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All researchers with output and surname beginning with D

Note: The 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 publications have not been audited.

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The school or external institution in brackets after an author name is the last an author has published in or at.

Dou, Yue Hua (External - University of Hull)

Das , Saumitra M (External - Purdue University,Indiana,US)

Dayas, Christopher V (External)

Dehuri , Satchidananda (External - Yonsei University, Korea)

Dharmage, Shyamali C. (External - Murdoch Childrens Research Institute)

D'Alessandro, Steven (External - Macquarie University)

D'Antonio Stinson, Anne (External - Uni of Wisconsin)

d'Auvergne, Edward J. (External - Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Melbourne)

D'Elia, Kari (External - University of Massachusetts)

d'Espaignet, Edouard

D'Este, Catherine (External - University of Newcastle)

D'Onza, Giuseppe (External - Not applicable)

D'Rosario, Michael Dominic (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

D'Souza, Karen (School of Medicine)

D'Souza, Neil (External - Rolls- Royce plc, Precision Casting Facility)

D'Souza, Russell (External - University of Melbourne, Department of Psychiatry)

D'souza, Shwetha (School of Management and Marketing)

D'Sylva, Felicia (School of Psychology)

Da Costa, Cliff (External - RMIT)

da Graca Costa, Melissa (External - Flinders Medical Centre, Adelaide, South Australia)

Da Silva, Lisa (External - The Australian Institute of Family Studies)

Da Silva, S (External - McMaster University)

da Silva, Tony Simoes (External - unknown)

Da Silva Magalhaes, P V (External)

Daadaa , Yassine (External - University of Ottawa, Canada)

Daamen, Carl (External - Sinclair Knight Merz, Bendigo)

Daayf, Fouad (External)

Dabbah, M A (External)

Dabbeni-Sala, Federica (External - Universita di Padova)

Dabhadkar, Kaustubh C. (External)

Dabkowski, Susan (External)

Daborn, Phillip J. (External - The University of Melbourne)

Dachang, Liu (School of Australian and International Studies)

Daddo, Marcus C. (External)

Dadds, Mark R. (External)

Dadich, Ann (External - University of Western Sydney)

Dadour, Ian R. (External - University of Western Australia)

Daengdej, Jirapun (External)

Daenseekaew, Somjit (External)

Daffara, P. (External - Futuresense)

Daffern, Michael (External - Centre for Forensic Behavioral Science, Melbourne)

DAFNE Study Group, _ (External)

Dagar, Vinod (External - Royal Children's Hospital)

Dagastine, Raymond R. (External - The University of Melbourne)

Daghfal, Sharon (External - Universily of Illinois)

Daglas, Rothanthi (External)

Dagley, Gavin R. (External)

Dagnelie, Pieter C. (External - Maastricht University)

Dagwell, Ron (External - Griffith University)

Dahiya, Manu (External)

Dahl, Hans-Henrik (External)

Dahle, Arne (External - University of Queensland)

Dahlenburg, Sue (External - TAFESA)

Dahlgren, Lars (External)

Dahlgren, Madeleine (External)

Dahlhaus, Peter G (External - University of Ballarat)

Dahlquist, Gisela (External - International Diabetes Federation)

Dahodwala, Nabila (External)

Dai, Bin (External - Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Dai, Bo (External - University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

Dai, F Z (External - Jiangsu University)

Dai, Honghua (School of Information Technology)

Dai, Jane Xiujuan (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Dai, Jian-hui (External)

Dai, Liming (External)

Dai, Lixing (External - Soochow University)

Dai, Qing (External - Monash University)

Dai, Wei (External - Victoria University of Technology)

Dai, Xihu (External - Fuzho General Hospital)

Dai, Yun (External - Yunnan Institute of Nantionalities)

Dai, Zhenwen (External - Zhejiang University)

Dai, Zhou (External - University of Science and Technology of China)

Daily, Gretchen C (External - Stanford University)

Dainty, Chris (External - Imperial College, London)

Dakich, Eva (External - Victoria University)

Dakin, C. (External)

Dakin, Richard (External - Phillip Island Nature Park)

Dakis, Cheryl (School of Health and Social Development)

Dakis, Jenepher

Dakternieks, Dainis (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dal Pont, Gino (External - University of Tasmania)

Dalais, Fabien (External - Asia pacific health and nutrition centre, Monash Asia institute, Monash University)

Dalchau, Neil (External - Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK)

Dale, David C (External)

Dale, Joyce (School of Scientific and Development Studies in Education)

Dale, Leila (External - University of Auckland)

Dale, Roger (External)

Daley, Andrew (External)

Daley, Denise A (External)

Daley, Marc (External)

Daley, R. K. (External - CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research)

Dalgaard, Kevin (External - Max Planck Institute)

Dalgleish, Len (External - University of Stirling)

Daligadu, Julian (External - University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada)

Daligault, Hajnalka (External)

Dalio, Ronaldo (External)

Daliza, Nur (External - UCSI University)

Dall, Sasha R. X. (External - University of Exeter)

Dalla Costa, R.F. (External - Universidade Petrobras, RH/UP/ECTEP)

Dallas, Peter B (External)

Dallest, Kathy (External)

Dalley, Elise (External)

Dallman, Shaun (External - Godfrey Hirst)

Dallosso, H (External)

Dally, Kerry (External - University of Newcastle, NSW)

Dally, M. (External - Alfred Hospital)

Dall`Asta, Monica (External - University of Bologna, Italy)

Dalman, Elizabeth (External)

Dalrymple, Brian P. (External - CSIRO Livestock Industries)

Dalton, Andrew (External - University of Melbourne)

Dalton, Arthur J (External - New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities)

Dalton, C (External - Hunter Public Health Unit)

Dalton, Desire L. (External - National Zoological Gardens of South Africa)

Dalton, Heidi (External)

Dalton, Jennifer (School of Social and Cultural Studies in Education)

Dalton, L. (External)

Dalton, Marita (External - International Diabetes Institute)

Dalton, Pamela (External - Monell Chemical Senses Centre)

Dalton, S (External)

Dalton, V. L. (External - Royal Children's Hospital)

Dalton, W. (External)

Dalvand, Mohsen Moradi (Centre for Intelligent Systems Research)

Daly, H (External - University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust)

Daly, Jeanne (External)

Daly, Kerry A. (External - Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney)

Daly, Keryn (External - University of Adelaide)

Daly, May (External)

Daly, Patrick (External - National University of Singapore)

Daly, R M (External)

Daly, Robin (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Daly, Roger J (External - Garvan Institute)

Dalziel, Kim

Dam, Helle (School of Literary and Communication Studies)

Damasiewicz, Matthew J. (External - Monash University)

Damkliang, Jintana (School of Nursing and Midwifery)

Damonze, Gillian (External - Uniting Care Community Options, Individualised Funding)

Damsere-Derry, James (External)

Damsgaard, Jan (External)

Dan, Li (External)

Dan, N. P. (External - Department of Environmental Engineering, Hochiminh City University)

Dana, Leo Paul (External - University of Canterbury, N.Z.)

Danaei, Goodarz (External)

Danaher, P. A. (External - Central Queensland University)

Dance, David (School of Ecology and Environment)

Dancevic, Carolyn Marie (School of Medicine)

Dancey, Jane (External)

Danchin, Margaret H. (External)

Dando, Paige K. (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dandoulakis, Michael (External - Public health Centre of Vari, Attica, Greece)

Dandrel, Louis (External)

Dane, Geoff (External - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission)

Danel, Dariusz (External - Polish Academy of Science, Poland)

Daneshfar, Alireza (External - University of New Haven)

Dang, Chau (School of Medicine)

Dang, Lanjun (External - The Key Laboratory of Computer Networks and Information Security (Ministry of Education), Xidian University)

Dang, Thanh (External - Murdoch Childrens Research Institute)

Dang, Thanh X. (External - Portland State University, USA)

Dang, Vinh (External)

Dang, Xuan Hong (External - Aarhus University)

Dang, Xuan T (External - University of Technology, Sydney)

Danger, Alistair (School of Ecology and Environment)

Danger, Jean-Michel (External - University of Le Havre)

Danhardt, Juliana (External)

Daniel, Ann (External - Maroondah hospital)

Daniel, Helen

Daniel, Kerry (External - University of Technology, Sydney)

Daniel, Michael (External - University of Texas, USA)

Daniel, Rosalie (External - University of Sydney, Australia)

Daniel, Sian (External - Bond University)

Daniel, T. A. (External - Monash University)

Daniels, Lynne (External)

Daniels, Mats (External - Uppsala)

Daniels, P (External)

Dankiw, Wolodja

Danks, Adrian (External - RMIT)

Danks, Andrew (External)

Dann, F. (External - Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre)

Dann, Peter (External)

Dann, Stephen (External - Australian National University)

Dannaoui, Najah (External - World Bank)

Danne, Michael (External - Dairy Process Engineering Centre, Werribee)

Danoudis, M. (External - The University of Melbourne)

Danoudis, Mary (External - University of Melbourne)

Danoy, Patrick (External - University of Queensland)

Danquah, Michael K (External)

Danscher, Gorm (External - Aarhus University)

Dantuluri, Phani (External - Science of Variation Group)

Danyi, P (School of Information and Business Analytics)

Danylchuk, Karen (External - University of Western Ontario)

Dao, Bo (Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics)

Daoud, Walid A. (External)

Daponte, J. (External)

Daram, Mahmood (External - Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran)

Darby, David G (External)

Darby, Jocelyn (External)

Darby, Sarah (External)

Darbyshire, Penny (External - Taylor Nelson Sofres)

Darcy, Phillip (External)

Dare, Andrew (External)

Dargusch, Matthew (External - University of Queensland)

Darian-Smith, Kate (External - University of Melbourne)

Dark, John (External)

Dark, Jonathan (External)

Dark, Leigha (External - Spastic Centre of NSW)

Darke, Shane (External - University of New SouthWales)

Darko, Kwame (External - Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation)

Darling, A.L. (External - University of Surrey)

Darling, Julie (External - Organisational Psychologist)

Darling, Kris S (External - Monash University)

Darling, Rosalyn (Institute of Disability Studies)

Darling, Susan (External)

Darmaputra, Abbi A. P. (External - The University of Melbourne)

Darnton-Hill, Ian (External - Member of the WHO expert consultation)

Darragh, T (External - Museum Victoria)

Darrell, T (External - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA)

Dart, A (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Dart, A. (External - Monash University)

Dart, Anthony M (External - Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute)

Darvill, Jon (External - University of Canberra)

Darwinkel, Elli (School of Psychology)

Darwinkel, Elli Christine (School of Psychology)

Darzins , Aldis (External)

Darzynkiewicz, Zbigniew (External - New York Medical College)

Das, Apurba K. (External - The University of Manchester)

Das, Dilip (External - University of Otago)

Das, Jagannath (External - Research Centre, Indian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited, Vadodara , India)

Das, Manasi (External - Institute of Life Sciences, India)

Das, Pritha (External)

Das, S. (External - Research and Development, Tata Steel Limited)

Das, Sajal K. (External - University of Texas at Arlington)

Das, Saurabh (External - University of California)

Das, Shantanu (External - ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Das, Subrat (School of Engineering)

Das, U (School of Ecology and Environment)

Das, U. N. (External - UND Life Sciences, Shaker Heights, OH, United States)

Dascaliuc, Carolyn (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Dasgupta, Partha (External - University of Texas)

Dash, Alan (External)

Dash, Alan (External - Western Melbourne Retinopathy Screening Project)

Dash, Sarah (School of Medicine)

Dashow, Edward (External)

DaSilva, Alexandre (External)

Daskalakis , Zafiris J. (External - University of Toronto, Canada)

Dassanayaka, Lasanthie (External - University of Peradeniya)

Dastmalchian, Ali (External - University of Victoria Canada)

Daszak, Peter (External)

Data-Franco, Joao (External - Hospital Santa Maria, Portugal)

Datta, Manjula (External - Madras Diabetes Research Foundation)

Datta, Sambit (External)

Daube, Michael M. (External - Curtin University, Perth)

Daugaard, Jens (External)

Daume, Sabine

Dauser, Robert (External - Texas Children's Hospital)

Davenport, Alison J. (External - University of Birmingham)

Davenport , John (External - University College Cork)

Davenport, Karen (External)

Davenport, Laura Jane (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Davenport, Miles P. (External - University of New South Wales)

Davern, Melanie T (External)

Davern, Michael

Davern, Pamela (External)

Daveson, Barbara (External)

Davey, Christopher G. (External - Orygen Youth Health Research Centre, Parkville, Victoria)

Davey, Christopher G. (External)

Davey, Elise K (External - Barwon Health)

Davey, Gareth (External - University of Chester, U.K.)

