Research Induction and Integrity Training

Completion of the Research Induction program provided by Deakin Research is a mandatory requirement for all students commencing their candidature on or after 31 October 2016. This program should not be confused with other induction/orientation training that may be offered or required by your academic unit.

What does Research Induction cover?

The Research Induction program equips you with a range of important information to help get you started and set up for a successful candidature. It covers:

  • the key candidature milestone processes you will need to complete, such as the Candidature Agreement, Confirmation of Candidature and Annual Review of Progress
  • approaches to doing research
  • publishing during your candidature
  • alternative thesis formats
  • issues you are likely to encounter along the way and ways of dealing with them
  • working effectively with your supervisor
  • people you can turn to for advice and help, such as HDR Coordinators
  • the profile of the Deakin HDR student community and performance outcomes
  • Deakin’s research profile
  • policies and procedures with which you may need to comply, such as ethics approval
  • the key aspects of the PhD Xtra program.

How do I complete Research Induction?

You can attend one of the Start 1-4 workshops (3 hours) which are run several times a year. Attendance can be in person or via Virtual Meeting Point (VMP). Further information can be found in the workshop program. 

After attending the workshop, you will need to complete the online quiz and upload your completion email (proof of learning) to your Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

Integrity Training

At its simplest, Integrity Training sets out the rules of behaviour that govern research. In some countries it's called 'Research Ethics' but, all over the world, these are the requirements for honest and ethical conduct of research.

Deakin Research Integrity Training is compulsory for all HDR students and may also be attended by other students or staff. As part of the PhD Xtra program, it's pre-populated into your ILP and completion is required early on in your candidature. 

The training covers the requirements of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and matters such as privacy, copyright and other legal issues. You may attend via live workshops scheduled throughout the year or through Deakin’s online learning management system. In addition, you'll be required to complete an online assessment to test your knowledge and understanding.

Depending on the type of research you undertake as part of your project, you may also be required to undertake additional training in human research ethics, animal ethics, radiation safety or biosafety and biosecurity.

How do I record my training?

As Research Induction and Integrity Training are mandatory requirements, it's very important that you complete the online quizzes and record the training that you have completed in your ILP.

Simply attending one of the workshops or viewing the online materials will not be sufficient.