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All researchers with output and surname beginning with X

Note: The 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 publications have not been audited.

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The school or external institution in brackets after an author name is the last an author has published in or at.

X, X (External)

Xantidis, Luke Rodney (School of Psychology)

Xavier, Denis (External)

Xavier, Robina (External - Queensland University of Technology)

Xi, Binbin (External - University of Wollongong)

Xi, Yanping (External - Fudan University)

Xia, Dawen (External)

Xia, F (External)

Xia, Jiali (External - University of Sydney)

Xia, Junhai (External - The University of Sydney)

Xia, Kenong

Xia, We (External - University of South Australia)

Xia, Wei (Centre for Material and Fibre Innovation)

Xia, Yanzhi (External - Qingdao University, China)

Xia, Yingju (School of Medicine)

Xia, Yueyuan (External - Shandong University, School of Physics and Microelectronics)

Xia, Z. (External - Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences)

Xia, Zhigang (External - Donghua University)

Xiang, Bin (External - Dalian University)

Xiang, Dognxi (External)

Xiang, Dongxi (School of Medicine)

Xiang, Vincent Yi Ding (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Xiang, Yang (School of Information Technology)

Xiang, Yang (School of Information Technology)

Xiang, Yiding

Xiang, Yong (School of Information Technology)

Xiao, Chang Fa (External - Unknown)

Xiao, Jingjing (External)

Xiao, John Q (External - University of Delaware)

Xiao, Keqin (External - University of Sydney)

Xiao, Li Ying (External - Sichuan University)

Xiao, Namin (External)

Xiao, Nan-Feng (School of Engineering)

Xiao, Shuwei (External)

Xiao, X (External)

Xiao, Y (External)

Xiao, Yang (External)

Xiao, Yingcai (External - University of Akron, USA)

Xiao, Yuchao (School of Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Xiao, Yuchao (External - Monash University)

Xiao, Zhengjun (External - Guiyang Medical University, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China)

Xiao, Zhiguang (External)

Xiao, Zhubing (External)

Xiaodong, Zeng (External - Beijing Normal University, China)

Xiaoyun, Li (External - China Agricultural University)

Xie, Bailin (External)

Xie, Baoquan (External - Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Xie, Gaogang (External)

Xie, Gaoqiang (External - Cardiovascular Institute and Fuwai Hospital)

Xie, Haowen (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Xie, Jianghui (External - Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences)

Xie, Jing (External - University of Melbourne)

Xie, Jun-fang (External - Zhejiang Museum of Natural History)

Xie, Li-juan (School of Languages, Interpreting and Translating)

Xie, Liangjun (External)

Xie, Lihua (External - Nanyang Technological University)

Xie, Lijing (External - Northeastern University, Shenyang, China)

Xie, Lijun (External - Zhejiang University)

Xie, M (School of Ecology and Environment)

Xie, Qin (External - University of Science and Technology of China)

Xie, Shengli (External)

Xie, Shu-Cheng (External - China University of Geosciences, China)

Xie, Weidong (External - St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis)

Xie, Yi (External - Sun Yat-Sen University)

Xie, Yuhua (External - Hunan University, China)

Xie, Yuxuan (External - University of Western Sydney)

Xie , Z (External - Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Biogeochemistry Department)

Xie, Zhenkai (External - National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan)

Xie , Zhijun (External)

Xie, Zongli (External)

Xin, John H (External - Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Xin, Songxin (External - Sun Yat-sen University, China)

Xin, Yi (External)

Xin-Feng, Long (External)

Xin-Yan, Ji (External)

Xing, Tan (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Xing, Yuping (External - International University of Japan)

Xing, Zikun (External)

Xioa, Dan (External)

Xiong, Fanlun (External - Institute of Intelligent Machines, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, 230031)

Xiong, Jian-Ping (External - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center)

Xiong, Jianyu (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Xiong, Jun-Ying (External - National University of Singapore)

Xiong, Ping (External)

Xiong, Ping (School of Information Technology)

Xiong, Renyan (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Xiong, Sheng Lin (External - University of Science and Technology of China)

Xiong, Weiping (External - Guangdong Cardiovascular Institute)

Xiong, Xian-zhe (School of Life and Environmental Sciences)

Xiong, Xiang Yuan (External - Monash University)

Xiong, Xiangyuan (External)