Davey, Gayle M. (External)

Davey, Gwenda (School of History, Heritage and Society)

Davey, Linda (External - Griffith University)

Davey, Mary-Ann (External - La Trobe University)

Davey, Melissa (External)

Davey, P. (External - CSIRO)

Davey, R (External)

Davey, Rachel (External)

Davey, Stewart (External - MG Nutritionals)

David, Alison (External)

David, Junus (External)

David, S (External - McGill University Health Center, Canada)

David, Susan R (External - Monash University)

Davidowitz, Bette (External - University of Cape Town)

Davids, Cindy (School of Law)

Davidson, Alwyn (Centre for Memory, Imagination & Invention)

Davidson, Andrew

Davidson, Ann C. (School of Psychology)

Davidson, Brian R (External - North Middlesex University Hospital)

Davidson, James Nicholas (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Davidson, Jim (School of Management and Marketing)

Davidson, John (External)

Davidson , Keith (External - Scottish Marine Institute)

Davidson, Kristy (External - Victoria University, Melbourne)

Davidson, Michael C. G. (External - Griffith University, Qld.)

Davidson, Michelle (External - University of Manitoba)

Davidson, P W (External - University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, NY)

Davidson, Patricia M. (External - University of Technology Sydney)

Davidson, Patricia M. (External)

Davidson, Peter (External)

Davidson, Rebecca (External)

Davidson, Sandra (External)

Davidson, Stephen (External)

Davidson, Toby (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Davidson Gluyas, Sophia (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Davidson-Shivers, Gayle V (External)

Davie, Ashley (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Davie, Belinda (External)

Davie, E.

Davie, Michael (External - University of Melbourne)

Davies, Alyce (School of Health and Social Development)

Davies, Andrew (External - The Alfred Hospital)

Davies , Angharad P. (External - University of Wales Swansea)

Davies, Anne (External - Victoria University, Melbourne)

Davies, Belinda (External - The University of Melbourne)

Davies, Bronwyn (External - UWS)

Davies, Christopher (External)

Davies, Claire (External - CSIRO)

Davies, Daniel (External - University of Sydney)

Davies, Geoffrey E. (External - Eye and Ear Hospital)

Davies, George (School of Management and Marketing)

Davies, Gordon (External - OUP)

Davies, Hilary (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Davies, J.B. (External)

Davies, Joanna A (External - University of Hull)

Davies, Joanne (External - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)

Davies, John K. (External - Monash University)

Davies, Justin (External)

Davies, Karl (External - Tennis Australia)

Davies, Katherine (External - University of New South Wales)

Davies, Kay E. (External - Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford)

Davies, Lauren (School of Health and Social Development)

Davies, Lindsay (External - University of Nottingham)

Davies, Liz A

Davies, Lynda (External)

Davies, M.J. (External)

Davies, Maggie (External - Department of Health, Ministry of Health, London)

Davies, Martin (External - University of Melbourne)

Davies, Menna (External)

Davies, Michael J. (External - University of Adelaide)

Davies, Michael

Davies, N (External - Royal Free Hospital)

Davies, Noel (School of Ecology and Environment)

Davies, P.S.W. (External - University of Queensland)

Davies, Peter M (External)

Davies, Peter A. (External)

Davies , S.

Davies, Sarah (External)

Davies, Sean

Davies, Siobhan (External)

Davies, Warren (External - EPA Victoria)

Davies, Wayne Iwan Lee (External - University of Western Australia)

Davies-Tuck, M (External - Alfred Hospital)

Davila-Garcia, Edgar (External)

Davis, A. R. (External - School of Biological Sciences, University of Wollongong)

Davis, A.J. (External - CSIRO Livestock Industries)

Davis, Adrian (External)

Davis, Annette (External - Monash Health)

Davis, Belinda (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Davis, Bruce (External)

Davis, Carmel (External)

Davis, Diana (External - Australian National University)

Davis, Elise (External)

Davis, Eric (External - National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease)

Davis, Fiona (School of Information and Business Analytics)

Davis, Gavin A (External - The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health)

Davis, Hayley Jane (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Davis, Heather (School of Education)

Davis, Hilary (External)

Davis, Josh (School of Medicine)

Davis, Justin (External - School of Medicine)

Davis, Kristina (External)

Davis, Leesa Sharyn (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Davis, Lloyd S. (External - University of Otago, Department of Zoology)

Davis, Marc (External - University of California at Berkeley)

Davis, Mari (External - The University of New South Wales)

Davis, Niki (External - University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

Davis, P. (External)

Davis, Patrick (Deakin Graduate School of Business)

Davis, Penelope (External)

Davis, Peter (External)

Davis, Peter Gerald (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Davis, Peter (External - The University of Auckland)

Davis, Peter G. (External - Aust Institute of Sport)

Davis, Rob (External - University of Ballarat)

Davis, S (External - Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Davis, Sam (External - Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing)

Davis, Sarah (External - University of Manchester)

Davis, Shaun Kenneth

Davis, Shaun (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Davis, Sidney (External - Alfred Hospital, Vic.)

Davis, Stephen M (External)

Davis, Susan R. (External - Monash University, Department of Medicine)

Davis, Thomas P. (External - University of New South Wales)

Davis Jr, James H (External - University of South Alabama, USA)

Davis-Lameloise, Nathalie (External - Flinders University)

Davis-Lameloise, Nathalie (External - PVC's Office - Health)

Davison, Graeme

Davison, K. (External - Concordia University)

Davison, Kirsten (External - Harvard University)

Davison, Tanya E. (External - Monash University)

Davoodi, A (External)

Davoodi, Ali (External - Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)

Davoren, Sondra L. (External - Cancer Prevention Centre, Cancer Council Victoria)

Davos, D (External - Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science)

Davy, B. (External)

Davy, F. Brian (External - University of Ottawa)

Davy, Pam J (External)

Davydov, Vladimir (External)

Dawar, Swati (School of Medicine)

Dawe, Sharon (External)

Dawes, Ian W. (External - University of New South Wales)

Dawes, John (External)

Dawkins, A (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Dawkins, Hugh (External)

Dawood, Tye (External - Baker Heart Research Institute)

Dawson, A G (External)

Dawson, Alistair (External - Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)

Dawson, Andrew (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Dawson, Anna (External - University of South Australia)

Dawson, Anthony (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Dawson, Brian (External)

Dawson, D R (External - Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research, Department of Sustainability and Environment)

Dawson , Deborah A (External - University of Sheffield)

Dawson, Edward (External - Information Security Research Centre, QUT)

Dawson, Jesse (External - University of Glasgow)

Dawson, Jessie M (External - University of Glasgow, Scotland)

Dawson, Joanne (External - DPI, Victoria)

Dawson, Linda (External - University of Wollongong)

Dawson, Maria-Teresa (School of Health Sciences)

Dawson, Michael N. (External)

Dawson, Phillip (External)

Dawson, Samantha (School of Medicine)

Dawson, Stuart (External - Victoria University)

Dawson, Terence J (External - University of New South Wales)

Day, Andrew (School of Psychology)

Day, Carolyn (External - University of Sydney, Central Clinical School (C39))

Day, Chris J (External)

Day, D (School of Ecology and Environment)

Day, Daniel (External)

Day, Hilary Margaret

Day, Kenneth WH (External)

Day, Keren (External - Ballarat Health (Hospital))

Day, L. (External)

Day, Lainy B. (External - University of Mississippi, USA)

Day, Lesley (External)

Day, Michelle (External - unknown)

Day, Neil A. (External - Monash University)

Day, Nicholas P. J. (External - Mahidol University)

Day, Peter (External - University of Canterbury, NZ)

Day, Richard (External - University of Manchester)

Day, Ross (External - Latrobe University)

Day, Sandra A (School of Ecology and Environment)

Day, Simon (External - Burnet Institute)

Day, Susan (External - Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute)

Day, Trevor (External)

Dayan, Gustavo (External)

Dayas, Christopher V (External - University of Queensland)

Dayman, Ray (External - Office of Environment and Heritage, National Parks and Wildlife Service)

Daymon, Christine (External - Murdoch University)

De, Abhijit (External - ACTREC, Tata Memorial Centre)

De Abreu Lourenço, Richard (External - Health Economics, Covance Pty Ltd, North Ryde, NSW)

De Almeida, Mary (External - Royal Darwin Hospital)

De Alwis, Chandrika K (External - University of Queensland)

De Angelis, Carla (External - Western District Health Services)

de Angelis, David (External - La Trobe University)

De Avila Pires, Fernando (External - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)

De Bacquer, Dirk (External - Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium)

De Baets, B (External - Unknown)

de Barros Lopes, M (External - University of South Australia)

de Batista Fonseca, In (External)

de Beer, Deon (External)

de Bethune, Marie-Pierre (External - Tibotec Pharmaceuticals)

De Biswas, Kaustuv (External - Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

de Boer, E. J. (External - National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), Bilthoven, The Netherlands)

De Boer, Nicholas (School of Engineering)

de Boer, Rebecca (External - Uspecified)

de Boer, Thijs (External)

De Bondi, Natasha jade (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

De Bortoli, Tania (External - University of Newcastle)

De Bosscher, Veerle (External - University of Brussels)

De Bourdeaudhuij, Ilse (External - Ghent University, Belgium)

De Bruyn, Abe (External - SKATV)

de Bruyn, David (External - Rhodes University)

De Bruyn, Dirk (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

de Bruyn, P. J. Nico (External - University of Pretoria, South Africa)

De Bundel, Dimitri (External - Florey Neurosciences Institutes)

de Campo, John F (External)

de Castella, Anthony R. (External)

De Castro, Ana (External)

de Castro, Marcia Regina Pizzo (External)

De Caterina, Raffaele (External)

de Ceaurriz, Jacques (External - Agence Française de Lutte contre le Dopage)

de Celis, Rubin (External)

De Cieri, Helen (External)

De Clario, Domenico (External)

