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All researchers with output and surname beginning with I

Note: The 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 publications have not been audited.


The school or external institution in brackets after an author name is the last an author has published in or at.

Iacono, Teresa (External)

Iacono, Vanessa (School of Management and Marketing)

Iacopetta, Barry (External - University of Western Australia)

Iacovides, Apostolos (External)

Iacovina, Livia (External - Monash University)

Iaiono, T (External - Monash University)

Iamsiraroj, Sasi (Alfred Deakin Research Institute)

Ian, Phillips (School of Ecology and Environment)

Iansek, Robert (External - Kingston Centre Southern Health, Melbourne)

Iaquinto, Ben (External)

Ibanez, Frederic

Ibbotson, Patrick (External - University of Ulster)

Ibbott, M D (External - Monash University)

Ibeanusi, Sydney E. (External)

Ibiebele, Torukiri I. (External - Epidemiology Services Unit, Queesland Health Building)

Ibragimov, Ranis (External - University of Texas at Brownsville)

Ibrahim , Basma (External)

Ibrahim, Hassan (Deakin Graduate School of Business)

Ibrahim, Joseph E. (External)

Ibrahim, Mansor (External - Lorong Universiti A, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Ibrahim, Nur Hisham (External)

Ibrahim, R (School of Engineering)

Ibrahim, Yousef (External)

Ibrugger, S (External)

Icasiano, F (External - Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer)

Icher, Celine (External - Hopital Pellegrin CHU Bordeaux, France)

Ichinose, T (External)

Icoz, Orhan (External - Yasar University)

Ide, W. (External - Institute for Science of Labour)

Idris, A

Idris, Shaharah Mohd (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Idzerda, Leanne (External - University of Ottawa)

Iedema, Rick (External)

Ierino, Francesco (External - University of Melbourne)

Ierodiaconou, Daniel (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Ieropoli, Sandra (School of Psychology)

Iervasi, kylie (External - Austral Research and Consulting)

Iezzi, Angelo (External)

Ifandoudas, P. (External - University of South Australia)

Ifenthaler, Dirk (Centre for Research in Digital Learning)

Igel, Burkhard (External - University of Applied Sciences Dortmund)

Iggulden, Annette (School of Communication and Creative Arts)

Ighaniyan, Sina (Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation)

Ignatius, Joshua (External)

Iguchi-Cartigny , Julien (External - University of Limoges, France)

Ihlemann, J. (External - Panum Institute)

Ihsan, Mohammed (External)

Ihsen, Elfrieda (External)

II, Hiroyuki (External)

Iismaa, Siiri E (External - Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute)

Iizuka , Eiji (External)

Ikeda, Ryuji (External - Kagoshima University, Japan)

Ikeda, Seiichi (External)

Ikeda, Tatsuaki (External)

Ikehata, Akifumi (External - Kwansei-Gakuin University)

Ikemoto, H. (External - Toyama University, Japan)

Ikonomopoulou, Maria P (External - The University of Queensland)

Ikonomou, Michael G (External - Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

Ikuta, s. (External)

Ilamas, Jabier Gallego (External - Tufts University, USA)

Iland, Harry (External - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW)

Iles, Ross (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Ilic, Dragan (External)

Ilic, M. (External - La Trobe University)

Iliffe, S (External)

Ilkin, Jill (External - Monash University)

Illesca, Bella Nitza (School of Education)

Illingworth, Kaye (School of Psychology)

Illiopoulos, C. S. (External)

Illupapalayam, Vijayalakshmi V (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Ilnytskyi , Jaroslav M (External - National Academy of Science, Ukraine)

Ilozor, Ben (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Ilozor, Doreen (External - Geelong Grammar School)

Ilyas, Asif (External)

Ilyas, Shazia (External - National University of Sciences and Technology)

Im, Jun-Hyuk (External - Yonsei University)

Im, Yong-Taek (External - Korea Advanced Institute of Science)

Imam , Hasan Md (External)

Imani, A (External)

Imberger, Jorg (External)

Immenga, Dirk (External - University of Waikato)

Imrie, K. (External - Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle)

In, Francis (External - Monash University)

in het Panhuis, Marc Peter Helena Hubertus (External - University of Wollongong)

Inaba, T.

