Proceedings of the 8th Australian Conference on Quality of Life

Published by Deakin University
ISBN 978-1-74156-073-2

Held on the 30th November 2006 at the Toorak Campus of Deakin University

Proceedings Editor
Yvonne MacKay

These Conference Proceedings contain refereed research papers. Each full written version of a paper presented at the conference is a separate publication that has received two independent peer reviews. The ACQOL Conference Committee intends that the proceedings are published in such a way that they will be recognised as a DEST publication (DEST points: E1 full written-refereed proceedings.

Year 2007

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Presenter Conference Paper
Robert Cummins On the fifth anniversary of the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index: what have we learned about subjective wellbeing? (ppt 2.4 MB)
Melanie Davern An Introduction to Community Indicators Victoria (ppt 212 KB)
Emma Gallagher What makes people happy? Social Support & Emotional Intelligence as Predictors of Subjective Wellbeing (ppt 1 MB)
Ross Gittens Wellbeing, Money, Psychology and Economics (doc 52 KB)
Carrie Hayward Exploring the homeostatic theory of SWB in a group of adolescents (ppt 234 KB)
Esme' Holmes & Jo-Anne Baker Positive Ageing - Nothing Remains the Same Everything Changes (ppt 4.3 MB)
Wendy Kennedy Subjective Wellbeing and Ethnic Identity Who do we think we are? (ppt 3.2 MB)
Leigh Kibby Well-being through Responding to Affect: Core Skills and Techniques (doc 439 KB)
Pieter Kriel The relationship of morality, ethics and justice to Quality of Work-Life (pdf 148 KB)
Yvonne MacKay The processes through which affective states infuse judgement's of subjective wellbeing (ppt 155 KB)
Dianne Vella-Brodrick Orientations to Happiness as Predictors of Subjective Well-being (doc 56 KB)
Kathryn von Treuer The impact of shift-work and organisational climate on health outcomes in nurses (ppt 433 KB)
Gorka Vuletic Health related quality of life and satisfaction with life in Croatia (ppt 391 KB)