Collier Foundation equipment grant. CI-A 2013: 28 250 AUD for 1 year
- Diabetes Australia Research Trust (DART). CI-B 2013: 58 000 AUD for 1 year
-Central Research General Scheme (CGRS) Deakin University grant. CI-A 2014: 25 000 AUD for 1 year
- Diabetes Australia Research Trust (DART). CI-A 2014: 57 500 AUD for 1 year
- Collier Foundation equipment grant. CI-A 2015: 33 800 AUD for 1 year
-Central Research General Scheme (CGRS) Deakin University grant. CI-A 2015: 25 000 AUD for 1 year

-Central Research General Scheme (CGRS) Deakin University grant. CI-A 2016: 23 000 AUD for 1 year

- Philippe foundation, Fall 2008 post-doctoral fellow in Biomedical Sciences
- Young Investigator Award : International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL), Stockholm Sweden 2014.

Travel grants:
Awarded from the British Society for Developmental Biology to attend the 2002 BSDB autumn meeting in Nottingham, England.

Awarded from the organisers to attend the 2004 Zebrafish Development and Genetics meeting in Madison, Wi, USA.

Post-doc. Grant : awarded from the ARC (Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer 2005-2007).
Ph.D. grant awarded from the Landesgraduiertenstipendium (Baden-Württemberg, July 2002 to July 2004).
M.Sc. grant awarded from Enterprise Ireland Science and Technology Development Agency BR/1999/018. (1999-2000)



Dr Gibert has authored over 35 publications, with the majority as principal author (first or last), including leading journals such as Molecular Psychiatry, Endocrinology, Cell Reports, Blood, PLoS Genetics, the FASEB Journal (x3), Development, Molecular Biology and Evolution, Hepatology, Proc Roy Soc London, BBA Gene Regulatory Mech, Trends in Genetics, Mol Endocrinol.
Recent significant publications include:

Fraher D., Sanigorski A., Mellett NA., Meikle PJ., Sinclair AJ. and Gibert Y. (2016). Zebrafish embryonic lipidomic analysis reveals that the yolk cell is metabolically active in processing lipid. In press (November 2015). Cell Reports

Fraher D., Ellis MK., Morrison S., McGee SL., Ward AC., Walder K and Gibert Y. (2015). Lipid abundance is regulated by complementary actions of the Endocannabinoid System and Retinoic Acid Pathway. Endocrinology 56(10):3596-609.

Fraher D., Hodge JH., Collier FM., Kennedy RL., Ellis M., Nicholson GC., Walder K., Dodd S., Berk M., Paco JA., Williams LJ. and Gibert Y. (2015). Citalopram and Sertraline exposure inhibits bone development and survival in vivo and in vitro. In press Molecular Psychiatry doi: 10.1038/mp.2015

Gibert Y., Samarut E., Pasco-Vie. E.,  Bernard L., Borday-Birraux L., Schulte-Merker S.,  Prunet P., Viriot L. and Laudet V. (2015). Retinoic acid controls tooth morphology and number in Cypriniformes. Proc Roy Soc London 282(1802). pii: 20142764

Samarut E., Fraher D., Laudet V. and Gibert Y. (2015) An overview of retinoic acid effects during zebrafish Development. Accepted. BBA Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, Special issue on « Nuclear receptors in animal development » 1849(2):73-83.

Zhao C., Andreeva V., Gibert Y, et al., (2014). 'Tissue specific roles for the ribosome biogenesis factor Wdr43 in zebrafish development. PLoS Genet 10(1):e1004074.

Zhen AW., Nguyen N., Gibert Y., Buckett P., Wesslink-Resnick M., Fraenkel E. and Fraenkel GP. (2013). The small Molecule genistein increases hepcidin expression in human hepatocytes. Hepatology. 58(4):1315-25

Gibert Y*., Nishio S*I., Bernard L., Brunet F., Guillot E., Le Bail JC., Sanchez JA., Galzin AM., Triquenaux G. and Laudet V. (2012). Fasting induces CART downregulation in the zebrafish nervous system in a CB1 dependent manner. Mol Endocrinol. 26(8):1316-26. * Co-first authors.

Gibert Y., Bernard L., Debiais-Thibaud M., Bourrat F., Joly JS., Pottin K., Meyer A., Retaux S., Stock DW., Jackman WR., Seritrakul P., Begemann G. and Laudet V. (2010). Formation of oral and pharyngeal dentition in teleosts depends on differential recruitment of retinoic acid signaling. FASEB J, 24(9): 3298-309.

Fraenkel PG., Gibert Y., Holzheimer JL, Lattanzi VJ, Burnett SF, Dooley KA., Wingert RA. and Zon LI. (2009). Transferrin-a modulates hepcidin expression in the zebrafish. Blood, 113(12) :2843-2850. Cover Page

Gibert Y., Gajewski A., Meyer A. and Begemann G. (2006). Induction and prepatterning of the zebrafish pectoral fin bud requires axial retinoic acid signaling. Development, 133:2649-2659.

Gibert Y*, Gu W*, Wirth T, Elischer A, Bloch W, Meyer A, Steinlein OK and Begemann G. (2005). Using Gene-History and Expression Analyses to Assess the Involvement of LGI Genes in Human Disorders. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 22(11):2209-2216. *Co-first author

Gibert Y. and Begemann G. (2002) Variations on a “T”: orchestration on T-box signalling in development. Trends in Genetics, 18(12):615-616.

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