Inayatullah, S. (External - University of the Sunshine Coast)

Inbakaran, Christina (External)

Inbakaran, Robert

Incani, A. (External - Barwon Health)

Incrocci, Luca (External - Erasmus McDaniel de Hoed Cancer Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Inder, Brett (School of Economics)

Indra, C

Indrasena, W. M. (External - Ocean Nutrition Canada)

Indraswati, Nani (External - Department of Chemical Engineering, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University)

Infante, Rodrigo (External - El Canelo)

Inge, Karen (External)

Ingelrest, Francois (External - University of Lille, France)

Inger, Richard (External - University of Exeter)

Ingerson, L (External - Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry)

Ingerson, Lynley (Deakin Graduate School of Business)

Ingham, Lindy (External - Australian Institute of Health and Welfare)

Ingham, Phillip (External)

Ingleby, F C (External)

Ingleby, Jackie (School of Education)

Ingleby, Richard (External)

Ingles, Jodie (External)

Ingleton, Sally (External)

Inglis, Andrew D. (External - Consultant)

Inglis, Graeme (External)

Inglis, Judi (External - Victoria University)

Inglis, Loretta (External - Monash University)

Inglis, M (School of Psychology)

Inglis, Sue (External)

Inglis, Victoria (External - Murray Goulbourn co-operative)

Ingram, B.A. (External - Fisheries Victoria)

Ingram, Brett (External - Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Vic.)

Ingram, Paul R (External - University of Western Australia)

Ingul, Jo Magne (External)

Ingvaldsen , Anne Kristin (External - Molde University College, Norway)

Ingwersen, Dean (External - Birds Australia)

Inkrot, Simone (External - Charite University Hospital)

Inman, Mary (External - Hope College, USA)

Inman, Victoria (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Innes, Brian (External - Advanced Nanotechnology Ltd)

Innes, Ev (External)

Innes, John (External - University of Dundee)

Innes, Kelly (External - Monash Medical Centre)

Innes, Maureen (External)

Innes-Brown, Hamish (External - The Bionics Institute, Melbourne)

Innes-Hughes, Christine (External - University of Sydney)

Innis, Bruce L (External)

Innis, P. C. (External - University of Wollongong)

Innis, Peter Charles (External)

Innocent, Troy (External)

Innocenzi, Plinio (External - Universita` di Sassari)

Inoguchi, Takashi (External - University of Tokyo)

Inoue, Hideyuki (External - University of Tokyo)

Inoue, Koji (External - University of Tokyo)

Inoue, Luis Antonio Kioshi Aoki (External - Embrapa Amazônia Ocidental)

Inoue , Shigeru (External - Tokyo Medical University)

Inouye, Michael (External - Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research)

Inozu, Mujgan (External)

Inskip, Hazel M (External)

International Collaboration on Endocarditis Study, (External - International Collaboration on Endocarditis Study Group)

International Contact Lens Prescribing Survey Cons, _ (External - International Contact Lens Prescribing Survey Consortium)

International Hip Fracture Research Collaborative, _ (External - International Hip Fracture Research Collaborative)

Inthanond, Saranond (School of Information and Business Analytics)

Intherarasa, Kana (External - RMIT)

Intveen , Andrea (External)

Inui, Masanori (External - Hiroshima University, Japan)

Inverarity, Donald (External - University of Glasgow)

Inwood, William (External - University of California)

Inyard, A.C. (External - University of Virginia)

Ioannidis, John (External - Stanford University)

Ionescu , Ioan R (External)

Iotova, V (External)