De Cocker, Katrien (External - Ghent University)

De Cooman, B. C. (External - Pohang University of Science and Technology)

De Cooman, Rein (External - Lessius University)

De Courten, Maximilian (External - University of Copenhagen)

De Craemer, M (External)

De Cruz, P (External)

de Dear, Richard (External - Macquarie University)

De Decker, E (External)

de Faria, Ana Paula Neto (External - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)

de Fluiter, T (External - University of Waikato)

de Fonseca, Marcio Silveira (External - Medecins Sans Frontieres, Amsterdam)

De Francisco, Andres (External - Global Forum for Health Research, Switzerland)

De Freitas, Debora Martins (External - University of Wollongong)

De Gama, Mustaqueen (External - Stellenbosch University)

de Geus, Bas (External)

De Geuser, Frederic (External)

De Girolamo, Paolo (External - University of Naples)

de Goeij, Petra (External - Department of Marine Ecology, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ))

de Graaf, C (External)

de Grammont, Paloma C. (External)

de Groot, C.F.G.M. (External - Wageningen University)

de Groot, Dolf (External)

de Groot, Florentine (External)

De Groot, Florentine (School of Psychology)

De Groot, Florentine (School of Psychology)

de Groot, Marian

de Groote, Iris (External - Dept. of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting, University of Ghent, Belgium)

De Guingand, D. (External - School of Population Health, University of Melbourne)

De Guzman, Giorgio (External)

De Haas, Henk (External - Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research)

De Henauw, S. (External)

De Henauw, Stefaan (External)

de Iongh, Robb (External - University of Melbourne)

De Ionno, Paul N. (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

De Jager, Emily (School of Psychology)

de Jesus, Roweena Mae (External - Ateneo de Davao University)

de Jong, B (External - University of Wollongong)

de Jong, Jordan (External - Museum Victoria)

De Jong, Kirstie Anne (School of Medicine)

de Jong, M. (External - Radboud University)

de Jong, Ron (External)

de Jong, Ursula (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

de Jonge, Martin (External)

De Jonghe, Peter (External - University of Antwerp Belgium)

De Judicibus, Margaret A (School of Psychology)

de Klerk, Nick (External - University of WA)

De Knop, Paul (External - University of Brussels)

De Koker, Louis (School of Law)

de Koning, Harry

De Koning-Ward, Tania (School of Medicine)

de la Cruz, Norberto (External - Medical College of Wisconsin)

de la Mare, W (School of Ecology and Environment)

de la Paz Ceja-Adame, Maria (External - Universidad Pedaggica Nacional)

de la roche Saint Andre, Christophe (External - Aix-Marseille University)

De La Rue, Mary Beth (External - University of Southern Queensland)

de la Torre, R (External)

de Labastida Rivera, Fabian (External - Australian Centre for Vaccine Development)

De Lange, Paul (External - Curtin University)

De Laurentis, Dan (External - Purdue University, USA)

De Lavigne, Christelle Suzanne (Institute for Frontier Materials)

de Leeuw, Evelyne (School of Medicine)

de Leeuw, Rinze (External - The Netherlands Institute of Ecology)

de Leeuw, Simon W. (External - Leiden University, The Netherlands)

de Lemos, Molly (External - ACER)

De Leo, Diego (External)

de Leon, M P (External - Monash University)

de Linde Leonard, Megan (External)

de Lint, Willem (External - Flinders University)

De Lisle, Stephen M (External - Monash University)

de Lisle, Steven (External)

de Looper, Michael (External - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)

De Louw, Perry G. B. (External - Subsurface and Groundwater systems Unit)

De Luca, Cinzia R. (External - Royal Children’s Hospital)

De Luca, Jason (External - La Trobe Medical Imaging)

De Luca, V (School of Human Movement)

de Lucena, David (External)

De Maio, John (External - Australian Institute of Family Studies)

de Malmanche, T (External)

De Maria, Nicole (External)

De Meester, Femke (External - Ghent University, Belgium)

De Mel, Damitha (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

de Mello , Rodrigo Fernandes (External)

de Melo, L G (External)

de Mestre, N (School of Information Technology)

De Meyer, H (External - Unknown)

De Meyer, Sofie (External - Murdoch University)

De Miguel-Etayo, P (External)

De Naeyer, H (External)

de Nunez, Leticia (External)

de Oliveira, Rosemari Terezinha (External - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul)

De Paoli, Damien (School of Information Technology)

De Peretti, Christine (External - Sanitary Surveillance Institute)

De Preez, Jan L (External - North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa)

De Quadros Wander, Shikkiah (School of Psychology)

de Quincey, Tess (External)

De Rango, Ross Daniel (School of Engineering and Information Technology)

de Rauch, Ilona (School of Management and Marketing)

De Rooij, Gerrit (External - Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

de Rooij, GH (External)

De Rose, Robert (External)

de Rose, Shanali (External - Whitireia Polytechnic, New Zealand)

de Ruyter, Adam (School of Engineering)

De Sanctis, Marcele V (School of Psychology)

De Santolo, Jason (External - Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, University of Technology, Sydney)

de silva, Basil M. (External)

De Silva, Celine (School of Ecology and Environment)

De Silva, Daswin (External)

de Silva, Harini D (External - Cooperative Research Centre for Asthma, Sydney)

De Silva, K (External - University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka)

De SIlva, M V.C. (External)

De Silva, Rasike (Institute for Frontier Materials)

De Silva, Roshani (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

De Silva, Sabine (External - Dorevitch Pathology, Austin Health)

De Silva, Sarukkalige Chamika

De Silva, Sena (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

de Silva-Sanigorski, Andrea

De Silva-Sanigorski, Andrea (External - University of Melbourne)

de Siqueira, Gustavo (External - HafenCity University)

De Smet, S (External - Ghent University)

De Souza, Carmino (External - University of Campinas-SP, Campinas, Brazil)

de Souza, Mandy (Institute for Frontier Materials)

de Souza, Marian (External - East Indian Club Melbourne)

De Souza, Mary Jane (External - Pennsylvania State University)

de Souza, Megan (School of Psychology)

de Souza, P. (External - UNSW, St George Hospital Clinical School)

De Souza, Paulo (External)

de Souza, Timothy (Institute for Frontier Materials)

De Souza Castro, Gisele (External - Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

de Souza Dias, Suzana (External - Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for Tropical Medicine)

De Spaey, A (External)

de Steiger, Richard (External)

de Sutter, Johan (External - Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium)

De Sutter, Valerie (External)

de Valence, Gerard (External - Universtiy of Technology Sydney)

de Vaucorbeil, Alban (External - University of British Columbia, Canada)

de Vaus, David (External - School of Social Sciences, La Trobe University)

De Vincentis, Stephanie (External)

de Visser, Richard

De Vito, Irma E (External - National University of San Luis)

de Vos, Asha (External - University of Western Australia)

De Vos, Dick (External - Pharmachemie BV)

De Vos, Gail (External - University of Alberta, Canada)

de Vos, Rien (External - University of Amsterdam)

de Vries, Bert (External - Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency)

De Vries, Lee L (School of Engineering and Information Technology)

de Vries, Melissa (School of Medicine)

De Vries, Nanne (External - Maastricht University, The Netherlands)

de Vries, Peter P. (External)

de Wacht, Peter (External - Bayswater Secondary School)

De Waele , Wim (External)

de Wall, Michael (External - University of Queensland)

De Weerd, Nicole (External - Monash Institute of Medical Research, Monash University)

de Wilde, Jeroen (External - Municipal Health Service The Hague, The Netherlands)

de Wilde, R. B. P. (External - Leiden University)

De Wilt, Johannes H W (External - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital)

de Wit, Liesbeth (External)

De With , Gijsbertus (External - Eindhoven University of Technology)

de Zoysa, N (External)

de Zwaan, Laura (External - Griffith University, Meadowbrook, Australia)

De-Jun, Lin (School of Information Technology)

Deacon, Glen B. (External - Monash University)

Deacon, N. L. (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Deak, Daniel (School of Law)

Deakin, Vicki (External)

Deakins, David (External - Massey University)

Deal, Yolanda (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Deam, R. (External - CAST Cooperative Research Centre, Australia)

Dean, B (External - University of Melbourne)

Dean, Biron (External - QLD Childhood commissioner's Office)

Dean, Carlie (External - Maroondah hospital)

Dean, Elizabeth (External - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Dean, Graeme (External - University of Sydney)

Dean, J (External - The London Clinic)

Dean, Liz (External)

Dean, Moira (External - Queen's University Belfast)

Dean, Olivia M (School of Medicine)

Dean, Pamela M. (External - Monash University)

Deane, Danielle (External - The Hewlett Foundation)

Deane, Elizabeth (External)

Deane, James A. (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Deane, John (School of Management and Marketing)

DeAngelis, L. M. (External - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)

DeAngelis, Rosemary

Deans, Jan (External - University of Melbourne)

Deans, Kenneth R (External - University of Otago)

Dear, Emma J (External)

Dear, J (External - Kings College, London)

Dearden, John (External)

Dearman, Philip (External)

Deb, Saikat Sovan (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Debeljuh, Natalie Josephina (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Debenedetti, Pablo G. (External)

Debenham, Tim (School of Management and Marketing)

Deberdt, Walter (External)

Debiais-Thibaud, Melanie (External)

Debigare, Richard (External - Centre de Recherche Hospital Laval)

Deblaquiere, Julie (External - Australian Institute of Family Studies)

Debnath, Monojit (External)

DeBock, Katrien (External - University of Leuven)

DeBoer, Kathleen (External)

Debonneville , Christian (External - Firmenich SA)

Debono, Deborah (External - UNSW)

Deborde, Valerie (External - Sciences Chimiques de Rennes)

Deborggraeve, Stijn (External)

DeBraganca, Kevin (External)

Debrah, Y A (School of Management and Marketing)

decarlo Donahue, Rosemary A (External)

Decenzo-Verbeten, Teresa (External - Ciba Vision)

Decker, Mary Beth (External)

Deckersbach, T. (External)

DeCorby, Kara (External - McMaster University)

Decourty , Laurence (External - Unité de Génétique des Interactions Macromoléculaires, CNRS-URA2171, Institut Pasteur)

Decreus, Benjamin (External)

Deeble, Marissa (Deakin Graduate School of Business)

Deechalao, Nutsima (External - Chulalongkorn University)

Deed, Gary (External - Carina)

Deegan, Craig (External - RMIT University)

Deehan, D. J. (External - Department of Orthopaedics, Freeman Hospital, High Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.)

Deehan, David J (External)

Deeks, Amanda (External)

Deepa, Mohan (External - Madras Diabetes Research Foundation)

Deepika, Deepika (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Deering, Rebecca (School of Psychology)

Deery, Margaret (External - Victoria University)

Deeth, Hilton (External - University of Queensland)

Defeo, Omar (External)

Deffrasnes, Celine (External - Unknown)

Deforche, Benedicte (External - Vrije Universiteit, Belgium)

Defries, Ruth (External - University of Maryland)

Degenhardt, Louisa (External)

Degil-Esposti, Mariapia A. (External - The University of Western Australia)

Degli-Esposti, M. A. (External - University of Western Australia)

Degnan, Bernard M. (External - School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland)

Degnan, Sandie M (External - University of Queensland)

Degner, Lesley (External - University of Manitoba)

DeGroot, Donald C.

