Proceedings of the 7th Australian Conference on Quality of Life

Published by Deakin University
ISBN 1 74156 039 x

Held on the 24th November 2005 at the Toorak Campus of Deakin University

Proceedings Editors
Jed Blore
Alison Gluskie
Yvonne MacKay

These Conference Proceedings contain refereed research papers. Each full written version of a paper presented at the conference is a separate publication that has received two independent peer reviews. The ACQOL Conference Committee intends that the proceedings are published in such a way that they will be recognised as a DEST publication (DEST points: E1 full written-refereed proceedings.

The conference participants represented three countries (Australia, Hong Kong and Croatia) and three States Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales).

Year 2006

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Presenter Conference Paper
David Caldwell The Language of Subjective Wellbeing (doc 298 KB)
Robert Cummins The wellbeing of caregivers (ppt 340 KB)
Megan Davidson Rasch analysis of the Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire (ppt 623 KB)
Richard Eckersley Patterns and trends in quality of life: A ‘synthesis’ approach (ppt 1.4 MB)
Pieter Kriel Quality of Work Life and Business Ethics: First we shoot all the economists! (pdf 103 KB)
Jeff McLean Social capital and quality of life (doc 984 KB)
Andrew McNess A qualitative variant of The Friendship Scale: bereaved young adults and social isolation (doc 52 KB)
Fiona Newton Sexual function and mood differences among men awaiting treatment for localised prostate cancer and men in the general community (doc 367 KB)
Kathryn Page Subjective Wellbeing in the Workplace [document] (doc 165 KB)
Subjective Wellbeing in the Workplace [presentation] (ppt 132 KB)
Sujatha Shanmugasundaram Quality of life of individuals is a holistic approach (ppt 276 KB)
Jan Stewart Male and Female Retirees and Quality of Life (ppt 219 KB)
John Thomas Satyananda Yogic Lifestyle and Subjective Wellbeing (doc 219 KB)
Henk Van Leeuwen The Experience of Being (doc 197 KB)
Dianne Vella-Brodrick Comparison of sociodemographic, personality and social support variables as predictors of quality of life (ppt 386 KB)
Addie Wootten Health-related quality of life of partners of patients treated for localised prostate cancer two or more years ago: Are there individual characteristics that influence the outcome? (doc 195 KB)