ACQOL Conference Proceedings (2001)

Conference Board

  • Professor Robert A. Cummins
  • RoseAnne Misajon
  • Elise Maher
  • Catherine Croft
  • Gorka Vuletic
  • Melanie Davern
  • Pamela DeKort
  • Betina Gardner

Proceedings Editor

  • Gorka Vuletic

Peer Reveiwers

  • Liz Eckerman
  • Eleonora Gullone
  • Elise Maher
  • Catherine Croft
  • Gorka Vuletic
  • Melaine Davern
  • Vanessa Cook
Keynote Address Conference Paper
Prof. Alex Yui-huen Kwan Double Deprivation - Quality of Life for Vulnerable Elderly People in Hong Kong (doc 219 KB)
Presenter Conference Paper
Vanessa Cook A New Direction for Quality of Life: Evaluating the Comprehensive Quality of Life Scale as a Measure of Satisfaction and Depression (doc 40 KB)
Liz Eckerman Violent scatterings and Quality of Life (ppt 224 KB)
Nicolas Fawcett Preventive Intervention for Conduct Disorder: Consideration of a Novel Approach Involving Animal-Assisted Therapy (doc 71 KB)
Bharat Hazari An Orwellian Pig: The Sane Indian (doc 38 KB)
Mel Irenyi Feminist Interpretive Methodology and Quality of Life Issues (rtf 9 KB)
Elise Maher Examining the Influence of Job Autonomy on Job Satisfaction and Job-Related Primary Control and Secondary Control Strategies (ppt 273 KB)
John McCormack Exploring Quality of Life with Centenarians and Supercentenarians (doc 90 KB)
RoseAnne Misajon Subjective QOL of people with Arthritis (ppt 51 KB)
Gorka Vuletic A Comparative Analysis of Croatian Immigrant's and the Australian Population's subjective quality of life and self-perceived health status (ppt 151 KB)
Allison Williams Improving the Quality of Life for Patients With Co-morbidities requiring Acute Care (ppt 156 KB)
Mark Wooden The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey and Quality of Life Measures (doc 163 KB)