Dehbozorgi, Sara (External)

Dehe, Pierre-Marie (External - Instabilité du Génome et Cancérogénèse (ICG), CNRS, Marseille)

Dehghan, Mohammad H (External)

Dehghan-Manshadi, Ali (External - University of Wollongong)

Dehghani, Cirous (External)

Dehnes, Yvette (External - Oslo University Hospital)

Dehnhard, M (External - Leibniz-Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research)

Deiana, P (External - University of Sassari)

Deigaard, Rolf (External)

Deininger , Michael (External - Oregon Health & Science University, USA)

Deis, Kelly (External - University of Alberta)

Deitsch, Kirk (External)

Dekinga, Anne (External - Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research)

Dekiwadia, Chaitali (External - The University of Melbourne)

Dekker, Anthony H. (External - University of Ballarat)

Dekker, Jacqueline (External - Vario Health Institute, Edith Cowan University, Perth)

Dekker, Louis W (External - Alterra, The Netherlands)

Dekker Nitert, Marloes (External)

Dekkers, John (External)

Dekkers, Ten (External - The Netherlands Institute of Ecology)

del Amo, Martin (External)

Del Bel, Elaine (External - University of Sao Paulo-Ribeirao Preto, Brazil)

Del Castillo, Lorena A. (External - University of South Australia)

del Giudice, Michelina (External)

Del Mar, Christopher (External)

del Mar, Julius (School of Engineering)

Del Marco, Andrew (External)

Del Monaco, Anthony (External - Monash University)

Del Rey, Elena (External - Universitat de Girona)

del Seppia, C. (External - CNR)

Del Zompo, Maria (External)

dela Cruz, Marilou E. (External - University of Wollongong)

Delahaye, Francois (External)

deLahunta, Scott (External)

Delahunty, Conor (External - CSIRO)

Delamoir, Jeannette (External)

Delaney, C.

Delaney, Josh Patrick (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Delaney, Liz (School of Social Inquiry)

Delaney, Tessa (External)

Delannay, Laurent (External - Universite catholique de Louvain)

Delanty, Gerard (External - University of Sussex)

DeLany, James P. (External - University of Pittsburgh)

Delany, K. K. (External - CRC for Innovative Dairy Products, University of Melbourne VIC)

Delaplane, R. (External - Uppsala University)

Delaporte , Phillipe (External - Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux LPO, Réserve Naturelle de Moëze-Oléron, Ferme de Plaisance)

Delati, Azalika (External)

Delatycki, Martin (External - Murdoch Childrens Research)

Delavari, Maryam (Population Health)

Delbridge, Lea M D (External - University of Melbourne)

Delbridge, Margaret L. (External - Australian National University, Canberra)

Delbridge, Mathew (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Delclaux, Francois (External - IRD Maison des Sciences de l'Eau France)

Delfabbro, Paul (External)

Delgado-Fernandez, Manuel (External)

Delgado-Rico, Elena (External)

Deliyannis, Georgia (External - University of Melbourne)

Delkhah, Zia (External)

Dell, Bernie (External - Murdoch University)

Dell, J.M. (External - University of W.A)

Dell, Lisa (External)

Dell, Matthew (External)

Dell, Meagan (Deakin Graduate School of Business)

Dell' Aquila, Daniela (School of Psychology)

Dell'Osso, Bernardo (External - University of Milan, Italy)

Della, Ernest (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Della, Phillip (External - Curtin University of Technology)

Della Gaspera, Enrico (External - Università di Padova)

Della Gatta, Paul A (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Della Rocca, Gregory J (External - Science of Variation Group)

Dellal, Hass (External - Australian Multicultural Foundation)

DellAmico, F. (External - Aquarium La Rochelle)

Dellaportas, Steven (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Dellavalle, Robert (External)

Delle Chiaie, R (External - Sapienza University of Rome,Italy)

Dellolio, Margaret (External)

Dell`oso, Anna Maria (External)

Delmas, Pierre (External)

Delossantos, Allyne (External)

Delport, PA (External - University of Pretoria)

Delprado, Warick (External)

Demack, Sean (External - Sheffield Hallam University)

Demajo, Lisa (External - City of Greater Geelong)

Demediuk, P. (External)

Demeneix , Barbara (External)

Demetrious, Kristin (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Demichelis, Raffaella (External - Curtin University)

Demir, Defne (School of Psychology)

Demiray, Ugur (External - Anadolu University)

Demircan, Kadir (External)

Demirhan, Eren (External - Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, East Hanover, N.J., USA)

Demmert, Micah (School of Contemporary Arts)

Demmler, Kirsten (External)

Demos, L. (External - Monash University)

Dempsey, Bernadette (External - University of South Australia)

Dempsey, Deborah (External)

Dempsey, Gillian (External)

Dempsey, Ian (External)

Dempsey, K (External)

Dempsey, Kathryn (External)

Dempsey, Michael (External - Griffith Business School)

Dempsey, Paddy (External)

Dempster, Elizabeth (External)

Dempster, Timothy (External - Centre for Research-based Innovation in Aquaculture Technology (CREATE))

Dempwolff, Ulrich (External - Universitat Kaiserslautern)

Demuro, Eugenia (External - Australian National University)

den Belder, E. (External - Plant Research International, Wageningen, The Netherlands)

den Braber-Moerland, Leontien (External)

den Hollander, Jane (External)

Denby, Katherine J. (External - University of Warwick)

Dender, Alma Marion (External - Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia)

Dendle, Claire (External - Monash University)

Deneen, Chris (External)

Denenberg, Julie (External)

Deng, Changmin (External - Shanghai Institute of Microsystem amd Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Deng, Chuan Ming

Deng, Chuanming (External - RMIT University)

Deng, D (School of Ecology and Environment)

Deng, Haiyang (External - Monash University)

Deng, Hepu (External)

Deng, Kefeng (External - National University of Defense Technology)

Deng, Lih Wen (External - National University of Singapore)

Deng, Lin (External - George Mason University)

Deng, Robert H. (External - Singapore Management University)

Deng, Shiqiang (External - University of Sydney)

Deng, W. (External - Jiamusi Qianlong Color Plate Co., Ltd)

Deng, Xiaolan (External)

Deng, Yanli (External - University of Ottawa, Canada)

Deng, Yao-jun (External - State Engineering Technology Research Center for Key Tropical Crops)

Deng, Yiguo (External - Institute of Agricultural Machinery, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences)

Deng, Yong (External)

Deng, Z (External - Huazhong University of Science)

Denham, T. P. (External)

Denham, Tim (External - Monash University)

Denholm, Carey (External - University of Tasmania)

Denison, Tom (School of Information Technology)

Denize, Sarah (External - University of Western Sydney)

Denk, W (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Denke, Margo (External - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre)

Denko, Mieso (External - University of Guelph, Canada)

Denman, Stuart E. (External - CSIRO)

Denmead, John (External)

Dennehy, Shirley (Institute of Disability Studies)

Dennekamp, Martine (External - Monash University)

Dennerstein, Graeme J. (External - Western Health sunshine Hospital, Melbourne)

Dennerstein, L (External)

Dennerstein, Lorraine (External - Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne)

Dennerstein, Michelle (External - University of Ballarat)

Dennett, Lydia (External - Western Hospital)

Denney, G. (External - Currajong Angora Stud, Burragate, NSW)

Denney, Susan (School of Ecology and Environment)

Denney-Wilson, Elizabeth (External)

Denning, Ron (External - CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering)

Dennis, Donn (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Dennis, Dorothy A. (External - Ocean Nutrition Canada)

Dennis, E. S.

Dennis, Gary R. (External)

Dennis, Hamish Gray Seymour (External - Fibrenova Ltd)

Dennis, Jennifer (School of International and Political Studies)

Dennis, Malcolm (External)

Dennis, Rea (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Dennison, Cheryl R. (External - Johns Hopkins University)

Dennison, Elaine M. (External - Medical Research Council Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, Southampton, United Kingdom)

Denniss, Robert (External - University of Western Sydney)

Denny, Simon (External)

Denollet, J (External)

Denoyer, Delphine (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Denoyer, Delphine (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Densmore, Kathleen (External)

Denson, N. (External)

Denson, Nida (External - University of Western Sydney)

Dent, Andrew W. (External - St Vincent's Health)

Dent, Rachel (External - University of California at Berkeley)

Dentener, Frank (External)

Denton, Derek A (External - University of Melbourne)

Denton, Matthew (External - Department of Primary Industries, Victoria)

Denton, Tim (School of Medicine)

Denyer, G. S (External - University of Sydney)

Denyer, Gareth (External - University of Sydney)

Denyer, P. (External - School of Engineering, James Cook University)

DePetrillo, Paolo (External - National Institute of Health)

Deppeler, Joanne (External - Monash University)

Der, G (External - University of Glasgow)

Derakhshan, Nima (External - Shiraz University of Medical Sciences)

Derave, W (External)

Derave, Wim (External - University of Ghent)

Dereanie, Marino (External - Eutectic Educational)

Derecka, Marta (External)

Derhab, Abdelouahid (External)

Derham, Lisa (School of Psychology)

Deri, Norma (External)

Deriaz, Olivier (External - Institut de Recherche en Re´adaptation–Re´insertion, Sion, Switzerland)

Deridder, Riet (External - Vrije Universiteit)

Dering, Oliver (External)

Deris, Mustafa Mat (External)

Derman, Wayne (External - University of Cape Town)

Dermody, K. (External)

Derrett, Sarah (External)

Derric, Austin (External - University of Texas, USA)

Derrick, Peter J (External - University of Warwick)

Ders, Mustafa Matt (External - Tun Hussein Onn University of technology)

Des Jarlais, Don C. (External)

Desai, C (External - The Royal Free Hospital Hampstead, London)

Desai, R.

