Past Conferences - 2003


The 8th International Conference on Marketing and Development
"New visions of Marketing and Development: Globalization, Transformation, and Quality of Life"
January 3-7, 2003, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam


27th World Congress of the World Federation for Mental Health
February 23-28, 2003
Melbourne Convention Centre, Melbourne, Australia


7th National Rural Health Conference
March 1-4, 2003
Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, Tasmania
Deadline for Abstracts: Friday June 14, 2002

Registration for the Conference will be available in September 2002.
A combined meeting - Australian Pain Society 24th ASM, New Zealand Pain Society 10th ASM
Christchurch, New Zealand
March 9-13, 2003
For information
Telephone: 61 2 9954 4400
Fax: 61 2 9954 0666
The Melbourne Institute and the Department of Family and Community Services
Conference and User Workshop to introduce a major survey of Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA)
13-14 March, 2003 - Melbourne, Australia
2nd Biennial Meeting of the International Sustainability Indicators Network (ISIN)
13-16 March, 2003 - Toronto
The Sixth Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology
March 18-20, 2003 - Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia
University of Milan-Bicocca, Economics Department "The Paradoxes of Happiness in Economics"
March 21-23, 2003
Milan, Italy

Proposals should be submitted no later than August 30, 2002


Communities in Control Conference - Exploring the impact of strong communities in urban, rural and regional communities for health and well-being
7-8 April 2003 - Preston, Melbourne - Australia
Contact: (03) 9320 6802 or
British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2003 - Social Futures: Desire, Excess and Waste
April 11-13, 2003
University of York, UK
Further details and abstract submission form available from
Psychological & Psychiatric Trauma
Assessment, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Management for Psychological and Psychiatric Trauma
Conference 14-15 April 2003 - Sydney Marriott Hotel
Workshops 16 April 2003
Phone: 1800 772 772
6th World Congress in Psycho-Oncology
Banff, Alberta Canada
April 23-27, 2003
32nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists
April 24-27, 2003
Swiss Grand Hotel, Bondi Beach, Sydney
For further information, please contact:
Kip Williams
Department of Psychology
Maquarie University
Sydney, NSW 2109 Australia
Julie Fitness
Department of Psychology
Maquarie University
Sydney, NSW 2109 Australia


13th Annual Roundtable of the IASSID
Aging Special Interest Group
May 2-4, 2003 -- Volos, Greece

You can access information on the program, the call for papers, and registration form at: http://

AAMR 127th Annual Meeting - Renewing The Revolution for Personally Satisfying Lives
20-23 May, 2003 - Marriott Downtown Chicago, IL
Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Prevention of Elderly Suicide
May 28 - 30, 2003
Hong Kong
For more information contact the Conference Secretariat:
Telephone: (852) 2864 2946
Fax: (852) 2865 4916
WIDER Conference on Inequality, Poverty and Human Well-Being
May 30-31, 2003 - Helsinki, Finland


Suicide Prevention Australia "Finding Meaning to Sustain Life - the place of spirituality in suicide prevention"
June 12-15, 2003
(Suicide Prevention Australia's annual conference)
Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Closing date for abstracts is 10 March, 2003
2nd Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences
June 12-15, 2003
Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, Honolulu Hawaii, USA
This will be hosted by the International Sociological Association.
Submissions to:
6th International Symposium on Paediatric Plain
June 15-19, 2003 - Sydney - Australia
Contact: DC Conferences
Telephone: 61 2 9439 6744
Facsimile: 61 2 9439 2504
Occupational Stress Conference
18th June 2003 - Novotel, Brisbane, Australia
Find out more or to request a conference brochure contact Sally Lane on:
Telephone: 02 9476 0338
European Science Foundation Conference - Building European Citizenship - Regional, National, Supranational
June 21-26, 2003 - Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy
Centre for Developmental Disability Studies (CDDS) in association with Association of Doctors in Developmental Disability (ADIDD)
A National Conference on the Physical, Mental & Social Health of People with Developmental Disabilities
26-28th June 2003
The Masonic Centre - 279 Castlereagh Street - Sydney
Telephone: Helen or Leela on (02) 8878 0500 or


Poverty, Food & Health in Welfare 2003 International Conference
Current issues, future perspectives
July 1-4, 2003
Fundaçãao Gulbenkian in Lisbon - Portugal
13th Biennial Australasian Human Development Association Conference
6-9 July, 2003
The conference will be held in Auckland, New Zealand
For more information
8th European Congress of Psychologists Psychology in Dialogue with Related disciplines
6-11 July, 2003 - Vienna, Austria
Tel: 43 1 588 04 0
Fax: 43 1 586 91 85
The 36th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology

This will be hosted by the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, in Beijing, China. The theme of the Congress is: Social Change in the Age of Globalization.

