Proceedings of the 5th Australian Conference on Quality of Life

Held on the 21st November 2003 at the Toorak Campus of Deakin University

Proceedings Editor
Melanie Davern
School of Psychology
Deakin University

Papers and Presentations

These Conference Proceedings contain refereed research papers. Each full written version of a paper presented at the conference is a separate publication that has received two independent peer reviews. The ACQOL Conference Committee intends that the proceedings are published in such a way that they will be recognised as a DEST publication (DEST points: E1 full written-refereed proceedings.

The conference participants represented two countries (England and Australia) and four States (South Australia, ACT, NSW, and Victoria).

Year 2004

Presenter Conference Paper
Sue Chambers Perceived Control and Wellbeing (ppt 318 KB)
Matthew Clarke Australia's Well-Being based on Hierarchical Needs (doc 416 KB)
Vanessa Cook A New Direction for Subjective Wellbeing: The Integration of Homeostasis and Depression Theory (doc 103 KB)
Robert Cummins A comparison of the Personal Wellbeing Index in Slovakia, Mexico, and Australia (ppt 222 KB)
Robert Cummins The Australian Unity Wellbeing Index: Update 2003 (ppt 1.2 MB)
Melanie Davern Is Life Dissatisfaction the Opposite of Life Satisfaction (ppt 191 KB)
Eleonora Gullone Adolescents’ Attachments to their Pets, Parents, and Peers (ppt 150 KB)
Bruce Hunter The Importance of Work and Relationships for Subjective Wellbeing (ppt 1.8 MB)
Nick Marks Being Satisfied and Developing (ppt 96 KB)
Elise Mayer Thematic Data for the Development of a Condition-Specific Measure of Quality of Life in Children with Cerebral Palsy (ppt 3.8 MB)
Fiona Newton The Incidence of Sexual and Urinary Dysfunction among Men Treated for Localised Prostate Cancer: A Retrospective Pilot Study (doc 75 KB)
Andrew Norton Clive Hamilton's Manifesto for Misery (doc 92 KB)
Suzanne Vile Family Members’ Perceptions of Early Childhood Intervention Services and its Relationship to Family Quality of Life (ppt 400 KB)
Julie Ann Zabinski Post-traumatic stress disorder in the Vietnam veteran community: a biopsychosocial approach (doc 107 KB)