Desai, Reshmi (School of Social Inquiry)

Desai, Satyen (External - University of Wollongong)

Desai, Shobhana A (External)

DeSantis, Giovanna (External - Western Hospital)

Desbrow, Ben (External - Griffith University)

Deschamps, A (External - SIMAP)

Deschamps, Alexis (External)

Deschaux, Franck (External)

Descombes, Arnand (External)

Descubes, Irena (External)

Deshpande, Narendra (School of Engineering)

Deshpande, Sameer (Centre for Intelligent Systems Research)

DeSilva, Janina (External - Douta Galla Community Health Services)

Desjardins, Arnaud (External)

Desmedt, Yvo (External)

Desmond, Jasmine L. (External - University of Warwick)

Desmond , Patricia (External - University of Melbourne)

Desmond, Patricia M (External - University of Melbourne)

Desmond, Paul V. (External - St Vincent's Hospital)

Desmulliez, Marc Philippe Y. (External)

Desneves, Katherine J (External - Austin Health)

Despres, M. (External - University of Waterloo)

Despres , V R (External - Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Biogeochemistry Department)

Destin , Anne (External - The Netherlands Institute of Ecology)

Detering, Karen (External)

Detka, Jan (External - Polish Academy of Sciences)

Detter, Chris (External)

Dettmann, Mary (External - University of Queensland)

Deurenberg, Paul (External - Member of the WHO expert consultation)

Deurenberg-Yap, Mabel (External - Member of the WHO expert consultation)

Deurenbery-Yap, M (External - Singapore Health Promotion Board)

Deutsch, Carrie (External)

Deutsch, Robert (School of Law)

Dev, Anjileena (External - Fiji School of Medicine)

Deva, Rajeev (External)

Devadas, R (External - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)

DeVane, C. Lindsay (External - Medical University of South Carolina)

Devaster, Jeanne-Marie (External)

Devaud, Christel (External)

Devenish, Ian (External)

Dever, Maryanne (External - Monash University)

Deverell, L. (External)

Deverell, Lil (External)

Devereux, Helen (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Deveridge, Sandra (External - Calvary Mater Hospital, Newcastle,NSW)

Deveson, Ted (External - Australian Plague Locust Commission)

Devetak, Richard (External)

Deveth, August

Devey, Alaia (School of Management and Marketing)

Devi, A (External)

Devi, Anandita (External - The University of Auckland)

Devi, Dipali (External - Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology)

Devietti, J. (External)

Devilee, Peter (External - Leiden University Medical Center)

Devilly, Grant J. (External - University of Melbourne)

Devincentis, Stephanie (External)

Devine, Alexandra (External)

Devine, Amanda (External - Edith Cowan University, Perth)

Devine, Angela (External - Queen Mary University of London (UK))

Devine, Jennifer (External)

Devir, Holly (External)

Devitt, B (External)

Devlin, Anna (School of Psychology)

Devlin, Jacinta (External)

Devlin, Marcia (Higher Education Research Group)

Devlin, Robert H. (External - Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

Devlin-Glass, Frances (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

DeVries, Brett (External - First2Act Investigators)

Devries, Karen (External)

DeVries, M (School of Medicine)

Dew, Angela H (External)

Dew, Robert (School of Information Technology)

Dewan, Jahangir (School of Information Technology)

Dewan, Jessy (External -

Dewar, H (External - Southwest Fisheries Science Center)

Dewar, Meagan (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Deweirder, Marianne (External - Pennington Biomedical Research Centre)

Dewes, O (External - University of Auckland)

Dewey, Helen (External - National Stroke Research Institute)

Dewey, Matthew (External)

DeWitte, Mark (External)

Dexter, Nick (External - Parks Australia ACT)

Dey, Jyotirmoy (External - Novartis Pharmaceuticals, NJ)

Dezuanni, Michael (External - Queensland University of Technology)

De`Ambrosis, Brian (External - South East Dermatology)

Dhaliwal, Rajesh (External - Punjabi University, Patiala, 147 002, Punjab, India)

Dhami, Kirandeep K. (External - Wright State University)

Dhanapala, Pathum Ravinath (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dhanesuan, Nirada (External - St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research)

Dharmabalan, Pararajasegram (External)

Dharmage, Shyamali C (External)

Dharmalingam, Sugumar (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Dharmappa, Hagare (External - University of Wollongong)

Dharmaratne, Samatha D. (External)

Dharmasena, Lasitha Sandamali (School of Information and Business Analytics)

Dharmaweera, Madushanka Nishan (External - Monash University, Bundar Sunway, Malaysia)

Dheen, S. Thameem (External - The National University of Singapore)

Dherani, Mukesh (External)

Dhillon, A (External - Royal Free and University College Medical School)

Dhillon, Amar P (External - Royal Free Hospital, London)

Dhinwal, Satyaveer Singh (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Dhole, Sandip (External)

Di, Yuan Ming (External - RMIT University)

Di Battista, John (School of Psychology)

Di Carlo, Astrid (External)

Di Corleto, Ross (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Di Iulio, Juliana (External - Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Vic.)

Di Martino, Beniamino (External - Second University of Naples)

Di Matteo, T. (External - King’s College London)

Di Milia, Lee (External - Central Queensland University)

Di Nicolantonio, Robert (External)

Di Pietro, Gayle (External - Consultant)

Di Pietro, L. (External - Yale University, USA)

di Renzo, Anthony B.

Di Risio, Patricia (External)

Di Stefano, Julian (External - The University of Melbourne, Department of Zoology)

Di Trapani, Giovanna

Diamantis, J (External - Demokritus University of Thrace)

Diamantopoulos , Alexander (External)

Diamond, Alexandra (External - University of South Australia)

Diamond, Dermot (External)

Diamond, Mark (External)

Diamond, Phil (School of Information Technology)

Diamond, Terrence H. (External - University of NSW)

Diamond, Terry (External - St. George Hospital, NSW)

Diane, Bell (School of Social Inquiry)

Diani, Erica (External - University of Milan)

Dias, Daniel A (External)

Dias, Suzana (External - Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine)

Dias, W (External)

Dias Vasco, Videira (External)

Diaz, Gabriela (External - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital)

Diaz, Pedro Berzosa (External - University of Glasgow)

Diaz-Ferguson, E. (External - University of Florida, Gainesville, U.S.A.)

Diaz-Santana, Luis (External - City University, London)

Diaz-Torne, Cesar (External)

Dichtl, Beatriz (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dichtl, Bernhard (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dick, Andrew (External - Max-Planck-Institut fu¨ r Eisenforschung GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany)

Dick, Robert E (External)

Dick, Ron (External - Epworth Hospital)

Dickens, E (External)

Dickerson, Charles (External - BAE Systems, Reston, USA)

Dickerson, Faith (External - Sheppard Pratt Health System, Baltimore, Maryland)

Dickins, J (External)

Dickins, Ross A (External)

Dickinson, Ashley (External)

Dickinson, Hayley (External)

Dickinson, Jason (External)

Dickinson, Jason J. (External)

Dickinson, Michael H. (External - California Institute of Technology, Engineering and Applied Science)

Dickinson, Robert E. (External - Georgia Institure of Technology)

Dickman, Chris (External - University of Sydney)

Dickman, Christopher R. (External)

Dicks, Lynn (External)

Dickson, Geoff (External - Auckland University of Technology)

Dickson, Kerry (External)

Dickson, Phillip Wesley (External - University of Newcastle)

Dickson , Victoria V (External)

Dickson-Swift, Virginia (External - La Trobe University)

Diderichsen, Finn (External - Karolinska Institute)

Didid, Mas (School of Australian and International Studies)

Didie, Elizabeth (External - Drexel University)

Dieckmann, Carol L. (External - University of Arizona)

Diedrich, Carla (External - None)

Diedrichs, Phillippa C (External - University of the West of England)

Dieen, Jaap (External - Vrije University)

Diegel, O. (External - Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology)

Diegel, Olaf (External)

Diego, Vincent (External - Texas Biomedical Research Institute)

Dielenberg, Robert A. (External - University of Newcastle)

Diemer, D. (External - Utrecht University)

Diep, Henry (External - Monash University)

Diepeveen, Luke A (External - University of Western Australia)

Dieppe, Paul A. (External - University of Oxford)

Dieter, Hermann H. (External)

Dietrich, Udo (External - HafenCity Universitaet Hamburg)

Dietrich, Uta C. (External - North Coast Area Health Service, New South Wales)

Dietsch, Elaine (External - Charles Sturt University)

Dietz, Maurine W. (External - University of Groningen)

Dietz, William (External - Centre for Disease Control and Prevention)

Dietze, Paul Mark (External - Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health, Melbourne)

Diez, C E (External - Department de Recursos Naturales de Puerto Rico)

Diez, Mar (External)

Diez-Perez, Adolfo (External - Hospital del Mar IMIM-UAB-RETICEF, Barcelona)

Diffey, Bronwyn (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Digby, Matthew (External)

Diggavi, Sumita (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Digger, Rebecca (External - University of Wollongong)

Diggins, Marie (External - Maroondah hospital)

Diggle, Mathew (External - Stobhill General Hospital, Glasgow)

DiGiacomo, Michelle (External - Curtin University of Technology)

Digiusto , Errol (External)

Digre, Ellen (External - RMIT University)

Dijkstra, Johannes (External)

Dikkers, Marije F (External - Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

Dikli, Semire (External - Georgia Gwinnett College, Georgia, US)

Diligolevu, Mere (External)

Dillabough, Jo-Anne

Dillard, Denise A. (External - Southcentral Foundation)

Dilley, Rodney (External)

Dillon, Hugh (External)

Dillon, Jo (School of International and Political Studies)

Dillon, John (School of Economics)

Dillon, Patrick (External)

Dillon, Paul (External - University of New South Wales)

Dillon, Paula Louise (School of Nursing and Midwifery)

Dilusha Silva, K.K.M.B (External - University of Western Australia)

Dilworth, Michael (External - Murdoch University)

Dimadi, Alexandra (External - National Marine Park of Zakynthos)

DiMarco, Mark (External - Scope, Glenroy, Victoria)

DiMario, Michael (External - Lockheed Martin corporation, Moorestown, USA)

Dimelis, Dimos (External)

Diment, Cache (School of Psychology)

Diminich, A. Megan (External - Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA)

Dimitriadis, Greg (School of Social and Cultural Studies in Education)

Dimitriou, Anna (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Dimitrov, Peter N (External - University of Melbourne)

Dimitrova, Nevenka (External - Philips Research India-Bangalore)

Dimopoulos, Panayotis (External)

Dimopoulos, Penny (External - La Trobe University)

Dimova, Rumiana (External - Max-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces)

Dimovski, Suzana (External - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital)

Dimovski, William (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Dina, Christian (External - Pasteur Instute)

Dines, Eric (School of Information Technology)

Dinesh, Neela (External - AstraZeneca India Private Limited)

Ding, C.L. (External - Shandong Ruyi Technology Group)

Ding, Cailing (External)

Ding, D (External)

Ding, Ding (External - University of Sydney)

Ding, Eric L. (External)

Ding, Grace (External - University of Technology Sydney)

Ding, Hao (External - Northeastern University)

Ding, Hongliang (External - Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China)

Ding, Hua (External)

DING, Jie (External - Defence Science and Technology Organisation)

Ding, Jun (External - National University of Singapore)

Ding, K. (External - Rio Tinto Aluminium, Technology, Australia)

Ding, Lan (External - CSIRO)

Ding, Liang (External - Macalester College, U.S.A.)