Ip, Albert (External - University Of Melbourne)

Ip, Bonnie (External - BPM Financial Modelling)

Ip, Horace (External)

Ip, Virginia (External - University of Auckland)

Ippolito, Kelsey (External - Unknown)

Ippolito, Samuel J. (External - RMIT University)

IPS group, _ (External - IPS Group)

Iqbal, Javed (External - Department of Physiology, Monash University)

Iqbal, Muhammad Azhar (External - Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Iqbal Malik, Sohail (School of Information Technology)

Irani, Zahir (External)

Iranipour, Nahid (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Irazola, Vilma (External - Institute for Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy)

Ireland, G. (External)

Ireland, Gary (External)

Ireland, J S (External - University of Wales Swansea)

Ireland, P (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Ireland, Paul (External - National Institute of Clinical Studies)

Ireland, Tracy (External)

Ireland, Zoe (External)

Irianto, Agus (External)

Irie, Keiko (External - Fujita Health University)

Irigoien, Xabier (External - AZTI)

Irurita, Vera (External)

Irvin, Emma (External - Institute for Work)

Irvine, Andrew B. (External - Division of Humanities, Maryville College)

Irvine, Angela (External)

Irvine, Clifford H. G. (External - Lincoln University)

Irvine, J. C. (External - Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne)

Irvine, Kim (External)

Irvine, Sarah (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Irvine, Susan (School of Medicine)

Irving, Aaron T (External - Monash University)

Irving, Damien. B. (External - La Trobe University)

Irving, David (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Irving, Helen (External - Monash University)

Irving, Jason (External - Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources South Australia)

Irving, Louis (External - Royal Adelaide Hospital)

Irving, Peter M. (External - Monash University)

Irwin, Darren (External - Dairy Process Engineering Centre, Werribee)

Irwin, John (School of Biological and Chemical Sciences)

Irwin, Peter (School of Law)

Irwin, Rachel (External - World Health Organization)

Irwin, Robert Philip (School of Ecology and Environment)

Isa, Abu Hassan (External - Universiti Malaysia Sarawak)

Isaac, Bronwyn Louise (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Isaacs, C (External - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Land and Fisheries, Grenada)

Isaacs, Crafton (External - Grenada Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Land and Fisheries)

Isaacs, Dallas (School of Human Movement)

Isaacs, Richard (External - Palmerston North Hospital)

Isaias, P (External - Universidade Aberta , Portugal)

Isakhan, Benjamin (Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation)

Isaksson, Mats Erik (Centre for Intelligent Systems Research)

Isanhart, John (External - Texas Tech University)

Isazadeh, Mahsa (External - University of Petroleum Engineering)

Isden, Jess (External - University of Exeter)

Iseki, N (External - National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan)

Isel, Catherine (External - Universite de Strasbourg)

Iser, D (School of Nutrition and Public Health)

Isern, Jennifer (External - CGAP)

Ishak, Dahaman (External - Universiti Sains Malaysia)

Ishijima, Michiko (External - University of Tokyo)

Ishikawa, Masaki (External)

Ishiyama, Takahiro (External - Nagoya University)

Ishizawa, Takashi (External - Kagoshima University, Japan)

Islam, Aminul (External)

Islam, Amirul (School of Health and Social Development)

Islam, Anisul M. (External - University of Huston)

Islam, Fakhrul (School of Engineering)

Islam, Fariha (External - Schools of Psychology, University of Wollongong)

Islam, M A (External)

Islam, Md Kabirul (External - Daffodil International University, Bangladesh)

Islam, Md Rabiul (Alfred Deakin Research Institute)

Islam, Md Tohidul (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Islam, Md. Rafiqul (External - Charles Sturt University)

Islam, Md. Rabiul (External - Rajshahi University of Engineering)

Islam, Md. Rafiqul (External - Charles Sturt University)

Islam, Md. Saiful (School of Engineering)