Xirouchakis, Ilias (External - Royal Free Hospital, London)

Xu, A (External - University of Hong Kong)

Xu, An-Long (External - National University of Singapore)

Xu, C. (External - Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Xu, C. X. (External - Shandong University)

Xu, Chao-Nan (External)

Xu, Chaojiong (External - Zhejiang University)

Xu , Chendong (External - University of Ottawa, Canada)

Xu, Chuan (External)

Xu, Chunxiang (External)

Xu, Congfu (External - Zhejiang University Hangzhou, Zhejiang, P. R. China)

xu, Congjian (External - Fudan University)

Xu, Dakang (External - Monash, University, Australia)

Xu, Dan (External)

Xu, Dong (External - Northeastern University)

Xu, Dongming (External - University of Queensland)

Xu, Fei (External - Nanjing Municipal Centre for disease Control)

Xu, Feng (External - Nanjing University, China)

Xu, Frank (External - Nanjing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

Xu, Guan (External - Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Xu, Han (External - Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Xu, Heping (External - University of Aberdeen)

Xu, Hong S. (External - CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering)

Xu , Hong Yao (External - Donghua University, College of Material Science and Engineering)

Xu, Hong-Yao (External - College of Material Science and Engineering)

Xu, Hongbo (External - University of Science and Technology Liaoning)

Xu, Hongyao (External - Donghua University, Shanghai, China)

Xu, Huiling

Xu, J.Z. (External - Northeastern University, China)

Xu, Jian-Hai (External - Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Xu, Jian-Hua

Xu, Jianbo (External - Capital University, Beijing)

Xu, Jianying (School of Engineering)

Xu, Jun (External - Donghua University, Shanghai)

Xu, L. Z. (External - Jiangsu University)

Xu, Lei (External - University of Adelaide)

Xu, Leilei (School of Architecture and Built Environment)

Xu, Li (External)

Xu, Li (External)

Xu, Li Hua (External - International Centre for Classroom Research, Carlton)

Xu, Liang (External - Southwest University)

Xu, Lihua (External - University of Melbourne)

Xu, Ling (External - Dalian University of Technology)

Xu, Liqiang (External - University of Science and Technology of China)

Xu, Lixin (External)

Xu, Lizhong (External)

Xu, Miao (External - Jilin University)

Xu, Ming (External)

Xu, Qi (External - Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Vic.)

Xu, Qinying (External - University of Tsuakuba, Japan)

Xu, Shaoqiong (External)

Xu, Shuping (External)

Xu, Ting (External - Zhejiang University)

Xu, Wei (External - Ocean University of China)

Xu, Weilin (External - Wuhan Textile University)

XU, Weiqing (External)

Xu, Xiangju (External)

Xu, Xiaoyan (External - Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, China)

Xu, Xiaoyan (External - Sichuan Normal University)

Xu, Xin (External)

Xu, Xiuming (External - School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Shandong University)

Xu, Xiuru (External)

Xu, Xuebing (External - University of Denmark)

Xu, Ya-jun (External - China University of Geosciences, China)

Xu, Yan (External)

Xu, Yangang (External - Sichuan Normal University)

Xu, Yangyang (External - University of Queensland)

Xu, Yejun (External - HoHai University)

Xu, Yifeng (External - Shanghai Mental Health Centre, China)

Xu, Yinfeng (External - Sichuan University)

Xu, Yongsheng (External - Jilin University)

Xu, Youquan (External)

Xu, Yuan R (External - China University of Geosciences, China)

Xu, Yuansen (External - Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Xu, Yue (External - Queensland University of Technology)

Xu , Yuekang (External)

Xu, Yuemei (External - Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Xu, Yuzeng (External - La Trobe University)

Xu, Z. P. (External)

Xu, Zhiguang (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Xu, Zhuoming (External - Hohai University)

xu, zuli (External)

Xue, Bin (External - Monash University)

Xue, Charlie Changli (External - RMIT University)

Xue, Dongbai (External - University of Technology, Sydney)

Xue, Dongfeng (External - Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun, China)

Xue, Xiaolong (External - Harbin Institute of Technology)

Xue, Yuhua (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Xue, Z.

Xuebin, Z (Institute for Frontier Materials)

Xuejue, Lu (External - Shanghai Jiading Mental Health Center)

Xuereb, Godfrey (External - World Health Organization)

Xynas, Lidia (School of Law)

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