Ding, Melissa Soo (School of Information and Business Analytics)

Ding, N S (External)

Ding, Q F (External - Wuhan WISCO)

Ding, Qi (External - University of Auckland)

Ding, R. (External - University of Queensland)

Ding, Shuxue (External - University of Aizu)

Ding, Vera (External - formerly Kooemba Jdarra, now Manager Program Operations, Arts Queensland)

Ding, Y. (External - Shandong University)

Ding, Yunfei (GTP Operations)

Ding, Yunsheng (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Dingemanse, Niels J. (External - University of Groningen)

Dinglasan, Rhoel (External)

Dingle, Caroline (External - University of Exeter)

Dingle, G. (External)

Dingle, Matthew (Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation)

Dingli, Robert (External - University of Melbourne)

Dingwall, Kylie M (External)

Dinh, Minh (External)

Dinham, Steve (External - Uni of Wollongong)

Diniz da Costa, Joao C. (External - University of Queensland)

Dinneen, Sean F. (External - Galway University Hospitals)

Dion, Jacinthe (External)

Dionigi, Chiara (External - Istituto per lo Studio dei Materiali Nanostrutturati)

Dionne, Clermont E. (External - Laval University)

Diosque, Patricio (External)

DiPilla, Janet (External - Gisborne Secondary College)

Dipnall, Joanna Frith (School of Medicine)

Dippenaar, Rian (External - University of Wollongong)

Diprose, Rosalyn (External - University of New South Wales)

Dirkis, Michael (External - Tax Institute of Australia)

Disher, G. (External)

Disher, Gary J (External)

Disney, Julian (School of Law)

Dissanayake, Cheryl (External - La Trobe University)

Dissanayake , Chevanthie (External)

Dissanayake, Gamini (External - University of Technology, Sydney)

Distefano, Lynne (External - University of Hong Kong)

Distiller, Larry (External - International Diabetes Federation)

Dite, Gillian S (External)

Ditlevsen , Susanne (External - University of Copenhagen)

Ditto, Peter H. (External - University of California)

Divers, Peter (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Divisekera, Upulie (External)

Divitini, Mark (External - University of Western Australia)

Diwakarla, Shanti (External - University of Melbourne)

Dixon, A. J. (External - School of Engineering)

Dixon, Ariane E. (External - University of Western Australia)

Dixon, B. (External - University of Waterloo)

Dixon, Cameron (External)

Dixon, Helen G. (External - Cancer Council Victoria)

Dixon, J. (External)

Dixon, Jane (External - The Australian National University)

Dixon, John (External)

Dixon, Julia M (External)

Dixon, Laura J (External - Department of Biomedical Engineering and Orthopaedic and Rheumatologic Institute, ND20-Cleveland Clinic)

Dixon, Mary (School of Education)

Dixon, Matthew W A (External)

Dixon, Maureen E. (External - Monash University)

Dixon, Simon (External - University of Sheffield)

Dixon, Tim (External - Oxford Brookes University)

Dixon, Tracy (External - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)

Dixon, Victoria (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Djakovic, A. (External - Imperial College London)

Djankov, Simeon (External - Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria)

Djazayery, A (External - Tehran University of Medical Sciences)

Djimde, Abdoulaye (External)

Djogbenou, Nancy Beatrice (External - Ocean Nutrition Canada)

Djojosaputro, Leony (School of Information and Business Analytics)

Djokic, Jelena (School of Psychology)

Dligatch, S. (External - University of Technology)

Dlugosz, Elizabeth (External - University of California, USA)

Do, Hoang (External)

Do, Hung Viet (School of Engineering)

Do, Kim Q. (External - Lausanne University Hospital, Department of Psychiatry)

Do, Michael (School of Psychology)

Do, Quoc (External - University of South Australia)

Do, Quyen (External)

do Campo, Fernando (External)

Doan, Dong Hai Trieu (External - Monash university)

Doan, Minh Phuong Daisy (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Doan, Phuong (External - RMIT University)

Dobbelin, Markus (External - Centre for Electrochemical Technologies)

Dobbels, Fabienne (External)

Dobbie, Megan L (School of Psychology)

Dobbins, Amelia (School of Medicine)

Dobbins, M. (External - McMaster University, Canada)

Dobbins, Maureen (External - McMaster University, Canada)

Dobbins, Timothy (External - University of Sydney)

Dobbinson, Suzanne (External - Cancer Council Victoria)

Dobbs, Graeme (External - Resource Design)

Dobill, Francoise (External - Royal Women’s Hospital, Victoria)

Doble, Brett (External)

Doble, P (External)

Doble, Philip (External)

Doblinger, Markus (External)

Dobroff, Naomi (External - Eastern Health)

Dobson, Andrew (External - Princeton University)

Dobson, Annette J. (External - University of Queensland)

Dobson, Eleanor (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dobson, Jennifer L. (External - Marine and Freshwater Resources Institute, Alexandra, Victoria)

Dobson, M (External)

Docherty, Michael (External - Queensland University of Technology, Australia)

Docherty, P (External)

Dochtermann, Ned (External - University of Nevada)

Dockendorf, Maureen (External)

Docker, Peter T (External)

Dockland, Terje (External - Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology)

Doco-Lecompte, Thanh (External)

Dodd, Aaron (External - University of New South Wales)

Dodd, Antony N (External - University of Bristol, UK)

Dodd, Graham (School of Social and Cultural Studies in Education)

Dodd, Karen J. (External - La Trobe University)

Dodd, Seetal (School of Medicine)

Dodd, Sheree (External - International Diabetes Federation)

Dodd, Simon (External)

Dodd , Stephen G (External - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)

Dodds-Ashley, Elizabeth S (External - Duke University Medical Center, North Carolina)

Dodek, Peter (External)

Dodemaide, Paul (External - Barwon Health)

Dodge, Fiona (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dodson, Michael (School of Medicine)

Dodson, Sarity (Population Health)

Doecke, Brenton (School of Education)

Doecke, James D. (External - Griffith University)

Doernberg, R (School of Law)

Doerr, Christine R. (External - Repatriation General Hospital)

Doerr, Erik D. (External - Australian National University)

Doerr, Natalie R. (External - University of California)

Doerr, Stefan H. (External - University of Wales Swansea)

Doerr, Veronica A. J. (External - CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems)

Doessel, D. P. (External)

Doessel, Darrel Phillip (External)

Doeven, Egan H. (External - School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dofan, Ibrahim (School of Engineering)

Dogancay, Kutluyil (External - University of South Australia)

Doheim, R M (External - University of Ulster, Belfast, Ireland)

Doherty, Anne

Doherty, Barbara (School of Contemporary Arts)

Doherty, Cara M (External - CSIRO)

Doherty, Catherine (External)

Doherty, Claire (External)

Doherty , Georgina (External - Ballarat Health Services)

Doherty, Peter C. (External - University of Melbourne)

Doherty, William (External)

Dohler , Mischa (External - CTTC,Barcelona, Spain)

Doidge, James C (External)

Doig, Brian (School of Education)

Doig, Bruce (School of Scientific and Development Studies in Education)

Doig, Christopher James (External)

Dojkovski, Sneza (School of Information and Business Analytics)

Dolby, Nic (External - Monash University)

Dolckett, Sue (External - Charles Sturt University)

Dolezal, Pavel (External)

Dolheguy, Robyn (External - Geelong Regional Vocational Education Council)

Dolinis, John

Dolk, Helen (External)

Dolk, Maarten (External - Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

Doll, Mary Aswell (External - Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia USA)

Doll Jr, William E (External - Johns Hopkins University)

Dollard, Maureen F (External - University of South Australia)

Dolley, Collin (External - The University of Western Australia)

Dolling, M

Dollman, James (External - University of South Australia)

Dolman, Gaynor (External - CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems)

Dolnicar, Sara (External)

Doloi, Hemanta K (External - University of Melbourne)

Domberger, S (School of Economics)

Dombkowski, Ryan A. (External - Saint Mary’s College)

Domchek, Susan M. (External - University of Pennsylvania)

Domellof, Magnus (External - Umea University, Sweden)

Domenighetti, A A (External - University of Melbourne)

Domingo, A. (External)

Dominguez, Eduardo (External)

Dominguez, Sixto (External)

Dominiak, Bernard C (External)

Donaghey, Andrew (External - Freestyle Energy Ltd)

Donaghy, Heather (External - Westmead Millennium Institute)

Donahay, Brett (External - University of Newcastle)

Donahue, Richard P. (External)

Donald, Caroline (External - Department of Primary Industries)

Donald, E C (External)

Donald, John A (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Donald, John (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Donald, John A. (External)

Donald, Maria (External - University of Queensland)

Donald, Peter (External - University of Stellenbosch)

Donaldson, Alex (External - University of Ballarat)

Donaldson, Angela (External - KORAL study group, University of Aberdeen, U.K.)

Donaldson, Angie (School of Ecology and Environment)

Donaldson, David N (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Donaldson, Edward M. (External - West Vancouver Laboratory, Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

Donaldson, Jilleen (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Donath, Susan (External)

Donati, Kelly (External - MITU)

Donato, Karen (External - National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute)

Donelan, Patrick (External)

Dong, Andy (External - The University of Sydney)

Dong, Bing (External - Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing)

Dong, Birong (External - International Diabetes Federation)

Dong, Bo (External - Jilin University)

Dong, Bryan (External - University of Melbourne)

Dong, Dehua (External - Monash University)

Dong, Dianbo (External - Liaoning Academy of Environmental Sciences)

Dong, F. X. (External)

Dong, G. (External)

Dong, Lily (External - University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Dong, Limin (External - CSIRO Molecular Science)

Dong, Qihan H (External - University of Sydney)

Dong, Wei (External - -)

Dong, Xia (External - Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences)

Dong, Xiaowei (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Dong, Xuesong (External - First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University)

Dong, Yao D. (External - Monash University)

Dong, Yucheng (External - Sichuan University)

Dong, Zhong (External - Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Donges, Cheyne E. (External - Charles Sturt University)

Dongli, Sun (External - Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Donham, Kelley (External - University of Iowa)

Donis, Ruben O. (External - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Donkin, Blair (External - Dunedin Hospital, NZ)

Donkin, Jacqueline A

Donkor, Osaana (External - Victoria University)

Donleavy, Gabriel D

Donlon, D A (External - University of Sydney)

Donmez, Dilek (External - Cannakkale Onsekiz Mart University)

Donnan, Geoffrey (External - National Stroke Research Institute)

Donne, Bernard (External - Trinity College Dublin)

Donne, Claire M (External - Monash University)

Donnellan, Stephen (External - South Australian Museum)

Donnelly, John (School of Law)

Donnelly, John (External)

Donnelly, Marie (External - Department of Human Services)

Donnelly, Paul Stephen (External)

Donnelly, Paul S. (External)

Dono, Joanne (School of Psychology)

Donoghue, D (External - Northern Rivers Area Health Service)

Donohue, A (School of Psychology)

Donohue, Stephen (School of Health Sciences)

Donovan, Basil (External)

Donovan , Jennifer L (External - Medical University of South Carolina)

Donovan, John

Donovan, Robert J (External - Curtin University)

Donovan, Sharon

Donowitz, Mark (External - John Hopkins University School of Medicine)

Donsante, Anthony (External - Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development)

Dood, Seetal (School of Medicine)

Doody, Michele M. (External - National Cancer Institute)

Doody, O. (External - Alfred Hospital)

Doody, Tanya (External)

Doolan, Benjamin John (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Doolan, Matthew Christopher (External)

Dooley, Kimberley A (External)

Dooley, Michael (External)

Dooley, Phil (External - La Trobe University)

Dooris, Mark (External - Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital)

Doornberg, Job N (External)

Dooryhee, E. (External)

Dophide, Bonnie (External - University of Melbourne)

Dopson, Sue (External - University of Oxford)

Dorai, Chitra (External - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)

Doran, Christopher (External - The University of New South Wales)

Doran, Evan (External - University of Sydney)

Doran, Guy (External - Interdisciplinary Center)

Doran, Terrence (External - Mile Post Productions)

Doran, Timothy J (External)

Dordevic, Aimee (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Dordoni, Paolo (External - Italy)

Dore, Greg (External - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)

Dorevitch, Michael (External)

Dorey, Enid (External - University of Auckland, NZ)

Dorgelo, A (External)

Dorian, Camilla (External - Royal Adelaide Hospital)

Dorian, Paul (External)

Doric, Andrea (External - The Northern Hospital)

Dorin, Thomas (External)

Doring, Angela (External)

Dorjsuren, Bayarsaikhan (External - World Health Organization)

Dork, Thilo (External - Hannover Medical School)