July 7-11, 2003

For further detailed information contact:
Dr Jing Tiankui, Chair IIS Congress Organizing Committee
c/o Institute of Sociology
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
5 Jianguomen Nei Dajie
Beijing 100742, P.R. China
Tel: 86-10-65138276
Fax: 86-10-65133870
6th European Regional Congress of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP)
12-16 July 2003 - Budapest - Hungary
Contact: Dr. Marta Fulop
29th Interamerican Congress of Psychology
13-18 July 2003 - Lima - Peru
Rural Mental Health Conference
Aspire (A Pathway to Mental Health Inc.) and Greater Green Triangle
"Mental Well-being and Recovery in Rural Communities"
17th-18th July, 2003
Deakin University Warrnambool Campus
5th Conference of the International Society for Quality of Life Studies
July 20-24, 2003
Frankfurt, Germany


PPL Educational Services Conference
"Pain Management: Occupational Injury and the Treatment of Pain"
6th August 2003 - 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Avillion Hotel - Sydney
Telephone: Sally Lane on 03 9476 0338
Congress 03
14-15 August, 2003 - Melbourne, Australia
Special Seminar with Dr John Ware (Author of the SF-36, SF-12 and SF-8)
Tuesday, 19th August 2003, 7.00 - 9.30 pm
Rydges Lakeside, Canberra
In conjunction with the 9th Annual National Health Outcomes Conference (20-21 August 2003) - below
Lorna Tilley at
9th Annual National Conference - Health Outcomes 2003: The Quest for Practice Improvement
20-21 August 2003, Canberra, Australia
Contact: Lorna Tilley
Tel: 02 4221 4411
2nd Congress of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society - "Best Clinical Practice and Multidimensional Approach
August 27-30, 2003 - Florence, Italy


The MHS International Conference (The Mental Health Services Conference Inc of Australia and New Zealand)
3-5 September 2003 - Canberra - Australia
Australasian Evaluation Society 2003 International Conference
16-18 September, 2003 - Auckland, New Zealand
Conference: 16-18 September
Workshops: 14, 15 September
Wananga: 13 & 14 September
Fono Pasifika: 15 September
Tel: + 61 2 6262 9093
Fax: + 61 2 6262 9095
4th European Congress - 'Mental Health & Mental Retardation: A Lifespan Multidisciplinary Approach'
September 17-20, 2003
Rome, Italy
10 Years Studies of Defectology (special education and rehabilitation in Macedonia) "News in Upbringing, Education and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities"
September 17-20, 2003
Ohrid, Macedonia
Contact: Dr Trajovski on +389-2-3116-520 or
Lice Activities International Conference on Disability (LAICOD)
21-24 September 2003 - Newcastle, NSW, Australia
The 1st LAICOD Creative Community Initiatives for People with Disability
Dynamic Processes in Ageing Symposium
September 22-23, 2003
Manning Clark Complex, National University, Canberra, Australia


ISOQOL Announcement of International Positive Psychology Summit
2-5 October 2003 - Washington, DC at the Gallup Organisation Building
Moderator: Joe Sirgy
ASORC National Conference - 2003
The Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors
16-17 October, 2003 - Manly Pacific Parkroyal, Sydney, Australia
Telephone: Sally Lane on (02) 9476 0338
Diversity in Health 2003 - Innovation… Creativity… Harmony
October 27-29, 2003
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia


ISOQOL 2003 Annual Meeting
12-15 November 2003 - Prague, Czech Republic
QUT School of Public Health - Ninth International Health Summer School 2003
Lifecourse Perspective on Health: Building Theory, Evidence and Practice
17-19 November 2003 - Brisbane, Australia
5th Australian Conference on Quality of Life
November 21st, 2003
More information


TASH Possibilities 2003 Conference (Equity, Opportunity and Inclusion for People with Disabilities since 1975)
10-13 December, 2003 - Chicago, Illinois