Islam, Mohammad Nazrul (External - Curtin University)

Islam, Muhammad Aminul (External - New Age Daily Bangladesh)

Islam, Muhammad Azizul (External - Queensland University of Technology)

Islam, Rafiqul (External)

Islam, S (External)

Islam, Sardar M.N. (External - Victoria University)

Islam, Sharmin (External)

Islam, Tasneem (School of Nursing and Midwifery)

Islamgaliev, R.K. (External - Russian Academy of Science)

Ismadji, Suryadi (External - Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University)

Ismail, Asma (External - University Sains Malaysia)

Ismail, Hairul Nizam (External)

Ismail, Intan H (External - Murdoch Childrens Research Institute)

Ismail, Mohd Norasri (External)

Ismail, N. (External)

Ismail, Razali (External)

Ismail, Shahazaz (External - Kolej Universiti Sains and Teknologi Malaysia)

Ismail, Shahnaz (External - University College of Science and Technology Malaysia)

Ismail, Sinem (School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences)

Ismail, Suhaila (External - University Putra Malaysia)

Ismerio Moreira, Ronaldo (External)

Isometsa, Erkki T (External)

Ison, Ray (External - Department of Primary Industries)

Israelachvili, J. N. (External - University of California)

Israelachvili, Jacob (External)

Issa, Jason (External - RMIT University)

Istivan, Taghrid (External - RMIT university)

Italia, Maria (School of Law)

Ito, Rie (External)

Itoh, Kenji (External - University of Tokyo)

Itoh, Tamitake (External - Kwansei-Gakuin University)

Itoh, Yoshito (External - Nagoya University, Japan)

Itoi, Motozumi (External)

Itsiopoulos, Catherine (External)

Iturbe-Ormaetxe , Inaki (External - The University of Queensland, School of Biological Sciences)

Itzin, Catherine (External - Lincoln University, UK)

Iu , Herbert Ho-Ching (External)

Iu, Justin (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Iuliano, Gerardo (External)

Iuliano, Sandra (External)

Iuliano-Burns, Sandra (External - University of Melbourne)

Ivankovic, Mile (School of Engineering)

Ivanov, Anatoli

Ivanov, Andrey V. (External - Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Ivanov, Max (External)

Ivanova, Elena P. (External - Swinburne University of Technology)

Ivanova, Natalia (External)

Ivanova, Rouja (External - Technische Universitat Ilmenau, Germany)

Ivanova, TD (External - University of Western Ontario)

Ivanovski, B (External - Prince of Wales Hospital)

Ivers, R. (External - The George Institute for International health)

Ivers, Rebecca (External - University of Sydney)

Iversen, Jenny (External)

Iversen, Maura D. (External - Harvard Medical School)

Iverson, Don (External - University of Woollongong)

Ives, Christopher (External)

Ives, Robert (External - University of New South Wales)

Ivey, Marsha A (External)

Ivory, Bill (External - Menzies School of Health Research)

Ivory, Nicola J. (External - School of Psychology)

Ivory, Vivienne (External - University of Otago)

Ivy, John L. (External - University of Texas)

Iwama, George K. (External - University of Northern British Columbia, Canada)

Iwanami, Akira (External - Showa University School of Medicine)

Iwanicki, Iris (External - Planning Institute of Australia (South Australian Division))

Iwasaki, Hajime (External)

Iwata, Akira (External - Tokyo University of Science)

Iwata, Eri (External - Iwaki Meisei University)

Iwayama, Y. (External - Brain Science Institute)

Iyer-Raniga, Usha (External - RMIT University)

Izadi, Davood (School of Information Technology)

Izadpanahi, Parisa (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Izgorodin, Alex (External)

Izgorodina, Ekaterina I. (External)

Izgorodina, Ekaterina (External)

Izmailov, Rauf (School of Information Technology)

Izquierdo, Guillermo (External)

Izzard, Leonard (School of Medicine)


Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

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