Dorlhiac-Llacer, Pedro E (External - Hospital das Clinicas FMUSP, São Paulo, Brazil)

Dorman, Andrew (External - Pfizer Inc, USA)

Dormann, Carsten (External)

Dornbrack, Jacqui (School of Social and Cultural Studies in Education)

Dorning, Dominica E. (External - La Trobe University)

Doron, G (External - Interdisciplinary Center, Israel)

Doron, Guy (External)

Doronila, Augustine (External)

Doroszewicz, Krystyna (External - Warsaw School of Social Psychology, Poland)

Dorovolomo, Jeremy (External - University of the South Pacific)

Dorow, Donna S (External)

Dorrell, Lucy (External - University of Oxford)

Dorronsoro, Carlos (External)

Dorrough, Josh

Dorsch, Michael (External - Clemson University)

Dorschel, Boris (External - University College Cork)

Dorsey, E. Ray (External)

dos Reis, Antonio Palma (External - ISEG Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal)

Dos Remedios , Natalie (External - University of Bath)

dos Santos, Camila Abrao (External - Association of Disabled Child Care)

dos Santos, Cidalia M. G. (External - Department of Chemistry, Trinity College, Dublin)

dos Santos, Jair Licio Ferreira (External - University of Sa˜o Paulo)

Dos Santos, Zenna (External)

dos Santos Silva, Isabel (External - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

dos Satos Silva, I (External - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

Doss, Robin (External - School of Information Technology)

Doss, Robin (School of Information Technology)

Dosthosseini, R (External - Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan)

Dotsch, Mariska (External - Unilever)

Dou, J (External)

Dou, S. X. (External - University of Wollongong)

Dou, Shi Xue (External - University of Wollongong)

Dou, Wanchun (External)

Dou, Yue-Hua (External)

Dou, Yujiang (External)

Double, Kay

Double, Kay (External - University of New South Wales)

Doucet, Marieve (External - Université Laval)

Doucouliagos, Chris (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Doucouliagos, Hristos (School of Economics)

Dougherty, Darin (External)

Doughney, James (External - Victoria University of Technology)

Doughty, Carolyn (External - University of Otago, Christchurch)

Douglas, Bob (External - Australian National University)

Douglas, Clint (External - Unknown)

Douglas, G (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Douglas, J. G. (External - Not known)

Douglas, Jacinta M (External)

Douglas, Jan (External - University of Sydney)

Douglas, Kathy (External)

Douglas, M. R. (External - The Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A.)

Douglas, Margaret (External - Lothian NHS Board)

Douglas, P. (External - University of Swansea, Wales, UK)

Douglas, R.

Douglas, Roger (External - La Trobe University)

Douglas, Will

Douglas Gregg, M. Elizabeth (External - Monash University)

Douglas-Allan, Ellie (External)

Douglas-Denton, Rebecca N. (External)

Doulman, Jane (External - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

Doulos, L. (External - University of Thessaly)

Doumias, M (School of Psychology)

Douthwaite, W (External)

Dover, Jeremy (External)

Dover, Kylie (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dow, Alastair (External)

Dow, Matthew (External - Harvard University)

Dowd, Ariane M (External - Monash University)

Dowd, Bruce (External)

Dowd, Eloise

Dowdall, E (External)

Dowden, Tony (External - University of Southern Queensland)

Dowdican, McGarry (External)

Dowie , D. (External - Seal Bay Conservation Park, Department for Environment and Heritage)

Dowling, Bernie (External - St Vincent's Mental Health Service)

Dowling, Carolyn (External - ACU)

Dowling, Damian K. (External - University of Melbourne)

Dowling, John (External - Monash Medical Centre)

Dowling, K (External)

Dowling, Kate (External - Women's and Children's Hospital)

Dowling, Kim (External - Federation University Australia)

Dowling, Nathan (External)

Dowling, Nicole (School of Psychology)

Dowling, Robyn (External)

Down, Barry (External)

Downer, Teresa

Downes, Angela (External - University of South Florida)

Downes, Barbara J (External - University of Melbourne)

Downes, C S (External - University of Ulster)

Downes, Christopher (External - Unknown)

Downes, Stephen C (External)

Downes, Toni I

Downey, Mark (External)

Downie, J. R. (External - University of Glasgow)

Downie, Jill (External)

Downie, Peter (External)

Downing, Katherine (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Downs, Joseph (External)

Downs, S (External - Uni of Sydney)

Downs, Shauna (External - George Institute for Global Health)

Downton, Ann (External)

Dowse, Gary (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Dowton, David (External - Health Economics, Covance Pty Ltd, North Ryde, NSW)

dowton, M (External)

Dowton, Mark (External)

Doyle, Carolyn (School of Law)

Doyle, Christina (External - Australian Department of Human Services)

Doyle, Colleen (External - Australian Catholic Uni)

Doyle, D (School of Engineering)

Doyle, E (External - Swinburne University of Technology)

Doyle, Elizabeth (External - St Vincent’s Centre for Allied Health Research, St Vincent’s, Fitzroy)

Doyle, Helen (External)

Doyle, Jodie (External - University of Melbourne)

Doyle, Pat (External - London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

Doyle, Patrick (School of Psychology)

Doyle, Thomas K. (External - University College Cork)

Doz, Francois (External)

Dracup, Mary (School of Education)

Drager, Martin (External - Johannes Gutenberg Universitt, Germany)

Dragicevic, George (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Drago, John (External - University of Melbourne)

Dragon, Anne Cecile (External)

Drahansky, Martin (External)

Drain, Jace (External - Defence Science and Technology Organisation)

Drake, Anne (External - Agrifood Technology)

Drake, Christopher R. (School of Psychology)

Drake , V. Alistair (External - University of New South Wales)

Drake-Brockman, Allan (External - Supreme Court of NSW)

Drakou, Aikaterini (External - University of Thessaly)

Draper, Glenn (External - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)

Draper, K. (External - University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Draper, Robert (External)

Draper, Sanchia (External - Melbourne University)

Drauna, M (External - Fiji National University)

Dray, M (External - University of Wales Swansea)

Drechsler, Markus (External)

Dredge, Dianne (External)

Dredge, Rhonda (External)

Drees, Michael (External - University of Muenster, Germany)

Dreessens, Jacqueline (School of Education)

Dreher, Heinz (External - Curtin University)

Drent , Jan (External - Department of Marine Ecology, Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ))

Drent, Pieter J. (External - Netherlands Institute of Ecology)

Drenth, Andre (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Drevin, Malin (External - MAIIA Diagnostics)

Drew, Alexander C (External - Monash University)

Drew, Brian (External - Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Vic.)

Drew, D.S (External)

Drew, Damien R. (External - WEHI)

Drew, Derek (External - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Drew, Elizabeth (External - South Australian Research and Development Institute)

Drew, James (School of Information Technology)

Drew, Michael E (External - Queensland University of Technology)

Drew, Rod

Drew, Sarah (External - University of Melbourne)

Drew, Simon C. (External - University of Melbourne)

Drewello, Thomas (External - University of Warwick)

Drewnowski, Adam (External - UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine)

Drexhage, Hemmo (External - Erasmus Center)

Dreyfus, Tommy (External - Tel Aviv University, Israel)

Driesener, Carl (External)

Driesener, Carl (Deakin Graduate School of Business)

Driessen, C E (School of Health and Social Development)

Drijfhout, Falko P. (External - Keele University, Staffordshire)

Dringen, Ralf (External)

Drinjak, Jasmina (External)

Drinkwater, Nyssa (External - The University of Queensland)

Driscoll, Andrea L (School of Nursing and Midwifery)

Driscoll, Don A (External)

Driscoll, Erin (External)

Driscoll, Tim (External)

Driver, Chris (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Driver, Kristy (External - University of Cambridge)

Drogemuller, Robin (External - CSIRO)

Drohan-Jennings, Donna M. (External - Wilfrid Laurier University , Canada)

Dror, Yigal (External - University of Toronto, Canada)

Drost, Christina (External - University of Regina)

Droste, Nicolas T (School of Psychology)

Droulez, Veronique (External - Meat and Livestock Australia, Sydney)

Druitt, Garry (External - South West Alliance of Rural Hospitals)

Druker, Brian J (External - Oregon Health & Science University , USA)

Drum, Mary (School of Social Inquiry)

Drummer, Heidi (External - Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health)

Drummond, Grant R. (External - Monash University)

Drummond, Hamish (External - Clover Corporation Sydney)

Drummond, K. (External - Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Drummond, Rozalind (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Drummond, T.

Drury, Hannah G K (External)

Dry, Janet (External - St Mary's Hospital)

Dryden, Peter F

Drysdale, K (External)

Drysdale, Kristen (External)

DSouza, Randall F (External)

DSouza, Rennie (External)

Du, Aijun (External)

Du, C. (External - Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Du, Guanhua (External - Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences)

Du, HuiYun (External - Curtin University)

Du, J. (External - Suzhou Vocational University, China)

Du, Jeng-Ming (External - Chang Gung Memorial Hospital)

Du, Jian Jian (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Du, Juan (External - Sichuan University)

Du, Jun Rong (School of Education)

Du, Lin-xiu (External - Northeastern University)

Du, Nan (External - State University of New York, Buffalo)

Du, Ruiying (External - Wuhan University)

Du, Shan (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Du, Shelley (External)

Du, Tai (External - University of Melbourne)

Du, Wan (External)

Du, Xiao-Jun (External)

Du, Yaomin (External - Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital)

Du, Yong (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Du, Yuan-sheng (External - China University of Geosciences)

du Cros, Hilary (External - Institute of Tourism Studies, Macao)

du Cros, Philipp (External - Medecins Sans Frontieres, London)

Du Plessis, Andries J (External - Unitec New Zealand)

du Plessis, Jean (School of Law)

du Plessis, Johan (External - RMIT University)

Du Plessisis, Andries (External - Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand)

Du Preez, Jan L. (External - North West University)

Du Toit, Dianne (External)

Du Toit, Lorinne (External - University of Queensland)

Dua, Sachin (External - Open Universities Australia)

Duan, Defang (External - Jilin University)

Duan, Kai (External - CQ-University)

Duan, Liqiong (External - Sichuan Normal University)

Duan, Wei (School of Medicine)

Duan, Wenhui (External - Monash University)

Duan, Xiaofei (External - University of Melbourne)

Duan, Y (External)

Duarte, Ignacio (External - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile)

Duarte, J. A. (External - University of Porto)

Dubach, Daphne (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Dubelaar, Chris (External)

Duber, Herbert (External)

Dubois, Severine (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Dubroca, Laurent (External - CNRS, France)

Dubrule, N. (External)

Dubsky, S. (External - Monash University)

Dubuisson, Carine (External - French Agency for Food)

Duc, B. V. (School of Information Technology)

Duce, James (External)

Ducharme, Francine M. (External - The Cochrane Collaboration)

Duchemin, Jean-Bernard (External)

Ducher, Gaele (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Duchesne, Gillian M. (External)

Ducimetiere, Pierre (External - Pennington Biomedical Research Centre)

Duck, Caroline (External - Maffra Secondary College)

Duckett, George (School of Scientific and Development Studies in Education)

Duckett, Stephen J (External - La Trobe University)

Duckett, Victoria (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Duckett, Victoria (External)

Duckham, Matt R J

Duckham, Rachel (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Duda, Weronika (External - Polish Academy of Sciences)

