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Where can a psychology degree take you?

Students of psychology gain an understanding of human behaviour, skills in critical thinking, reasoning, reading and writing, and research methods. These skills are in high demand in many careers other than professional psychology.

Some graduates will go on to be psychologists but many others will work in complementary 'helping' professions or entirely different fields. 

This includes fields that students often have not considered as career options. Broadly speaking, these career fields can be broken into eight domains. Find out more about careers in each field including types of roles and responsibilities, skills and qualifications and experience required by clicking on each of the domain tabs. You will even find links to specific organisations that provide employments opportunities. 

Extra resources for job hunting

In the resources section of this Psychology Careers site, find extra information about work experience, additional training and volunteering opportunities that are valued by prospective employers.

Learn more about studying psychology

If you are interested in a career in psychology and would like to learn more about the flexible study options available to you, visit Deakin University's Study Psychology website to learn more.

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