Proceedings of the 10th Australian Conference on Quality of Life

Published by Deakin University
ISBN 978 1 74156 120 3

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Held on the 20th November 2008 at the Burwood Campus of Deakin University

Proceedings Editors
Wendy Kennedy
Adriana Gargiulo

These Conference Proceedings contain refereed research papers. Each full written version of a paper presented at the conference is a separate publication that has received two independent peer reviews. The ACQOL Conference Committee intends that the proceedings are published in such a way that they will be recognised as a DEST publication (DEST points: E1 full written-refereed proceedings.

Year 2008

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Presenter Conference Paper
Rosemary Bett The relationship between social capital and health (ppt 1.2 MB)
Elizabeth Clancy Effects of best possible self, strength and gratitude interventions on SWB (ppt 1.2 MB)
Val Colic-Peisker Life satisfaction across cultures- A case of recent refugee arrivals in Australia (ppt 477 KB)
Lee Kofman Scarring - The disembodied embodiment- Lived experiences of women affected by permanent, non-facial scarring (ppt 1.3 MB)
Silva Larson What can we learn from combining wellbeing satisfaction with the relative importance of wellbeing contributors? (pdf 301 KB)
Cherie Levy Savouring & Mindfulness as Predictors of Subjective Well-Being (ppt 2.2 MB)
Christine Mak & Sardar M. N. Islam The Measurement of Well-being in the Health Sector (doc 160 KB)
Annabel Naftali Studying happiness- Wellbeing interventions and individual differences (ppt 612 KB)
Tanya Paspaliaris The effects of cohesion and core affect on work group performance - A theoretical model (ppt 168 KB)
Shanthi Ramanathan Focus on the Family - Wellbeing Relationships (pdf 263 KB)
Shanthi Ramanathan & Andrew Searles Happiness & Wellbeing in the Hunter (doc 98 KB)
Andrew Searles Wellbeing and prescription medicines (pdf 302 KB)
Kelly Windle Subjective wellbeing and positive employment relationships (ppt 658 KB)