Dudding, Carol C (External - James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA)

Dudek, Debra (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Dudgeon, Pat (External - University of Western Australia)

Dudgeon, Paul (External)

Dudley, Amanda (External)

Dudley, Amanda (External)

Dudman, N (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Duengen, Hans-Dirk (External - Charite University Hospital)

Duff, Cameron (External - Australian Drug Foundation)

Duff, Carmel Mary (School of Nursing and Midwifery)

Duff, Craig (External - Unknown)

Duff, David (External - U. Toronto)

Duff, Gordon (External - Charles Darwin University)

Duff, Jed (External - Australian Catholic University)

Duffield, C F (External)

Duffield, Rob (External - Charles Sturt University)

Duffner, Patricia (External - University of Buffalo)

Duffy, Claire (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Duffy, Elaine

Duffy, Emeir M (External - University of Ulster, Coleraine, United Kingdom)

Duffy, Loretta (School of International and Political Studies)

Duffy, Michael (External - Sydney Morning Herald)

Duffy, Noel W. (External - CSIRO Energy Technology)

Duffy, Simon (External - University of Sydney)

Duffy, Stephen J. (External)

Duffy, Tomas (External)

Dufour, Ariane (External - French Agency for Food)

Dufour, Yvon (External)

Dufty-Jones, Rae

Dugan, Jenifer E (External - University of California)

Duggan, Nicole (External - Barwon Health)

Duggan, Peter J. (External - CSIRO)

Duggan, Ravini (External)

Duggan, Sandra (External)

Duggan, Tracey (External - The Canberra hospital)

Duggleby, Ronald G. (External - University of Queensland)

Duhl, Len (External)

Duignan, Kena (Population Health)

Duignan, Padraig J (External)

Duit, Reinders (External - Uni of Kiel, Germany)

Duivenvoorden, Andrew K. (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dujon, Antoine Marie (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Duke, Ann Marie (External - Canberra Hospital and Unviersity of Canberra)

Duke, Geoff (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Duke, Geoff (External - Holmesglen Institute of Technology)

Duke, George (School of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Duke, Graeme (External)

Duke, Mary G. (External - Australian Centre for Vaccine Development)

Duke, Maxine (School of Nursing and Midwifery)

Duke, Mike (External - Department of Engineering, University of Waikato, N.Z.)

Duke, Mikel C (External)

Duke, Rebecca M. (External - Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)

Duke, T (External - University of Melbourne)

Dukes, Amy (School of Psychology)

Dukluy, Mohammed (External)

Dulloo, Abdul G (External - University of Fribourg)

Dulmanis, Peter (External - Paramarketing)

Dulvy, Nicholas K. (External)

Dumaresq, Catherine (External - Barwon Health)

Dumas, Russell (External)

DUMAS, TARA M. (External)

Dumbleton, Kathryn A. (External)

Dumee, Ludovic (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Dumenden, Iris (External - Victoria University)

Dummer, P (External)

Dunbar, A. P. (External - Western District Health Service)

Dunbar, James (School of Medicine)

Dunbar, John (External - University of Otago)

Dunbar, Terry (External - CRCATH)

Duncan, Annie (School of Contemporary Arts)

Duncan, Emma L. (External - University of Queensland)

Duncan, Gregory J. (External - Monash University)

Duncan, John L (External - University of Auckland)

Duncan, Mitch J. (External - Central Queensland University)

Duncan, Neil (External - IRTA)

Duncan, Rod (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Duncan, Scott (External - Auckland University of Technology)

Duncan, Stephen (External - Oxford University)

Duncan, Yvonne (External)

Duncombe, Dianne (External - La Trobe University)

Dunford, Elizabeth (External - University of Sydney)

Dunglison, Nigel (External)

Dunham, Annette (External - University of Canterbury)

Dunk, Ann Marie (External - Canberra Hospital and University of Canberra)

Dunkerley, D. L. (External - Monash University)

Dunkley, Peter Robert (External)

Dunkley, Scott (External - Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group)

Dunlop, Adrian (External - University of Newcastle, Australia)

Dunlop, Gordon (External - Advanced Mg Technologies)

Dunlop, Grant (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Dunlop, John (External)

Dunlop, M. E. (External - University of Melbourne)

Dunlop , Noel F. (External - Orica Ltd)

Dunn, Andrew M. (External - Birds Australia)

Dunn, Ashley (External - Royal Melbourne Hospital)

Dunn, Carolyn (External - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)

Dunn, Jackie (School of Contemporary Arts)

Dunn, Jeff (External - Griffith University)

Dunn, Jeffrey (External)

Dunn, K (External)

Dunn, Kerri (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Dunn, Kevin (External - University of Western Sydney)

Dunn, L. (External - Austin Health)

Dunn, Matthew (School of Health and Social Development)

Dunn, Nicole (External - University of Newcastle)

Dunn, Ross A (External - Centre for Eye Research Australia)

Dunn, Sandra (External - Flinders University)

Dunn, Stewart M. (External - Sydney University)

Dunn, Victoria Elizabeth (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Dunne, Danielle (External - Queen Mary University)

Dunne, Druce P (External - University of Wollongong, NSW)

Dunne Breen, Michelle (External)

Dunnett, N Z (External - Central Queensland University)

Dunning, Alison M. (External - University of Cambridge)

Dunning , Kylie (External - Women's and Children's Hospital)

Dunning, Trisha (School of Nursing and Midwifery)

Dunning, Trisha (School of Nursing and Midwifery)

Dunphy, Kim Frances (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Dunphy-Blomfield, Jocelyn (School of Social Inquiry)

Dunphy-Lelii, Sarah (External)

Duns, Glenn C. (External - St Vincent's Health)

Dunshea, Frank R. (External)

Dunstan, David

Dunstan, David (External)

Dunstan, David E (External - Melbourne University)

Dunstan, David W (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Dunstan, James (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Dunstan, Matthew (School of Scientific and Development Studies in Education)

Dunston, Roger (External)

Dunt, D (External)

Dunt, David (External - University of Melbourne)

Dunt, Nicole (School of Health Sciences)

Dunwoodie, Sally L. (External - Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute)

Duong, Connie (External)

Duong, Huu Nhan (External)

Duong , Long Nhut (External)

Duong , Minh Quan (External - Tohoku University, Japan)

Duong, Thi (Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics)

Dupain, Max

Duplantis, Maurice (External)

Dupont, Sam (External - University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

Dupuis, Loren E. (External - Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, USA)

Duque , G. (External)

Duque, Gustavo (External)

Duque-Aristizábal, Ana (External - King's College, London)

Duquennoy, Simon (External)

Duquette , Pierre (External)

Durack, Paul J. (External - CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research)

Duraiappah, Anantha Kumar (External - International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg, Canada)

Duraisingh, Manoj T. (External)

Duran, Sonia (External)

Durand, A Mark (External)

Durand, Christelle (External)

Durand, Gregory (External - Universites de Montpellier)

Durand, S (External)

Durand-Zaleski, Isabelle (External - Hopital Henri Mondor)

Durandet, Yvonne (External - Swinburne University of Technology)

Durante-Mangoni, Emanuele (External)

Dures, Emma (External - University of the West of England)

Durham, Gillian (External - NZ Ministry of Health)

Durham, Troy R. (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Duriez, Olivier (External - Netherlands Institute of Ecology)

Durif, Emilien (External - Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan, France)

Durkin, Kevin (External - University of Strathclyde)

Durling, Nicole (External)

Duronio, V (External - University of British Columbia)

Duronio, Vincent (External - University of British Columbia)

Durrant, Cal (External - Murdoch University)

Durrant, Russil (External - Victoria University of Wellington)

Durrant, Simon (External - Australasian Leukaemia and Lymphoma Group)

Durrington, Paul N. (External - Department of Medicine, University of Manchester)

Durstock, Michael (External)

Duschl, Richard (External - Penn State University)

Duschlbauer, D. (External - Vienna University of Technology)

duserick, Frank (External)

Dussel, Veronica (External)

Dusting, G. J. (External - O’Brien Institute)

Dutcher, Susan (External - Washington University School of Medicine)

Duthie, Andrew Michael (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dutson, Guy (External - Birds Australia)

Dutta, Arup (External)

Dutta, Bish (External - Westmead Hospital)

Dutta, Dilip (School of Economics)

Dutta, Indranil (External)

Dutta, Saranga (External - Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology)

Dutton, David (External)

Dutton, Kathryn (External - University of Glasgow)

Dutton, P H (External - NOAA)

Dutu, Gaelle (External - Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Vic.)

Dutu, Richard (Deakin Graduate School of Business)

Duval, Xavier (External)

Duve, Karen (External - Monash University)

Duvinage, K (External)

Dwyer, Daniel (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Dwyer, Daniel Patrick (School of Psychology)

Dwyer, Dominic E (External - University of Sydney)

Dwyer, Genevieve M (External - University of Sydney)

Dwyer, Jeremy (External)

Dwyer, Julie (External - Monash University)

Dwyer, Karen (External)

Dwyer, Mikala (External)

Dwyer, Peter D. (External - University of Melbourne)

Dwyer, T (External - Murdoch Children's Research Institute)

Dwyer, Terence

Dwyer, Terry (External)

Dwyer, Trudy (External)

Dyall, Lorna (External - University of Auckland)

Dyall, Rohan (School of Engineering)

Dybbroe Moller, Simon (External)

Dyck, David (External)

Dyck, Isabel (External)

Dyer, Andrew (External)

Dyer, Charlotte E (External)

Dyer, Christopher M. (External)

Dyer, George (External - Science of Variation Group)

Dyer, Jayne (External)

Dyer, Jennifer R.M. (External - Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom)

Dyer, Julie (External - Surf Coast Shire)

Dyer, Julie (School of Education)

Dyer, Kathryn (External)

Dyer, Thomas D (External - Texas Biomedical Research Institute)

Dyerberg, Jorn (External - University of Copenhagen)

Dymek, S. (External - AGH University of Science)

Dymiotis, Mark

Dymowska, Agnieszka K (External)

Dyson, Gail Anne (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Dyson, Lisa (External - Geelong Clinic)

dyson, lyn (External)

Dyson, Sue (External - La Trobe University)

Dzenis, Yuris (External - University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Dzenitis, John M (External - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA)

Dzhumashev, Ratbek (External - Monash University)

Dziedzic, D (External)

Dzinjalamala, Fraction (External)

Dzioba, Jacinta (External)

Dzitac, Pavel (External - Central Queensland University, Rockhampton)

Dzitac, Pavel (Paul) (School of Engineering)

D\'Souza, Clare (External - La Trobe University)

D`Andria, Cataldo (School of Law)

D`Antoine, Heather (External - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Worker Group of CHIP)

D`Arcy, G (External - Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Vic)

D`Arcy-Tehan, Frances (External)

D`Ascenzio, Carla (External - University of Padova)

D`Cruz, Carolyn (External - La Trobe University)

D`Cruz, Glenn (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

D`Cruz, Heather (School of Health and Social Development)

d`Esterre, Elaine (School of Contemporary Arts)

D`Haese, Sara (External - Ghent University, Belgium)

D`Souza, Clare (External - La Trobe University)

D`Souza, Fabian (School of Engineering)

D`Souza, R M (External - Australian National University)

D’Amore, Angelo (External - Baker Heart Research Institute)

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