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The Centre for Population Health Research (CPHR) is a well established group of internationally recognised academics with a collective focus on improving population health through its research endeavours. CPHR commenced in 2003 and has expanded over the past decade to include seven Research Units, all with Research Teams working within each Unit on a broad range of population based health research initiatives. An emerging area of research within CPHR is focused on disability and inclusion. This will draw on Deakin's research expertise across multiple disciplines within and outside the Faculty of Health to respond to policy, equity and service delivery issues. The research activity within CPHR is multidisciplinary and collaborative in its partnerships with a focus on responding to national and international health problems using a range of research methodologies.

The Research Units include: Epidemiology, Health Economics, Health Services Implementation Research, Public Health Innovation, Work Health and WellbeingWorld Health Organisation Collaborative Centre in Obesity Prevention and Disability and Inclusion.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has designated CPHR as a Collaborating Centre in Obesity Prevention. This Centre was the first recognised internationally by WHO of the 800 Centres to respond to obesity and related issues within the Pacific region. The Collaborating Centre has been in operation for over ten years providing advice to the WHO and its member countries on research and prevention strategies related to obesity prevention.

The CPHR has a five year program of research in Obesity Policy and Food Systems. This Centre for Research Excellence led by Deakin University from 2013 aims to move the focus of obesity prevention solutions to the non health sector. The CRE is a collaborative international study involving five academic institutions.Centre for Research Excellence in Obesity Policy and Food System


To be recognised as an international leader and innovative research partner that responds to complex and challenging population health problems  .

Strategic Intent

CPHR will work toward improving population health outcomes through the impact of its research endeavours informing health policy, health services development, health resource allocation and education/training and advocacy.  


The Centre is guided and underpinned by the following principles:

  • responsive to current and emerging population health problems
  • delivers quality and impact driven evidence based research activities
  • effective innovator and creator, through building on the body of research knowledge in population health
  • demonstrates its capability as a dynamic and trusted research partner collaborating with a wide range of disciplines, services and organisations 
  • builds and sustains a supportive and enquiring environment for students and career development opportunities for its early career academics
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