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At Deakin we understand juggling work, life and study can be complicated. With Start Anytime you can begin a unit at any time of the year, and complete it online at your own pace.

What you can study

The School of Psychology offers the third year placement unit, HPS328 – Transitioning to Work, as a Start Anytime unit.

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Work at a pace that suits you

With Start Anytime, you can fast-track a unit and complete it in as little as six weeks, or take your time and complete it over a year.  Assignment deadlines are tailored to the progress of your placement enabling you complete work within a time frame that works for you.

Study online anytime, anywhere

This unique learning program is offered via Deakin's Cloud Campus, which means you can study when and where it suits you.

Your classroom is online, where you can access all your learning resources, participate in discussions and engage with teaching staff and your fellow students in your own time.

Depending on your circumstances, you can be enrolled in a unit for a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of one year. You don’t need to commit to the length of study period before you start.

Access support and resources

Enjoy easy access to all the support you need, including course materials, online learning orientation and online study support. You'll work in real time with students and academics, get one-on-one assistance and timely feedback on assignments.

Register your interest

To register your interest in HPS328:  Start Anytime, please complete the form below:

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If you've got an enquiry about Start Anytime, get in touch!

Please contact the Psychology enrolment team by emailing and use “HPS328 Start Anytime” as your heading.


What can I study?

HPS328 – Transitioning to Work, a third year elective in the School of Psychology.

Learn more about HPS328 Start Anytime

What campus are Start Anytime units offered on?

Start Anytime units are on Deakin's Cloud Campus. The Cloud Campus comes to you, whenever and wherever you want. And as an enrolled Deakin student, you are welcome on any campus, if there is one near you, or at any learning centre, where you can print and use Deakin's fast broadband for Skyping or watching and downloading videos.

How does the assessment work?

In this unit there are 3 pieces of assessment, all ungraded pass assessments; a mock interview, a written reflective piece, and, a supervisor’s feedback report and log book. You can submit the first two assignments when you are ready and prompt feedback will be given (usually between five to ten working days).When it's time for your mock interview, you select a time that suits you, from those provided.

Are there any exams?

There are no fixed point supervised exams in Start Anytime units.

Are there timetabled classes?

No. That’s the whole point – you learn at your own pace. The unit comprises mostly of completion of 140 hours of placement, on-site, at a host organisation.

What support is available?

You can post queries on discussion boards in the unit site and your fellow students or teachers will reply. You'll also have one-to-one support with your learning via Skype or email.

Help is also available from the Deakin Library and other areas of the university such as language and learning advisors.

What does it cost?

Start Anytime units cost the same as the timetabled version of the units.

Can I do a Start Anytime unit at the same time as a normal trimester unit?

Yes, you can.

How many units are available?

At this stage there is only one unit available in the School of Psychology because it is particularly well suited to this style of independent, flexible learning.

Other Faculties and Schools offer some Start Anytime units – information about these can be accessed via each Faculty website.

How do I enrol?

Self-enrolment is not open. Students can register their interest by completing this registration form.

What will appear on my transcript?

The unit code and your mark and grade, just as for your timetabled units.

Where can I find out more?

Please contact the Psychology enrolment team by emailing and use “HPS328 Start Anytime” as your heading.