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HELP for Deakin University publications collection exporting for Endnote importing.

The steps required to export the publications collection data for importing to Endnote are as follows:

  1. There are two methods of exporting: for a single author, or multiple.
    To specify a single author, type in the person code or select from the search link (highlighed in a red oval below).

  2. A new window will appear (as shown below), follow the instructions within that window.

  3. A list of authors, similar to that shown below will be presented. The last school published and whether that school still exists is shown also.

  4. Scroll down and select an author by clicking on the authors name (see highlighted below).

  5. The popup window will be closed and the person code and name of the author will be shown back on the original web page (see below).

  6. Click the "Get details" button to extract the publications details. If you want to see the details of the publications in your web browser, you can select the "display publications" check box (highlighted above). This is optional.

    The results of the export are shown below.

  7. To save the exported data, click on the link shown above. The following save dialog (browser specific) will be shown. Save the file as you would with any file that you download from the web.

  8. Once the exported data has been saved, you will be able to import the data into an Endnote library.

    To do this, select "Import..." from the File menu within Endnote.

  9. Choose the file that you downloaded above (see images below).

  10. Select the "Tab Delimited" Import Option (see image below).

  11. Click on the "Import" button to perform the importing process.

  12. You may see a dialog similar to this pop up briefly, this is progress of the importing.

  13. Voilá, the imported publications.

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27th February 2015