Staff listing

There are over 150 staff in the School of Psychology, including our teaching, research, honorary and professional staff. 

These are the leading minds that you could be studying with or working alongside.

School Executive

Head of School
Professor Jane McGillivray

Deputy Head of School
Associate Professor Linda Byrne

Associate Head of School, Teaching and Learning
Dr Jaclyn Broadbent 

Associate Head of School, Research
Professor Peter Enticott

Associate Head of School, Rural and Regional Development
Dr Arlene Walker

Academic staff


Associate professors

Senior lecturers


Associate lecturers

Teaching scholars

Professional staff

Professional staff

School Executive Officer
Shaun Brown
Senior School Administrative Officer
Maria Muthiah
Project and Executive Officer
Lisa Carzino 
Administrative Officer, Finance
Beatrice Haselroither
Administrative Officer
Ann-Marie James
Administrative Officer 
Sonnya Tirtawidjaja
Administrative Assistant
Emma McPhee
Senior Technical Officer
Luke Barisic
Learning Designer
Rene Bennett
Finance and HR Support Officer
Sofia Spiridis
Professional Programs Officer
Claire Netherway
Research and Project Officer
Katharine Woods

Research Technology Architect
Eric O

Web Applications Developer
Siang Lim

Clinical staff


Clinical/Academic Psychologist
Helen Mildred

Honorary staff

Honorary fellows

Honorary professors

Honorary associate professors

Adjunct professors