Honours in Psychology

Honours is a year of specialised study taken after the completion of an undergraduate degree such as Deakin's Bachelor of Psychological Science. The honours in psychology programs at Deakin are designed to provide you with the knowledge and research skills required to undertake a research degree, advanced professional training or to seek employment as a provisional psychologist.

Why study Honours in Psychology?

H451 Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours)
H452 Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

Stand out from the crowd

Honours in psychology can complement your earlier studies and expand your knowledge base, giving you the edge in the employment market. Honours will also empower you to pursue new opportunities that were previously out of reach.

Industry Accreditation

Our fourth year courses are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). Graduates are eligible to apply for provisional registration as a psychologist and for entry to APAC accredited Master or Doctoral level training programs that lead to registration as a psychologist.

Career Outcomes

At the end of your 'fourth year' of study in psychology you will have an in-depth understanding of a number of fields in which psychology is applied, so you will be better placed to make decisions about your professional future.


Detailed Course Information

Course codes:

  • H451 Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours)
  • H452 Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

Course length: 1 year full-time or part-time equivalent

Campuses offered: Burwood (Melbourne), Waterfront (Geelong)

H451 Local Student

H451 International Student

H452 Local Student

H452 International Student

Related Courses

The honours and graduate diploma courses both offer students a combination of coursework and research units. In the honours program, the research component is normally completed as part of an individual research project; whereas in the graduate diploma, research normally takes the form of a group project, where each group member submits a different report. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to apply for Honours and how do I apply?

Entry requires an APS-accredited undergraduate degree with the equivalent of at least 10 Deakin credit points in psychology. To apply go to the online applicant portal and follow the prompts.

This extended major should include 2 introductory units of psychology, 5 foundation units of psychology typically taken at level 2 (this must include introductory research methods and social, developmental, cognitive, and biological psychology) and 3 advanced units of psychology typically taken at level 3 (this must include advanced research methods, personality and psychopathology).

For students who commenced their undergraduate studies in psychology prior to 2012, their application for may alternatively be based on an extended 10 credit-point major in psychology that consists of 2 introductory units of psychology, 4 foundation units of psychology typically taken at level 2 (this must include introductory research methods) and 4 advanced units of psychology typically taken at level 3 (this must include advanced research methods).

Is the course covered by HECS?

Yes, Honours in Psychology is a HECS-based course. Information about HECS fees is available on Deakin's Fees website.

What is the difference between Honours and the Graduate Diploma of Psychology?

Apart from the fee-basis (Honours is HECS/HELP-based, Graduate Diploma is full-fee-paying), the Honours is a little more research-based in orientation. Both Honours and the Graduate Diploma include Ethics and Conceptual Issues, Counselling and Interpersonal Skills, Psychological Assessment, and Research Methods. Both are APS-accredited, and both allow graduates to seek registration with the Psychology Board of Australia as a probationary psychologist. The major difference is in the research component. For the research component, Honours students complete an individual thesis under one-to-one supervision, whereas Graduate Diploma students complete their theses in small groups under a supervisor. Graduate Diploma students are allocated to thesis projects on the basis of their stated preferences from a range of project areas that vary from year to year, whereas Honours students work on an individual project, selected in agreement with their supervisor.

On which campus/es is the course offered?

Honours is offered in on both the Geelong Waterfront Campus and the Melbourne Burwood Campus. It is not offered in cloud (online) mode.

How many places are offered?

There are usually around 50 places across both campuses, however this depends on the availability of supervisors in any given year.

Are places offered to non-Deakin undergraduate students?

Applicants from institutions other than Deakin University should note that while preference is given to Deakin students, some places may be made available to outstanding external applicants.

How do I arrange a supervisor for my Honours year?

Students who are made an offer of a place into Psychology Honours receive, with their letter of offer, a list of staff available for supervision in the forthcoming year, together with the staff members' contact details, and their areas of research interest. Successful applicants are then able to approach the staff to discuss thesis topics, and engage their supervisor.

What sort of research are the staff involved in?

Not all staff will be available for Honours supervision and a list of available supervisors will be sent out with the letters of offer to successful applicants into Honours. Only successful Honours applicants should approach staff, and they should contact only those supervisors who are available on the campus on which the student's Honours place is offered, and only those who still have supervision places available. This list will be regularly updated to reflect the current availability of staff as they sign up students for supervision.

Please note that there are only as many offers made into Honours as there are available supervisors, so there is a supervisor available for every student offered a place.

When will I hear the result of my application into Honours?

First-round offers are generally made in mid to late December. Further offers may be made if some first-round offers are declined.

Can the course be studied part-time?

Honours is offered only on a full-time basis, however successful applicants may be considered for part-time study.

Are there classes at night?

No, all classes are offered during the day (although some may extend into the early evening).

Do I need to have previous work experience?

No, successful entry into Honours is based on academic results and work experience is not necessary.

Is the course accredited by the Australian Psychological Society and the Psychology Board of Australia?

Yes, both bodies recognise the Honours. At present, upon completion of the course, students may apply for provisional registration as a psychologist with the Registration Board. After completion of two years of approved supervised practice or postgraduate studies, the provisional registration may be changed to full registration. Information about any updates to these requirements is available on the Psychology Board of Australia website.

Can I go on to further studies in psychology?

Honours is acceptable as a fourth year for the purposes of applying for the professional programs offered by Deakin (Master and Doctoral degrees, by coursework or research). We understand that it is also acceptable for the purposes of applying for similar programs at other universities, but prospective students should confirm this with each university to which they are likely to apply after completing Honours.



Staff in the School of Psychology are involved in a range of research activities which both reflect and inform the teaching program and their involvement with community organisations. Fields of research range from autism, child development, body image and obesity, addiction, cognitive neuroscience and relationship studies. In the honours year, Psychology students work on a year-long project with a research supervisor. 

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