Proceedings of the 9th Australian Conference on Quality of Life

Published by Deakin University
ISBN 978 1 74156 102 9

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Held on the 22nd November 2007 at the Burwood Campus of Deakin University

Proceedings Editor
Yvonne MacKay

These Conference Proceedings contain refereed research papers. Each full written version of a paper presented at the conference is a separate publication that has received two independent peer reviews. The ACQOL Conference Committee intends that the proceedings are published in such a way that they will be recognised as a DEST publication (DEST points: E1 full written-refereed proceedings.

Year 2008

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Presenter Conference Paper
Joanne Brooker Quality of life among individuals diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma: A focus group study (ppt 453 KB)
Robert Cummins Love and money: non-linear moderators of subjective wellbeing relevant to public policy (ppt 1024 KB)
Marie- Claire Ellsmore Subjective well-being, eudemonic well-being and perception of self and others (ppt 97 KB)
Lisa Engel Chronic Illness and Subjective Well-being (doc 469 KB)
Adriana Gargiulo Subjective Well-Being as an indicator for clinical depression (ppt 469 KB)
Bruce Headey The Set-Point theory of well-being is in trouble - On the eve of a scientific revolution? (ppt 4.3 MB)
Yvonne MacKay Satisfaction with life as a whole: What informs this judgment? (ppt 365 KB)
Jane McGillivray The measurement of subjective wellbeing in people with intellectual disability in Australia. (doc 208 KB)
Christine Migliorini Living a good life after spinal cord injury? (doc 26 KB)
Tom Perkins Subjective Well-being (doc 504 KB)
Dianne Vella-Broderick Clues for attaining a life filled with purpose and personal growth (doc 210 KB)